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Flavored vape bans led to increase in teen smoking
  • Come on, you know adults don't like things that taste good!

  • Summer is the worst season of the year, isn't?
  • I agree that summer is the worst, but it's a regional thing. Also you don't have to go to the beach or in the water. I avoid the beach like the plague. Mostly because the water is plagued.

  • Summer is the worst season of the year, isn't?
  • Funny enough, in Florida, winter is wildfire see season.

  • What jobs were you horrified to learn are done by people with little to no experience or training?
  • They are supposed to take air samples before and after a remediation to show that the mold is decreasing. This includes lots of fans and can even include ozone treatment. Unfortunately I know some companies will fake test results to get a client. We're talking pre and post remediation. It's a super shady business. I would always recommend multiple opinions.

  • What jobs were you horrified to learn are done by people with little to no experience or training?
  • For me it is people making food, supplements, and drugs. From their production to their quality department. Just full of people that have no idea what they are doing and making poor decisions. That's not even to mention the management and owners.

    Bonus: Home inspectors / mold remediation "professionals". Absolutely clueless.

  • NPR stations are the original federated model.
  • My local stations small but growing. Plus they recently released The Last Ride which I think did well.

  • Me on the left
  • I don't think housing is going to get more affordable without government intervention at this point. The market has been too far captured by people trying to exploit it for profit.

  • xkcd #2932: Driving PSA
  • Certain circumstances, yes. The comic depicted is not a four way stop. The person turning onto the road does not have right of way over someone turning left onto their street.

  • xkcd #2932: Driving PSA
  • Just don't wave anyone. Seriously, like the image says, the right of way is not yours to give.

  • What did they mean by this?
  • This is a response to them closing down several studios. Including one that made a smaller game that gave them prestige.

  • Staying Focused While Waiting
  • Try not to start another task during the waiting time has worked for me. If you are able to listen to music, try an audio visualizer or something like that. That will give you something to look at while you wait. Or find some kind of fidget. I hope that helps, it has helped me some but certainly isn't for everyone.

    Oh, don't forget to take small breaks if that helps as well.

  • The Electric Egg (1942)
  • Imagine this thing with a modern dashboard and seats. Sick as hell.

  • Yay victory!
  • That's understandable. I know we have eradicated them, but I wouldn't be surprised if we see them again at some point.

  • Yay victory!
  • I feel what you are saying, but the Terminids are more popular by a long shot. I think that's why they had us take out the Automatons first.

  • What names are you all rocking?
  • My first was Elected Representative of Individual Merit. Now it is Song of Freedom.

  • What names are you all rocking?
  • That's was mine as well. Changed it to Song of Freedom recently.

  • What games have you played that beautifully marry their mechanics with narrative and/or aesthetic?
  • Braid is probably the first game I saw do this in a masterful way.

    Right now I would suggest Helldivers 2. You are a young soldier fresh out of boot camp. Frozen and thawed out to carry out a suicide mission. The game constantly praises you and mentions how you are the best of the best. You are actually incredibly expendable and likely to die in less than two minutes. There is no "respawn," you are replaced by another Helldiver just like you.

  • What is your favorite main weapon?
  • It readily serves Devastators cups of Liber-Tea straight to the face. They don't stand a chance. It's basically a sniper scoped Slugger without the stagger.

  • What is your favorite main weapon?
  • That's fair, I just enjoy the extra damage and penetration.

  • Any Parents Here?

    How do you guys deal with parenting? My wife had work events all weekend last week so I had to be on point 100% and then continue to all week. Now this weekend we had a girl scout hike and my wife wanted to go to a special event with me in the evening. I haven't had time for any real solitude for two weeks and am mentally/emotionally drained.

    How do you guys deal with this? I feel like a bad parent/partner for not being excited for these things or feelings negative about doing them. Am I expecting too much from myself? I don't know, thanks for reading anyway.


    Monsters in Paradise by Gunship Monster in Paradise (feat. Milkie Way, Dave Lombardo, Tyler Bates)

    Gunship, Dave Lombardo, Tyler Bates, Milkie Way, Tim Cappello Β· Song Β· 2023

    Monster in Paradise (feat. Milkie Way, Dave Lombardo, Tyler Bates)

    This is from their upcoming album Unicorn.