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For Many Greeks, Six-Day 48-Hour Work Week Now Set to Begin July 1st
  • At least when this inevitably shows a drop in productivity it can be used as ammo for reducing the workweek.

  • Sorry I can't do it.
  • The problem with Arch is that it's philosophy includes having to set up everything correctly yourself rather than each package you install already being set up and preconfigured the way you'd expect it to be in other distros. You shouldn't need to be fiddling with system stuff at all with something user focused like Pop!OS since I believe it even handles nvidia drivers for you. I wouldn't be using arch myself if I didn't have significant amounts of free time to invest into chasing down every little problem I encountered using it in college.

    Linux is in a weird spot right now where the two ends of the user spectrum seem to be handled well while the middle still has issues since they're not already experts or just need an internet browser to be completely happy.

  • what commands can I use to benchmark my cpu?
  • It might be a reference to not having macos installed.

  • Sorry I can't do it.
  • Who the hell recommended Arch to you? Arch is for when you've been using Linux for a few years and have gotten bored waiting for the latest updates to hit your repos.

  • Tactical treason
  • I always get hit by one of the first bombs when I try

  • A Weekend On 97p Per Day - Limited Budget Food Challenge - Day 1
  • Awesome, the idea of making sure people have actually tried the foods does make sense.

  • Meals that can be made for 33 cents or less! Voyajer

    A Weekend On 97p Per Day - Limited Budget Food Challenge - Day 1

    Breaks rule 1, but I wanted to share as this is the video that got me into limited budget meals in the first place. As far as I understand he follows the constraints from the community, but he didn't calculate the costs of exceedingly low cost things like water and individual teaspoons of things like spice.

    How about no
  • I'd try it

  • Sinclair floods local news websites with hundreds of deceptive articles about Biden's mental fitness
  • Do you mean the revocation of the fairness doctrine under Regan?

  • Sinclair floods local news websites with hundreds of deceptive articles about Biden's mental fitness
  • Conservatives keep talking about media manipulation from the left while this kind of thing goes on.

  • YouTube is experimenting with Notes, a crowdsourced feature that lets users add context to videos
  • So now we have to read a community note to know a video is garbage instead of just seeing a massive dislike bar and clicking off?

  • The safest road, mountain bike and urban helmets as rated by Virginia Tech
  • I also watched the Seth's bike hacks video

  • Maker of Jeep and Dodge plans to kill chrome on cars, citing risks to those who make it
  • Chrome doesn't really look good on late model cars anyway

  • YouTube testing server-side ad injection to counter ad blockers
  • Last YouTube tried stopping ad blockers I set my user agent to PS5 or some bot and it worked as well.

  • Customer service
  • Nothing a little bit of electronics surgery can't fix, clip the antenna or put a 50 ohm resistor in it's place. Better yet pull out the power amplifier or cut any power traces.

  • Nintendo Issues Multiple DMCAs On The Modding Site 'GameBanana'
  • If there's any time playing only indie games is viable it's now. We've had high quality indie releases outpacing how fast you can play them for a few years now.

  • Vanity license plates Voyajer


    Vanity license plates Voyajer

    Hotdog water


    Chicago Doesn’t Own Its Own Streets

    Chicago is held hostage by a 75 year lease of its parking meters to Morgan Stanley, impacting public transport and alternate transportation funding.

    A community about FPV drones/wings/planes, freestyle, racing, etc. Voyajer

    Did HDZero just solve one of their biggest problems? HDZero Freestyle V2 VTX