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Judge dismisses classified documents case against Donald Trump
  • Mostly because I'm trying to survive and get to the next day. I do not have the financial or social safety net required to do so. Really it's the latter that is the problem. The Montgomery bus boycott lasted a year. It wasn't a quick one and done kind of thing. As a society we are much less socially connected than we were in the past and we don't really have other people to rely on.

    I agree with what you are saying, by not marching in the streets I am part of the problem. I don't know man, shit is fucked. I'm doing what I can but it's not much.

    I wouldn't be surprised if I end up like one of the White Rose. It hasn't even been a century since then, smh.


  • me💻irl
  • I fucking wish! Despite my profession and hobbies all being very technical I have never had a partner that knew anything beyond turning it off and on again 😭. I'd be eating them out like a bulldog with a jar of mayonnaise every night if they did! Though I guess I would do that if they didn't too....🤔

    I may need to rethink my approach....

  • Framework Laptop 16, six months later
  • I dual boot my Framework 13 Gen 1 and in Windows the fans ramp up within a couple of minutes of just doing some very light work. In Linux the only time the fans ramp to a noticeable level is if I "block" the exhaust when using it on a bed or couch, or a workload that goes full beans.

  • Biden’s debate performance sets off alarm bells for Democrats
  • Don't use the time he instigated a coupe attempt as a reason?

    Can you tell me why putting my hand on an electric burner that is red hot is a bad idea? Don't use anyone's past experiences being burned by hot objects.

    Sure you could technically go into a complex explanation using physics as to why it's a bad idea, but why?

  • Common printing questions
  • This is a glass bed on an Ender that I am doing this on. I haven't had any issues with scratching the bed whatsoever. Mild steel is actually softer than glass so it might actually be harder to scratch than you might think. Your mileage may vary though.

  • Are there any macro pads that can be programmed via a text file stored onboard?
  • My employer does have a process for requesting software, but it's a very large company and requires that it go through a whole vetting process and security audits before having it added to the approved software list. I'm already applying some pressure to have some more important software added and am trying not to burn up all the good will I may have 😅.

    I am actually able to connect to the VIA web app, but I don't have any compatible devices currently. It's very possible though that we may have some software or policy that will block it when I attempt to do so though (it's not unusual to be able to connect to a website and do certain things only to have specific actions trigger some piece of our security suite). Knowing what the average user is like I can't really fault them for it, but it is annoying.

    All that said, would you have a recommendation for the cheapest VIA pad on Aliexpress that I could buy to test with?

  • Food: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Across the Supply Chain
  • Nuts are interesting. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought certain types of nuts (like almonds) require massive amounts of water. I think almonds require more water than an equivalent amount of chicken. I know this chart is about CO2, so kinda a apples to oranges comparison, but I'm curious if that is something that should also be considered when discussing environmental impact of foods?

  • Are there any macro pads that can be programmed via a text file stored onboard?

    I am wanting a macro pad for work, but we are not allowed to install software on them and even the websites we have access to is limited. I don't want to have to use my personal computer or take the pad home whenever I want to make a more complex macro and am wondering if there are any where the keys can be configured using a configuration file stored onboard?

    Any day now Joe, c'mon man!
  • Yarp, and if memory serves it was watered down because he and the Dems were attempting to engage with the Republicans in good faith and after the Dems made the concessions the Republicans asked for they still voted against it.

  • Any day now Joe, c'mon man!
  • Barely. Manchin and Sinema kept torpedoing just about any legislation that would have been actually beneficial. Though with this specific topic it appears that eight Democrats voted against it, which is still far fewer than the number of Republicans that voted against it.

    That's not to say I'm some Democrat apologist or shill, I have so many problems with the party, but for issues like these it seems like they are the lesser of two evils and if their majority margins could increase it would likely have an effect on issues like these.

  • This is what stigma around autism sounds like to an autistic person (comedy sketch)

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    This is what stigma around autism sounds like to an autistic person (comedy sketch)


    Dr Ian Cutress - The Problem with Tech Media: Ego, Dogmatism, and Cult of Personality