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French women voters swing sharply to far right
  • Does non-white male voting for the right know they're reducing their own rights ?

  • which one do you prefer? having kids or no kids? and why??
  • I don't have time for this, also every persons i know see their health being ruined giving birth. So thanks but no, My health is more important.

  • Internet Archive forced to remove 500,000 books after publishers’ court win
  • Would be a shame if they decided to call it something with the letter z and the word library in it

  • Why Interplay’s original “Fallout 3” was canceled 20+ years ago
  • Damn i didn't know they were doing a Fallout 3, wish Interplay never ceased to exist

  • What would you name your Communist inspired Fantasy Football League?
  • Communist football's league

    Also why so many downvote ?

  • Worst prediction ever
  • Nah, NATO is a really bad example, it's not union it's usa controlling others members

  • Todd Howard says Bethesda won't be remaking the first Fallouts because 'some of the charm of games from that era is a little bit of that age'
  • Translation : Interplay's games were better than the ones we made but i don't want to admit it

  • Todd Howard: 'We Don't Need to Rush' Next Fallout Game
  • I hope they'll take their time to make a great game, the best thing that could happen is that they take example on interplay's fallout. Thoses vibes should do a comeback in the franchise.

  • Todd Howard: 'We Don't Need to Rush' Next Fallout Game
  • and let them make a new Isometric Fallout game again.

    Great idea if the game is less polished than bethesda's fallout

  • Ireland rule
  • Wtf

  • New Linux malware is controlled through emojis sent from Discord
  • I don't use discord, problem solved

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Also, any other country under US influence would have handed him over to the US

    You're exactly right. I wish for every USA's influenced countries to get their sovereignity back somehow.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
    1. . He ended up in Russia somehow. Seems an odd place for a freedom fighter to end up going.

    Isn't russia the only country that accepted him when he didn't had any others choice ?

  • The ultimate rickroll
  • It would be funny if he sent a invidious link

  • Non-Skippable YouTube Ads: Google's New Plan to Kill Open-Source Browser Extensions like SponsorBlock
  • So, basically : you pay to remove ads, to use youtube as a music player when you could do the same without having to pay ?

  • Fallout 76 Players Are Seeing an Increase in Griefing

    Some fans appear determined not to let this trend affect the game's welcoming reputation, having reported that they are trying to rebuild other people's C.A.M.P.s whenever they see them nuked, and work even harder to support newbies in other ways. Between that and Fallout 76's existing anti-griefing measures, it's possible that this potential uptick in malicious player activity will pass before long.


    What's your most unpopular opinion about music ?

    For me : Trippie Redd's "!" Is actually a great album


    Looking for a sunlight simulator alarm clock app

    Hi lemmy, im looking for a alarm clock app that can simulate the sunlight, i couldn't find one on fdroid.