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How is the prom experience for everyone?
  • The "work" part of it is the stressing over clothing, your date, etc. beforehand. The poor kid trying to figure out how not to look poor at the prom. The fringe kid who's pretty much guaranteed to be going dateless if at all and laughed at for it. I suspect if you've never been in an outside group (and I always have been because I've always been racially an outsider and literally an outsider because of frequent moving) you won't have any idea what I'm talking about.

    I'm just very thankful that in all my moving, I never moved anywhere where "prom" was a thing.

  • How is the prom experience for everyone?
  • Thankfully I've never lived anywhere where prom night is a thing. I can't imagine the stress of "keeping up". It was bad enough having the high school "cool kids" cults; amplifying it would be a nightmare.

  • Reading books can be world changing
  • I wouldnโ€™t bet on an eBook being usable 30 years down the line.

    I wouldn't seriously bet on an eBook reader being usable 5 years down the line. Could it? Possibly. Is it guaranteed? Not even close.

    As for the content, my SO points out that we have knowledge that was stored on computers in formats nobody alive knows how to read anymore. We've lost informationโ€”some of it probably very important!โ€”that's younger than I am.

    In the mean time I'm reading stuff that's been gleaned from writing that was recovered literally thousands of years after it disappeared.

  • Whatโ€™s Your Take On This?
  • I think Iโ€™m just meant to be single.

    No. No you're not. Don't let that brain worm in.

    Here are some other brain worms not to let in: not your brain worm's, your "guy's".

    Here's a list of red flags that should have you blocking and permanently removing this guy from your life:

    • "the type of women he likes, woman that loves god, wants kids and marriage, goes to the gym all that good stuff" vs. "[I am] an atheist, donโ€™t want neither and Iโ€™m 117lbs".
    • it was mostly girls that are not of my color
    • he proposed we be friends with benefits, I shut that down and told him that sounds very degrading to ask me after he just told me he wouldnโ€™t want his own woman doing such work
    • He got into a whole rant, I stood on what I said then got blocked lol.
    • โ€œI think i just liked u and i didnโ€™t wanna get hurt. So I kinda said fuck it, imma just save myself the trouble.โ€
    • he was venting about how lonely he is and how hard it is to find the girl that he wants

    And so on.

    Dudebro, as described, is an incel of the worst kind. You will not be happy with this kind of turd circling the toilet bowl of life. Don't "settle" and don't ever let that brainworm in your head. NOBODY is meant to be single. (Not even the aforementioned turd; he could easily be not-single by just not being a dismissive prick.)

  • (WEEKLY) Watch This Movie
  • Equilibrium was underrated. I liked it much better than The Matrix (which felt like some pretty shallow people trying to be deep while rehashing SF themes dating back to about the time I was born). I mean Equilibrium wasn't especially original either (part Brave New World, part 1984, and part Fahrenheit 451) but it didn't try to pretend to be deeper than it really was.

    Drag Me To Hell was good fun.

    Love Never Dies ... I ... it never grabbed me. Musically it was weak, IMO, which is fatal for, you know, a musical. (Same for that Rocky Horror Picture Show sequel Shock Therapy.)

    Dog Soldiers was very good indeed; I should probably watch it again.

    The rest are either things I've never heard of, or things I've heard of but am not interested in.

  • That French chef freaks me out...
  • French people in general freak me out.

    . . .

    ... Wait for it! ...

    . . .

    I mean they eat pain for breakfast!

  • When dating, "Just be confident" is just bad advice if you ask me.
  • I'm going to say the same thing I say every time someone claims "this only works if you're good looking".

    Danny Devito gets laid. He got laid before he married. He got laid before he broke out as a star in Taxi. There are very, very, very, very few people who would look at Danny Devito and say "Wow, that guy's good-looking!"

    Confidence is very much a necessary trait in the dating scene, and it makes up for a whole lot of other negatives (often, sadly, to the detriment of those who fall under its spell).

  • Alright let's settle this once and for all: Emojis in a sentence are placed before a period ๐Ÿค”? Or should they be placed after?๐Ÿค”
  • I have a question for you, and it's a serious one.

    What, precisely, do you think cave paintings were used for if it wasn't to carry knowledge forward to each new generation? Do you think they were just decorative?

  • Alright let's settle this once and for all: Emojis in a sentence are placed before a period ๐Ÿค”? Or should they be placed after?๐Ÿค”
  • Saying that words didn't exist before we had writing of any kind is risible.

    Writing, in the end, is intended to reflect speech, not the other way around. Writing as an invention (even in ur-forms like cave paintings) was intended to provide a way of recording speech in ways that allowed later use of it.

  • (WEEKLY) "The Cruelty Is The Point."
  • And again you missed entirely the elephant in the room that I've pointed out five times.

