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Pastor’s daughter, 6, killed in freak badminton accident while on vacation
  • Morgan's 10-year-old son was holding the racquet when the accident occurred. He reportedly asked his father "how we could ever be happy again,” according to the pastor's blog.

    A 10 year old talking like that? So much BS?

  • NSFW
    (CW: Suicide reference) It's the honorable thing to do
  • Half a year ago someone posted this image on Lemmy. I jokingly commented "Let's commit self-deletions" (verbatim)

    Well, comment removed with the reason "Encouraging suicide". Yeah, that's how far up their asses some mods have a stick. And probably some shit-ass users who may have reported the comment.

    And I can assure you I fist-hand relate to what I joked about.

  • Where do old builds go?

    When I started using LineageOS on my Redmi Note 9 Pro, there were a couple of releases available, one was LOS 18.1 and the other one was LOS 19.1, but as time went, the los 18.1 downloads were gone and then the same happened to the 19.1 releases.

    Thankfully, I have the version that I want already downloaded in my machine, but if someone wanted to download now those prior versions... well, good luck it seems.

    Edit: yes, I know about, but can't provide access to prior versions somehow? Is it because of storage costs?


    Any working "seamless" client? (seamless like Liftoff)

    I'm looking for a client that does what Liftoff proposes and that is compatible with instances like

    The idea is having a unified view from multiple accounts/instances.

    Thanks in advance.



    I was trying to make a jeanna, but something went wrong great

    Catatrophic Failure XEAL

    [META] I've just noticed the displayed name of this community is "Catatrophic" instead of "Catastrophic"

    No screenshot because of


    Jerboa 0.0.49 crashes when attempting to log into

    I cannot log back in since the update. Liftoff does pretty much the same, but it doesn't crash, it just stays there trying to log in.

    Clearing app data hasn't helped. What's going on?

    This is the same account I'm trying to log in with, and works fine via web broswer. I'm entering my username, not my email.

    Edit: okay, fuck me, I though F-Droid was keeping the app up to date, but Auroa Store just showed me that version 0.0.55 was available. Now it works...


    What's your opinion on getting video game achievements with the help of a guide?

    Specially the ones where you have to find stuff.

    I usually attempt and manage to get them without looking up any info, but other times I miss something and I don't want to go thru the tedious process of re-combing whole sections of the levels, or even starting over, just to find some stupid note that I overlooked. Yet, I want the achievement, so I end up looking a guide and I feel like I haven't truly earned the achievent.

    Yes, I know that playing a videogame shouldn't become a task and that I simply should play it the way I enjoy it the most, but I want too see what others think.


    LTT has made their "Almost Everyone is Wasting Their Money On CPU Coolers" video private

    Mirrors exist, tho:

    Edit: title typo