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  • She's got a lot of supportive and loving uncles.

    Lucky girl.

    It's crazy how fucking common the crime is


    And how a grown man can just... Tell the cops, it didn't happen. Case closed.

    Wait, so nothing happened? The cops left him?

  • Would you support a mandatory retirement age of 75 for US House, US Senate & US Supreme Court Justices and if not why?
  • Agreed. Although I do not believe this trend will be consistent for the next 4-5 decades. The US will definitely get universal healthcare in at least 2 decades. Making constitutional amendments for such short term issues is short sighted in my opinion.

  • China Uses Giant Rail Gun to Shoot a Smart Bomb Nine Miles Into the Sky
  • It's not the absurd amount of energy that's the problem. It's the absurd amount of energy that has to be STORED AND RELEASED within a fraction of a second in a controlled fashion.

    If you wanna go electric, you would need a stupendous amount of capacitors and a gun that won't get destroyed due to the immense energy release.

    If u wanna go chemical (like an actual gun), u r faced with the same problem of the gun exploding.

    The only approach that MIGHT work is the Spinlaunch thing, where u essentially store this energy as angular momentum in a THICCC carbon fibre rod. Spinlaunch is still yet to demonstrate anything remarkable, so there's that.

  • We are going to have to reevaluate our moralities when people in the future can look like children while not actually being children

    Edit: To those downvoting, could please comment the reason as to why you are downvoting? The comments that are there right now do not explain the reason for the downvotes. I am genuinely curious as to what the thinking behind disliking the post is.

    Imagine you are a trans woman in the 15th century. You lack the tech to grow boobs. You lack the tech to make ur dick into a vagina. However, the want still exists and is very real.

    Now imagine the year is 2124. You are 55 years old. The tech to look exactly like you looked when you were sayyy 12 exists. You want to look like that. I would say that looking like that is your right. It's your body after all.

    However, you are still 55 years old. You just LOOK like a child. But you possess the ability to consent. Is having sex with such people moral? (I would say it is).

    This however introduces problems. How do you differentiate between actual children and people who physically look like children? Would this be a political issue then? Would adults who want to have sex with adults (but those who look like kids) be discriminated against? Would there be movements for this?

    Why do people give videos English titles when the videos themselves are in some other language?

    I really really don't understand how people are either so tiny brained or so fkin inconsiderate. Probably this is the wrong community to post this, as my infuriation levels are far from mild.

    Like... you look up a tutorial on a specific thing. You see a list of videos describing the very thing that you want in perfect English. You open the video to see that it is in a completely different language (usually Hindi). You then feel like personally going on a mission to assassinate that video creator. /s

    Like come on... I understand that English alphabets are more readable to people who speak languages other than English. FINE. I GET IT. But would it be too much to ask to at least put the name of the fkin language that your video is actually in, in the title?

    Like... it would so much better for a video title to be "(Hindi) Ranked Retrieval model explained" instead of "Ranked Retrieval model explained" and it turning out to be in Hindi. Like... do these people not think? Or do they not have a brain? Or do they just not care?

    I scoured through SO MANY VIDEOS and all of them have this nonsense going on. Like come on....


    So I thought I had figured myself till now. But I was clearly wrong...

    So the last few days have been incredibly confusing as I reflected on my gender identity. I'm definitely a boy, that's for sure. I wouldn't want to go by any pronouns except he/him. The they/she stuff simply isn't me.

    I don't want to dress up in a feminine manner (I don't think I would be comfortable in skirts and thigh highs and what not...). Like... I haven't tried that yet, but I really doubt I would be much interested in it. I like my current wardrobe.

    HOWEVER, I want a feminine-ish body. Like... not boobs or anything. I find boobs quite repulsive. BUT I would definitely love to have a more feminine butt/dick. I like tucking, WHILE loving my dick.

    I hate body hair/facial hair. The only place that I like hair on is my head. And while my hair is long-ish, it isn't girl-like long. Like... the intention is not to look like a girl.

    I dunno, it's weird I suppose... Here's one way to put it. If estrogen didn't give me boobs, I would LOVE to take it. I would love to have a higher voice, better head-hair, and a girlier butt and dick. BUT I would still identify as a male while being in male-like clothes.

    What the hell am I? I'm definitely not trans. I don't think I'm a femboy, as I would hate doing makeup/wearing skirts n stuff. I'm so confused.

    Oh, and I'm gay if that's relevant.

    Would running YaCy with more resources get a search engine comparable to Google

    For those unaware, YaCy is an open source indexing software with some p2p search capabilities. However, if you've run it yourself, you'd know that the search results are very bad. Therefore I am wondering if this is a resources issue or a YaCy software issue, or both.

    Had YaCy had really huge resources for the crawling and indexing, would it have been a good enough search engine to replace google/ddg?

    Wouldn't it be funny if gay people referred to other gay people as their "colleagues"?

    Like imagine going to a pride parade and you see some twink u never met and be Iike, "hey colleague! How're u? How's the bottom job position working for you?"

    "Colleague"... That's a funny word...

    A closer look on OpenAI's Sora
    A preview of FOSS video generative AI

    Here are some links from the description of the video:

    Try it out:

    It is also open source - run it locally:

    Justin Rule
    Question regarding type of allowed posts

    Hey there! So all I'm seeing in this community are news articles concerning Canada. There are no explicit instructions mandating this in the rules section. Therefore, are Canada-related memes and shitposts allowed here?

    12 Uttarakhand UCC: Indian state wants to govern live-in relationships

    Uttarakhand's new law requires unmarried cohabiting couples to notify officials about their relationship.

    Uttarakhand UCC: Indian state wants to govern live-in relationships

    Unmarried couples in a live-in relationship must register it with the government within 30 days of moving in together. The registrar reviews the application and may ask for additional information during an investigation. If approved, the relationship is recorded in a register and a certificate issued. Refusal to register may occur if one partner is married, a minor, or if consent was obtained through coercion or fraud. Partners can end the relationship by notifying the registrar and their partner. Failing to register the relationship or providing false information can result in fines, up to 3 months of imprisonment, or both.

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