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Green Party's Suffolk MP calls for pause on East Anglia pylons plan
  • Ugh why Green Party, why? This isn't why I voted for you.

  • Sure you are, buddy
  • That sounds quite neat

  • How could this be?!
  • Are you saying I should try to make the most of Uni life? (Or potentially get myself one if I'm locked at home)

  • How could this be?!
  • Ah, just what I was expecting

  • How could this be?!
  • Just what I was expecting

  • How come watchdogs like the CMA or ICO stayed competent despite the incompetent Tories?
  • Would it be too scandalous for governments to abolish (or subjugate) them if they already have a majority?

  • Starmer suspends seven rebel MPs including McDonnell over two-child benefit cap vote
  • That's true, it is quite crude of the SNP to try to trip up the party that is clearly closer aligned to its interests.

  • How come watchdogs like the CMA or ICO stayed competent despite the incompetent Tories?

    I imagine some of these agencies didn't exist before 2010, meaning they got staffed under the Tories. I know viewing the Tories as purely bad is a very simplistic way of looking at things, but when Boris was partying in Downing street and clearly resigning on his duties to protect the public, how come this level of resignation didn't seep into these govt. agencies? From the articles below it seems that even after 14 years fhey still have teeth. Are they independent enough to escape influence from the Cabinet?

    UK school reprimanded for unlawful use of facial recognition technology
  • I think I remember using my fingerprint to buy lunch at my secondary back in 2016 as well. I guess it was easier than having us carry around cards all day

  • What is Project 2025?
  • In America

  • That's how we do it
  • Bro is trying to trigger international thermonuclear war

  • Virtue signalling
  • I'm waiting for the halal versions of those logos every Eid

  • AP gov exam
  • Future landfill miners will remember us fondly for the hoards of resources we are leaving them.

  • I wish I could screenshot my dreams
  • Sounds like a dream!

  • I wish I could screenshot my dreams
  • Yes but I still think there should be a social network where you could voluntarily share these dream screenshots with other people.

  • No puppies were harmed in this analogy
  • I don't think I've ever seen an EU grant for artists tbh – it's mostly infrastructure right? I haven't even seen that many artists comissioned to do public art here in Czechia (probably because it would be an unpredictable investment). The last time I'm aware of that happening was under communism when there was a mandated arts budget.

  • How could this be?!
  • What are the best ways to enjoy it would you say?

  • Sure you are, buddy
  • Does anybody know how the 'Readers added context' feature works? It seems to be really effective and I'm surprised it was invented by X of all places.

  • Rule on his carpet

  • I know the meme when I see it

  • I wish I could screenshot my dreams
  • I still remember yesterday night's dream where I was being driven to the coast in Portugal, where Portugal was just a 1km wide strip. I have never been to Portugal.

  • I wish I could screenshot my dreams
  • Yeah, it's weird that your brain always avoids the thing. Same with going to the toilet in dreams. I wonder what trains your brain to avoid the thing.

  • Taiwan using technology to combat polarisation

    From the book Plurality chapter 2-2


    I wish I could screenshot my dreams


    Autocrats should not be named.

    It is ostensibly the desire of autocrats to be seen and remembered as great people with lasting legacies (this strengthening their fragile, macho egoes, dependant on external validation). They also want it to seem that they achieved their position solely thanks to their own personal greatness and skill.

    Refering to them descriptively (eg. "the dictator in Nazi Germany", "the corruptor of Hungary", 'the gentry of Saudi Arabia'): a) denies them of this symbolic ego boost (their name will no longer be remembered in history books) b) necessary ackgnowledges that the power they usurped could have been stolen by anybody, had they been in the same favorable position at the same point in time. This denies them of merit for what they have done. The only quality connoted with placeholder words like 'autocrat' is selfishness.

    The privilege of being remembered by name should be reserved for politicians who are elected and hence agree to some basic standard of selflessness (ie. passing on the baton of power). Elected officials who sacrifice their position for the better of the community (as has just been done by Joe Biden) are especially deserving.

    This would also create the contradictory – but very disciplining – situation that in order to be remembered (usually a selfish desire), you would need to do something selfless.


    Not all doom and gloom After 15 years away I moved back to the UK fearing the worst. What I found startled me | Gillian Harvey

    Despite years of austerity and Tory rule, I have seen incredible resilience, humour and optimism, says the writer Gillian Harvey

    After 15 years away I moved back to the UK fearing the worst. What I found startled me | Gillian Harvey

    Would Private Members' Bills be more viable with a landslide majority?

    I'm just thinking about ways that PR could be passed. If Labour get a massive majority, and the party (ie. MPs) want PR but the government does not, would having a ton of MPs beyond a majority make it easier to pass as a private member's bill in defiance of the government, as even a substantial amount of Labour MPs sticking with the govt would not bring aye votes below the 50% mark? (Plus if the newly strengthened Lib Dems voted in favour)


    Don't know why I'm depressed when I've solved the cause

    I've been having quite a stressful period of exams recently and at one point I started feeling a mixture of burnt out and depressed. I immediately stopped preparing for the exams, and to ease the thought that I would need to manage 2 more years of this (this is what triggered the depression), I started making plans to switch to an easier degree.

