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Doom: The Dark Ages is introducing big changes to combat because id Software came to one core realization: "Every projectile mattered in the original Doom"
  • Looking at the trailer and reading the article, it's clear they're going back to the doom 1 roots with the way the projectiles feel like it's a 2D top down shooter.

    That's the way it's supposed to feel imo, and I dig the direction they're heading and the combat definitely felt like oldschool 2D top down shooters were supposed to feel: Dodge everything, never stop firing.

  • Adults and teens pick dumbphones to curb social media addiction
  • Rooting is a technical thing, not a user thing. You should not need to perform a complex and risky task like Rooting, to make a phone usable. It should come that way with those options to uninstall facebook by default.

  • New 80 MPH military electric bicycle unveiled as e-bike maker opens defense division
  • This is a terrible idea. This bike is far, far too light to be stable at that speed on all terrain without people with serious skills.

    You need something with a bigger suspension, and more weight to handle the changes in terrain at those speeds without kicking you off the bike.

  • Poll: More than 60% of middle class say they’re ‘struggling financially’ and are not expecting things to turn around for the rest of their lives
  • Technically you're correct, as middle class is a loose definition, and at one point used to mean just owning "two cars".

    Times have changed though, and I think the OP's definition is the more accepted one.

    Middle class would be not struggling financially with basic necessities. You may struggle in other areas, but not in food, shelter, clothing sort of stuff.

    Essentially, the OP is saying that if you're struggling financially, you're not middle class, in how middle class should be defined in the current economy.

  • Report: Donald Trump has spent millions in possible witness tampering
  • Man, you're not even hiding the fact that you're a Russian troll, or at least a very, very bad actor. Just no tact huh?

    Well, yes. And explain to me again how democrats are involved in the DOJ and Justice system pursuing crimes, crimes that trump and his ilk have absolutely committed? Crimes that are mob-like, for a convicted felon, and twice impeached embarrassment of a fucking president.

    Even though Democrats aren't even involved here, I'd want them to be. I want everyone to be. Fuck trump, fuck that lying piece of shit ex-president crime lord. What a fucking scumbag.

    He's the god damn most miserable fucking train you could have ever fucking attached your worthless goddamn life to you absolute piece of shit fascist supporting Russian loving dickhead.

  • Texas Supreme Court rejects challenge to state's abortion law over medical exceptions
  • Yeah, for sure. If you ever want any help/advice/etc. about moving up here if that's in your cards at some point, feel free to HMU. My wife and I just went through it, as did 2 of my friends who transplanted out of the Austin area to here.

    It's better on the other side, for sure.

    There's still a lot of trump/MAGA crazies up here, because they're roughly 30% of the voting US population; but they lack any real governing or decision making power in the state, and losing more every day.

    We vote by mail, with a guide that tells you the full details (in a large packet) of what every single law, bond, etc. means and how it could affect you along with the background on how that law got onto the ballot.

    Then you just drop it off at the post office box and you're done. It's amazing how easy it is to vote compared to Texas.

    And that's just one of the many things that's better. :)

  • Best Buy plans to close 10 to 15 stores by 2025 Best Buy plans to close 10 to 15 stores by 2025, according to recent earnings call

    Best Buy announced that it will close some of its stores by 2025, according to a February 2024 earnings call by the company.

    Best Buy plans to close 10 to 15 stores by 2025, according to recent earnings call