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A Cool guide to the most polluted cities in the US
  • I was wondering that myself. But

    PM2.5 concentration in New York City is currently 1.1 times the WHO annual air quality guideline value

    We seem to be right in line with guidelines. Now, does that account for brake dust? If it does, that’s beyond shocking. So many goddamn cars here, all in stop and go traffic constantly. Just turn off the goddamn cars, people. Wtf are you even doing? You’re almost killing me on my bike every day and you just don’t look happy. Not to mention, I ride past 100 of you and get to where I’m going faster than you do. You have a problem. Admitting it is the first step.

  • EFF "cover your tracks" browser privacy test
  • I feel like Firefox is better. Or onion is probably even better. Set your privacy settings to strict. I use iOS and my results were strong.

    Also go into your iOS settings and mess around. Disable all their bullshit. I’m not a super tech savvy person. My brother is in IT, but privacy is super important to me, so I go around, read stuff, turn off a bunch of their “share with” stuff, and their Siri bullshit and everything I can tinker with. There are a lot of iOS settings buried pretty deep in subpages. I’m not sure if the eff is checking those, but I’ve had to go down my list of apps and disable some Siri bullshit.

    Sorry I can’t be more specific, like I said, I’m not the tech savvy one. I just use bare bones stuff, disable things that sound fishy. It’s all worked out for me so far lol

  • We may clown on him a lot but it's genuinely quite dystopian how much power Elon Musk has.
  • Yeah, I think that’s generally the idea. But i think the same would’ve been true of Gary whatshisface in 2016, the libertarian guy. I’m not really sure that’s how it shook out in the end, though.

    I also think the more-likely-to-be-democrat voters are probably just generally more likely to vote third party, knowing it’s a throwaway, in order to send a message. The right really doesn’t ever seem to break apart, that ~48-50% of people seemingly can’t be turned away no matter what happens. Look at all those street interviews done recently. Those “anyone but trump” republicans, when pressed on who they’d vote for if Nikki Haley couldn’t win the primary, they all waffled for a minute before saying they’d vote for trump. After calling him a fascist, a racist, etc. The conditioning on the right is so strong. It needs to be studied. I’m sure it will be if humanity survives the next 20 years.

  • Nazi Propagandist Nick Fuentes Caught on Stream Watching Gay Porn
  • Wait, wasn’t it Nick Fuentes that said sleeping with men was less gay than sleeping with women or something? This is the weasely little fuckface with a voice like Ben Shapiro and a face like a twink fuckboi?

  • Give me those tots, rule
  • I’m a chick anyway, so based on her lyrics my chances with her are between slim and none.

    Hey, now. You’ll never attract a beau with that attitude. Smile more. And a proper lady never uses the word “chick.” So unladylike. Tsk, tsk.

  • Uber's new shuttle service sounds a lot like a bus route
  • Yeah…but busses exist right now. Cars are still the problem. A private company getting involved bus routes won’t do shit for that problem. We have one of the best transit systems in the world in nyc. But people can’t give up their cars. Letting Uber muscle into public transit won’t change that. If anything, it’ll drive up the cost of busses and make even fewer people rely on busses.

    We have citibikes in nyc. The traffic problem is still awful. As a bike rider myself, I can tell you that riding a bike here is not for everyone. I know plenty of able-bodied people terrified away from riding bikes. But say the city into the bike sharing service. It wouldn’t be $15. It would be..I dunno, $5. Then more people would use them. See what I’m saying?

    The way to spread anything good is to make a cost, not a profit maker. Bringing business into the public service game is a horrible idea. There’s no way this does anything good for anyone but Uber. That’s how businesses operate. There might be a time where it seems things are getting better, but that’s just the phase where they’re willing to operate at a loss to corner the market. This phase is ending right now with Amazon: they drove out so many businesses by becoming so reliable, quick, and convenient. Now, they’re starting to scale back free returns. This happened not too long ago with Uber and Lyft. The money behind it finally said, “alright, play time is over. We won’t operate at a loss for much longer, we’ve cornered the rideshare market, now it’s time for prices to creep up to the point where we profit more and more.”

    It’s their business model. It’s vampiric and destructive. Not helpful. Trusting them with a public service is so, so, so foolish.

  • We may clown on him a lot but it's genuinely quite dystopian how much power Elon Musk has.
  • Trump doesn’t really tow the line though

    No, but their voters would sacrifice themselves to tow the line. That was my point.

    it’s doubtful that he can steal Biden votes by parroting trump positions.

