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Stupid Food UtMan1988

Posted unironically on a Keto Facebook page...

I'll just die, thanks.

What is your favourite poem, and why?
  • The Charge Of The Light Brigade by Alfred, Lord Tennyson!

    Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die. Into the valley of Death Rode the six hundred.

    It's been my mantra and my battlecry for the past few years now. Love it.

  • Sucks to suck!

    Found in the wild in Tennessee

    lick it: the redux
  • At times, I'm a carbon conveyor

    Mr. Xenon, would you please be my mayor?

    You'll be doing us a really big favor

    Boy uranium has a lot of flavor

    When it comes to decay lead is your savior

    Follow tin for the heavy behavior

  • Programming Sucks
  • This is all incredibly (funny, and) poignant, and, as a programmer, I agree. But any career has its level of trimming Satan's pubes, and I'm really happy to be trimming my share.

  • Explosive Thrown onto the Porch of the Satanic Temple
  • In the documentary "Hail Satan?" One of the church's high-ranking members did hold a public event where she tried to incite violence against then-president Donald Trump. The Church did "excommunicate" her for this, but the church leader did express how worried he was about members turning into a militant group.

  • Temple Run Timer - Legends Of The Hidden Temple

    A fun reason to explain to the cop why you're speeding.


    What do I put on my resume when the contract owner of my job changes?

    I work as a contractor, been working here for 9 years, had the same contract company all that time... Except until recently when the contract came up for bid and the old company was outbid by another. Lucky for me, they're keeping all the same people, positions, and whatnot. I like my job, I look forward to the change, I just want to keep things updated.

    So, with the change, though, they're making go through the whole hiring process anew, which blows. I'm wondering how I should update my resume, when, basically, my position and responsibilities stay the same, but the company/contract has changed?


    What are some seemingly innocent but really BAD pet names?

    My wife, a vet tech, has a hospital patient named "Stephanie." It's a dog. We're both grossed out by this name. What are some others?