    Usually when I feel depressed I know exactly why (my mind tunnel visions on the big picture problem and blocks out the present), and once I address the cause I begin to feel hopeful again. But this time, although doing these things eased the immediate feeling of burnout, I have carried on feeling depressed. I am usually a humorous person so I tried to watch my favourite comedy to rekindle my playfulness but I felt completely numb to the jokes and nuance in it that I usually appreciate. Same when I tried to socialize.

    I've removed the cause so I don't understand why I'm still depressed and what else I need to do to make my mind operate normally again. Could it be from other unadressed things in my life that have been in the background? Does anyone have any ideas?


    Strattera vs other anti-anxiety meds

    My psych wants to take me off Strattera because it isn't helping my ADHD and apparently it's quite expensive. One thing it is helping me with though is my anxiety – I no longer get the random bouts of anxiety that I used to and I feel like I'm just generally more chill and enjoying the present moment. What's more, I can actively feel the Strattera keeping me calm at times when my brain would have panicked before, like when approaching girls. Do you know if other anti-anxiety meds my psych is likely to give me will have this same effect, or should I urge him to keep me on Strattera?


    What do you all check instead of the news?

    I've realized that I check the news several times a day but not because I'm curious about what's happening on the grand scheme of things, but because my brain wants to check something that keeps changing with new, evolving information. It fills a slightly different niche than social media, and I don't watch sports so I don't have that to check. Can anyone think of something else that could fill this need? I could read blogs but they just don't feel current. And the news is making be stress about information I didn't need to know.


    Map of Every Chinese City


    Which Med Should I Try Next?

    My main problems:

    • Inability to stick to lowly stimulating tasks
    • Executive dysfunction
    • Forgetting what I was doing every 2 minutes Bonus mention: random bouts of anxiety (Don't know which subtype this amounts to)

    Meds I've tried so far:

    1. Atomoxetine (extinguished the anxiety but did nothing for the ADHD)
    2. Methylphenidate (amplified the ED, essentially gluing me to even boring tasks. This helped for reading but not for my executively intensive physics homework, where I literally had to use my inner voice to guide myself. Did nothing for the forgetfulness.)

    Has anyone had a similar response? What ended up working? I'm in the UK so there's no Aderall.


    Anyone else have a default topic that your brain turns to when idle?

    My train of thought has gone down the same path hundreds of times when bored. There is no new realisation about that topic that remains to be had. And yet every time my inner monologue goes down the same well trodden path. It almost hurts at this point. I don't really choose the topic, it's usually just one I've come into contact with repeatedly and they change over the years. I commute by bus and the monologue is always at the same point at the same point in the journey. I am going crazy. How do I turn this off.


    Wrong answers only: what happened?


    3rd year in university and getting nowhere. What should I do?

    Lemmy, I have completed tens of modules across several different universities. I have been course-hopping for long enough that I’d have a bachelors degree by now had I found and stayed on a course that suited me. I can’t be asked to commit to one and study it for yet another 3 years before I get a degree\. Yet I feel like all of the effort that I have expended up to this point will go unacknowledged, just because it was spread across several unis and doesn’t fall into any of their pre-defined study plans. I am a person driven by short bouts of intense curiosity of the type that dives down Wikipedia rabbitholes\\*. I want to do a highly qualified job but am failing to fit in to the rigid framework that academia sets you. I have several Master’s theses that I’d start researching tomorrow if the system let me. Yet without so much as a bachelor’s I might as well go work in a supermarket. How do I move on from here?

    \Perhaps it’s also because I’m now in my early 20s and finally want to have some time to explore. \\*I am a logical thinker and predominantly interested in STEM topics.


    What is a quote that captures something you've learnt through living your life?

    Edit: while I'm at it, does anyone know what I should do when I'm waiting for a coincidence/adventure to happen, but it never comes? I can't really go outside and arrange for it to happen because I don't know what I'm looking for.


    A paper that I'm planning to read: The City of London, the Alternative Investment Market and oil in frontiers in Africa.


    How to overcome ADHD guilt?

    Often when I start feeling guilty for putting off a task (even if I genuinely didn't have time), the guilt makes it harder for me to get back to it. It's an additional emotion that I have to barge through in order to get started.

    What if the person is annoyed with me for still not having replied? What if they've followed up with a strongly worded email that I'm now going to have to suffer through? And I'm going to have to come up with an excuse for taking so long. This would have been so much easier if I'd done it yesterday.

    The guilt increases exponentially. How do you dispel it so that it's not in the way of actually getting to the task? (Alcohol and sleep deprivation does not count)

    16 How Bernie Sanders wins an argument

    We've given up on trying to persuade people and that's a mistake. Learn from one of the masters. Sign up for email updates!

    How Bernie Sanders wins an argument

    How to make showering not boring?

    For me showering means standing in a windowless room staring at a blank wall for 20 minutes (I get lost in my thoughts). Also there are several steps and I have to think about each of them. This means that I only end up showering when my fear of coming across as dirty becomes bigger than the dread of being bored. What do you do?