    I dunno. There are plenty of relatively shallow thinking democrats. It’s called a “protest vote” for a reason.

    Liberal admins don’t debate procedural shit

    I didn’t mean “procedural shit” like inside baseball house floor procedural. I meant the voters are multifaceted and disagree on how to achieve what liberals and leftists can generally agree upon: social programs and the like. See what I’m saying? I’m really tired and I’m not explaining this well, but I’m saying even if leftists and liberals and democrats can all be somewhat on the same page about a general outcome they’d like to see, there are segments of that voting populace that would withhold their vote if the the issue is discussed isn’t exactly to their liking. The voters are finicky. On the right, the voters tow the line pretty much universally. No matter what happens, the republicans can’t seem to lose votes past a certain point. The democrats have to get a lot of stuff right for a pretty diverse group of voters, all in a row, to keep their voters turning out.

    cons demand their red meat and are willing to lose an election or two to guarantee it.

    If I’m understanding this correctly, I think I strongly disagree. But can you clarify this? Because I’m not sure I do actually understand what you mean.

  • We may clown on him a lot but it's genuinely quite dystopian how much power Elon Musk has.
  • I dunno. His own staffer came out and said their entire purpose was to keep Biden from winning re-election. Third party candidates don’t typically siphon votes away from the party that religiously tows the line. The republicans have gotten their voters in lockstep formation, to a scary degree. The democrats have a harder time because their needed voters are a wide swath of different people, from those scared of republicans (really the dems bread and butter), to people who want social programs, to liberals, to liberal-leaning conservatives (though this group has been disappearing for a while), to leftists that begrudgingly vote for the lesser of two evils…it’s a melting pot. That’s also why the dems have a harder time winning, typically. The dems and the left will debate procedural shit for how to accomplish similar goals. The right is all emotional appeals/reactionaries. Herding cats vs shooting fish in a barrel. I wouldn’t be so sure about RFK jr only appealing to the right.

  • Uber's new shuttle service sounds a lot like a bus route
  • But…that’s our point. Uber taking over bus routes would ultimately void that choice. Public transportation is a public service. Letting a VC-funded for-profit company weasel their way into that space is never going to not fuck poor people. It’ll fuck everyone, but it’ll make “public transportation” unaffordable. And, really, when you’re poor, “if you want to get somewhere faster” isn’t really an option. That’s…the thing with being poor. You don’t have the extra money to spend to catch a shuttle and you don’t have the luxury of paying for comfort. Not to mention, even in the best case scenario, where busses would keep their existing schedule and routes (though the likelihood of this happening is slim) and we’d just get more busses? It’d clog the system, ultimately slowing bus routes.

    So, no. Not “the more the merrier” when it comes to private companies elbowing their way into public service, and especially not when we’re talking about fuckin traffic.

  • Uber's new shuttle service sounds a lot like a bus route
  • Exactly. How people haven’t realized this yet is fuckin unconceivable. Trusting a for-profit company—with a history of the exact problematic behavior we’re worried about—is beyond stupid. They can operate at a loss for a long time. Just to fuck other businesses out of the market so they can charge as much as they want. It’s literally their business model.

  • Uber's new shuttle service sounds a lot like a bus route
  • Look at any of these tech companies’ history. They corner the market by operating at massive losses that VCs can foot for, like, a decade. And then when they’ve driven out other options, they abuse the fuck out of customers. They “disrupt” by obliterating, and that’s when they move for the kill shot: ever-expanding profits.

    This is not a good thing. Even in NYC, where the MTA is a massive chunk of money, we have one of the slowest bus systems in the world. That’s through no fault of the busses, mind, this is the cars fault. And, kinda Uber’s fault. The traffic is so bad, even where busses have their own lanes, the traffic slows that shit down like crazy.

    Depending on the govt (Adams would probably jump at this, whoever his successor will be will obviously determine how it’d go), the city sees $$$ and sacrifices the long term well-being of the city for their own “successes” while in office. And money/budget is always a crunch, no matter the place. So if Uber wanted to “disrupt” NYC by basically taking over busses or getting a contract to use the bus stops and bus lanes, the govt saves money while generating revenue because those VCs are eyeing the long term where they can ultimately make the city reliant on their services and force people to contribute to their bottom line. Our trains are great, but they don’t go everywhere, sometimes busses are necessary, especially for outerborough people and historically poorer neighborhoods. You can see those areas on the train map, because trains basically avoid them.