    I'm out of here. Don't bring this fucking white boy "well akschually!" catnip topic into my mentions again, please.

  • (WEEKLY) "The Cruelty Is The Point."
  • There's a key word: invariably. It's a staggering coincidence that EVERY FUCKING TIME the policies hit visible minorities, women, and the LGBTQ+ community.


    If I picked up a gun and pretended to fire randomly and happened to hit a bullseye each time you'd likely suspect I'm aiming for the bullseye. Yet for some reason when the bullet hits visible minorities, women, and the LGBTQ+ community EVERY FUCKING TIME you think it's firing randomly.

    That's my point.

    This is not an accident. After literally hundreds of times the bullet hitting the bullseye you still think the aim wasn't to hit that bullseye. Because you aren't the target. You can afford to pretend it's all happenstance and a side effect of some other factor, treating this as a harmless little intellectual exercise. But those of us with that bullseye painted on us? We can't afford that shit. Because the bullets keep ripping into us left, right, and centre while, mysteriously, the white, middle class left in particular pretends there's nothing to see here. (And the right just continues being the blind man shooting at the world ... and somehow having the bullets repeatedly strike the body politic of visible minorities, women, and the LGBQT+ community.)

    The cruelty is very much the point. The cruelty is how they intend to control those they don't approve of. You just can't see it because you're not the target of it.

    And I'm out of this conversation. I'm oh-so-fucking-weary of talking to the dispassionate observers tut-tutting from the sideline.

  • (WEEKLY) "The Cruelty Is The Point."
  • Again you utterly fail to address the point I've repeated at least four times now.

    Please come back when you're willing to address the elephant in the room I keep pointing to. Until then I'm not going to bother responding because you are not listening.

    I'm so absolutely and thoroughly weary of the detached attitude of those who are in no way meaningfully impacted by the policies in question and who can thus treat it as an intellectual exercise where it's mere symbol manipulation.

  • (WEEKLY) "The Cruelty Is The Point."
  • It's easy to remove race and sex from things when you're not in the group that's taking it in the neck.

    The Tulsa Race Massacre wasn't done by people performing "gross and abusive amassing of wealth". It was done by ordinary white folk who didn't like black folk enriching themselves in Greenwood (the so-called "Black Wall Street"). Again the cruelty was the point. It was specifically used to destroy hope for black folk. You can pontificate all day about the "real point" but at the end of the day all these "real points" are directed at specific people and cause cruel suffering to those specific people.

    When does the pattern click for you?

  • (WEEKLY) "The Cruelty Is The Point."
  • Again, I say "by their fruits shall ye know them".

    There is always an excuse. There is always a reason. But it's a staggering coincidence that these excuses and reasons are almost invariably pointed at and/or applied to subgroups who are not in favour: visible minorities, women, LGBTQ+, etc. Where are the policies that accidentally hurt, say, white men? Where are the policies that accidentally inconvenience wealthy people?

    No, sorry, I don't believe in that much coincidence. I know they don't use the language of hurting visible minorities, women, the queer community, etc. but it completely beggars belief that they don't a) know what the impact is, and b) want that very impact.

    But again, what do I know? I'm just someone with skin in the game. I guess I should defer to the white dude who is my better because he has the clearer view from his purely theoretical stance.

  • If I were in my youth this song would have me in the streets fighting riot cops while dancing.

    Emergency Dice ๅผ ๆฎฟๆŽ (@[email protected])

    Are these practical? Or are they just nerdy flex? I don't care. I find them delightful! The pill-box keychain filled with pill-sized dice is going to be on my person all the time. And for "formal occasions" (like gaming conventions) the pendant filled with them will be around my neck and ready ...

    ๅผ ๆฎฟๆŽ (

    What to carry in case you suddenly need dice and don't have them.

    Go Analogue Or Go Home ๅผ ๆฎฟๆŽ (@[email protected])

    The topic of solo RP comes up quite often in my Mastodon feed, and when it does it's always in the context of "which (digital) tools do you use to facilitate your solo play?" I hate computers. I hate them with the kind of passion people usually reserve for war criminals. (Of course the fact I con...

    ๅผ ๆฎฟๆŽ (

    My answer to the questions I get asked about what "tools" I use to solo RP.

    New dice bag and dice. ๅผ ๆฎฟๆŽ (@[email protected])

    What's that? New #rpg #dice? And a new #DiceBag? Of course. #ttrpg โ† the added tag needed because somehow those crap games on computers took over the "RPG" moniker even though they're not I'm an addict.

    ๅผ ๆฎฟๆŽ (

    I'd ordered just the d20 (in copper) before as a trial, liked it enough I got a whole set in brass.