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Well that went down well...
  • If I'm honest, chat-GPT has replaced SO for me as my first go-to. If I can't figure it out from chat-GPT, then I will dig into SO and other resources. It isn't always correct but it is more often correct than accepted SO answers in my experience. At least for Python, Golang, Docker, Kubernetes, and general Linux questions.

    That said, the accuracy may be because it has ingested all of the SO answers. If SO doesn't continue getting new, useful answers, maybe the quality of chat-gpt's answers will also suffer.

  • Tariffs on China aren't the way to win the EV arms race – getting serious on EVs is
  • Allowing China to sell their cars at a loss in the US is definitely a bad thing. It allows China to take over the US market by undercutting the competition. The reason for the teriffs, as far as I understand it, is that the Chinese government is subsidizing the EV manufacturers in an attempt to kill competition and corner the market. It is an anti competitive practice that, if it paid off, would allow China to artificially push other EV makers out of the market, then raise prices when their competition is gone.

  • Sen. Lindsey Graham Suggests Nuking Gaza, Calls Hiroshima ‘the Right Decision’
  • I don't understand why Republicans are so strongly on Israel's side at this point. I think almost everyone was on Israel's side on Oct 7th but since then there have been over 35,000 Palestinian deaths, including women and children, and their infrastructure has been obliterated. Israeli losses since Oct 7th only come to 260 soldiers.

    Why would anyone suggest nuking Gaza? Oct 7th was terrible but it wasn't perpetrated by the millions of people in Gaza. It was perpetrated by the terrorist group that rules Gaza and, at this point, it seems they aren't much of a threat.

    The only reasons I could see for nuking Gaza are:

    • To kill all Gaza s before the new crop of radicals being cultivated by Israel's brutality become ripe.
    • To try to create a broader conflict with the Islamic world.
  • US Senate Passes Extensive $105 Billion Aviation Bill Focused On Safety And Passenger Rights
  • 350B in ticket sales per year. 100B over five years (20B per year) in public funds. That's 5.7% (not 25%) to regulate the industry, upgrade existing systems and equipment, hire and train a large number of new air traffic controllers, and increase customer rights. Some of that is to catch up on stuff that we should have been funding all along but haven't like hiring and training air traffic controllers.

    IMO, this is a good thing and a worth-while expenditure.

  • US Senate Passes Extensive $105 Billion Aviation Bill Focused On Safety And Passenger Rights
  • $100B spread over 5 years wouldn't make much of a dent in health care. We spend over $4T per year on health care.

    I agree that the airline industry has significant problems to be solved but I'd hardly call it broken. Annual US spending on airfare is a little less than $350B. There are nearly no accidents. Approximately 45% of Americans fly commercially in a given year.

    As to high speed rail, I would love to see it and I'm sure it can be done more efficiently than it has been in CA. That said, the California high speed rail project has, so far, cost about $128B. It has been in the works for 15 years. About 120 miles of the originally planned 500 miles of track have been laid.

    So, I don't think that your criticism is valid. There may be valid criticisms of the legislation but saying that the airline industry is "broken" and this should be spent on health care (with no identified plan for how to spend it) or on high speed rail is a lazy argument that seems like it is being made for the sake of arguing.

  • The world’s largest direct carbon capture plant just went online
  • Right? It sequesters 0.0001% of our annual carbon output. They say they hope to reduce the cost to $400-$600/ton by 2030 so,even using their 2030 estimate, this plant cost $14.4M - $28.8M. To sequester 1% of our current carbon emissions per year would cost $144B - $288B. $7.2T - $14.4T to do 50%.

    This doesn't sound like a productive use of the limited R&D funds that go into combating climate change.

  • UN votes to back Palestinian membership, prompting Israeli envoy to shred charter
  • This CNN article has a lot more information and context including who voted against the measure (nine countries including the US and Israel), the practical effects of the measure (new rights for Palestine to sponsor and support resolutions but still no vote), and what can be expected in the near future (a vote in the UN security council on whether to actually admit Palestine which might pass but which the US will veto).

  • Letter from Einstein where he labels zionist as "terrorist organizations" and "misled and criminal people"
  • What makes you think there aren't modern physicists who are also philosophical?

    As someone with a physics degree, I can say that there physicists have, do, and always will include people who focus only on the math and science and others who incorporate philosophy into their values and world view.

  • Idaho AG Suggests Hospitals Are Airlifting Pregnant Patients Out of State as a Political Ploy
  • My guess is that these were wealthy women who were able to afford the transfer. I highly doubt that the hospital or any insurance company paid for the transfers. I would bet that there were other women who were unable to afford similar care and had to suffer the consequences.

  • USC cancels graduation ceremony and dozens are arrested on other campuses as anti-war protests grow
  • Where did I accuse you of being in favor of indiscriminate killing?

    Hint: I didn't.

    Do you want to try engaging with my argument that we shouldn't continue funding for Israel until they stop the genocide and follow international law?

  • USC cancels graduation ceremony and dozens are arrested on other campuses as anti-war protests grow
  • Are you just dense? The idea isn't "no funding for Israel" the idea is "no funding for Israel until they start following international law and stop indiscriminately killing."

    Hamas is awful and should be destroyed but two wrongs don't make a right and Israel is going much too far. Israel isn't attacking Hamas at this point. They are doing to the Gazans what Hamas did to Israel, but a hundred fold worse. They are acting like either a terrorist organization or a genocidal regime.

    I'm all for Israel defending itself. I am mostly okay with funding Israel to defend itself and stand up for itself. I am absolutely not for funding genocide and wars of retribution. At this point Israel needs to be brought to heel and, when safe, needs to be held accountable for its crimes and it's long term policies of apartheid.

  • [Feature Request] Make it more obvious which user you are currently

    I keep running into issues where I'm unsure of which account I'm currently using. It would be nice if it were more obvious at all times. Two things that would help me are:

    • always display the current user somewhere, regardless of what content is being viewed.
    • allow setting different color themes for different users.
    What's this Bug? vortic
    Who is this beautiful, damaged specimen (Colorado, USA)?
    How do some podcasts have location-based ads when my podcast player doesn't have location permissions?

    I use Podcast Addict and have recently noticed location-based ads in my podcasts. Adds that are local to my large town / small city. The app doesn't have location permissions, so how are the podcasts embedding localized ads?

    Some better shots of American White Pelicans from the nearby lake (June 2023, Colorado)

    They decided to give a show today. Six of them were hanging out on the dock, but when I stopped to take pictures, they all decided to take off and do circles over the lake.

    ! ! ! ! ! !

    Barn Swallow (Colorado, June 2023)

    I got lucky and this guy posed for me for about five minutes. I tried to get some in flight, but they're simply too fast for me!

    ! !

    Great Blue Heron

    This beautiful bird has been hanging out at our local lake for the last several weeks. I've been trying to get some pictures of him and he finally got close enough for my lenses.

    ! ! ! !

    American White Pelican

    Three or four of these guys have been hanging out in the lake near my house.

    ! ! !

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