    Trusting vampiric capitalists with any public good is a fuckin stupid thing to do. Look at healthcare. How we have privatized healthcare is beyond me, but look at the state of it. Now, this is more expanding on the conversation than actually replying directly to your question, but it sort of does get at the heart of it. For a time, we would get more transportation. It wouldn’t be public, it’d be private. But it wouldn’t solve the issues. It’d just create new ones.

  • Uber's new shuttle service sounds a lot like a bus route
  • Yeah, they knew this by reading the article, it seemed like. They were relating it to their experience, mentioned in the article, about it existing there. They were just surprised to find out they had it before the US. This doesn’t really denote them not having read the article.

  • Hippie woowoo Facebook is also very crazy.
  • I can’t smell like piss because I don’t abide to western standards. Urine is natural, anyone who thinks smelling like your body’s natural excretions will be banished from the kingdom of heaven. Namaste.

  • ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s 2’ Sets December 2025 Release, ‘M3GAN 2.0’ and ‘Black Phone 2’ Also Get New Dates
  • I heard it was terrrible. From multiple people. But then again my life is in film nerd circles and general movie enthusiasts, if not outright film school people. Now, a lot of the, can genuinely enjoy a blockbuster schlockfest where even I can’t (and I never went to film school), but I do enjoy good movies. I just heard almost unanimously that it was bad.

  • New York City TheFriar
    Why the hell are there so many 7 trains?

    I don’t use the line often, but every time I do, there’s a train coming every 1-3 minutes. And even during rush hour, the trains are less than half full—literally less than a quarter full. Because there’s always another 1-3 minutes behind that. My more often used lines are coming every 12-15 min. Can’t they repo a few trains from the 7 to spread the love? Wtf mta

    I need help. I saw a trailer for a movie maybe three or four years ago and I can't remember what it's called

    Rough plot synopsis:

    A skinny white cop (I believe with a mustache, brown hair), is depressed. Maybe something happened with his daughter dying or a divorce, maybe both. It was kind of an auteur type film. He ends up going on some sort of reckless crusade against the department, maybe? I remember something about an alcoholic priest too, but that might’ve been another trailer I saw around that time. Or maybe he was an alcoholic himself. (Again, this is a fuzzy memory, sorry.) A scene I vaguely remember is he’s shirtless and maybe his cop car is burning? Does this sound at all familiar to anyone? I really want to find it, it’s been bugging me for literally years. Thanks!

    New York City TheFriar
    Anyone here use an ESCO that you recommend?

    I mean, fuck ConEd, amiright? More like CON ed. Gottem.

    So I started looking through the ESCO list, I’m hoping to get a little feedback from anyone else who’s already researched or who already uses one they like or dislike.

    I’d love to use some renewables, and/or save some money. I’m very annoyed that my service charges are almost always higher than my usage costs. I mean, what the fuck? Are they Ticketmaster? There’s no way they need to be taking that much. Absurd.

    So. Anyone?

    Bodyweight Fitness TheFriar
    I’ve been getting in shape over the past year—one question about focusing on specific area

    I’ve always been thin. So now that I’m getting in shape, achieving abs and upper body strength was relatively straightforward.

    But my ribs have always shown. Especially the bottom of my rib cage. Maybe the last three or four ribs, and it just looks weird. Is there something people would recommend, either diet-wise or (preferably) workouts to target that specific area?

    Help would be appreciated!

    let’s see if anyone is even here: I’ve been looking for a legitimate dispensary. I have questions and everywhere I go these questions are met with, “umm…I dunno. it’ll get you high”

    I’ve been looking for a high CBD, mid-to-low THC strain or tincture. All these gray area operations are garbage. I’ve been to legal countries and states where you can…ask questions and get answers and have knowledgeable conversations with someone with recommendations. These janky-ass bags of high-concept packaging you see littering every sidewalk are bullshit. Open a jar, weigh me out what I ask for, and know some shit about it.

    Anyone got any ideas or a favorite dispensary? I feel like with the bodegas selling, everyone just wanted to hop in with a store front and two glass display cases, and buys everything from one shitty company probably ruining the industry already. (I guess I’m more heated about this than I thought.)

    Any reds are ‘preciated.

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