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What American Fascism Would Look Like
  • This is you, discouraging the basic practice of voting and then cowering away when you're called out.

    You're a troll, obsessed with (and speaking as if you understand) the nuance of the US while you're all the way in South Africa. You have nothing to say and you're universally disliked.

  • What American Fascism Would Look Like
  • "...and this is why there shouldn't be any taxes" C'mon, go ahead, round that the corner, libertarian - we all know you want to.

    I don't think you know what actual fascism is, or what it looks like. Your statement reads like you are boycotting universities and have casually avoided being "educated" by "credited professionals" so that you don't turn a "decent person" who "contributes to society" and "understands words".

    Keep fighting that good fight, you do your own research!

  • John Fetterman was open about his depression. Now he wants to create a national mental health commission
  • This guy had so much positive momentum... And he turned into such a disappointment.

    I watched you give interviews outside gas stations and I put your sticker on my car, dude. Fucking bummer. Really has to be the stroke with such a drastic personality change.

  • Do companies store facial and voice recognition data from the thousands of hours of zoom/teams calls that their employees use?

    I heard a person call into a show the other day, voice only, and talk about some poor working conditions at a factory. Made me think about how it would probably be so easy for nefarious bosses to be able to identify that person through voice recognition SW with all of the data that comes from us looking directly into cameras and speaking clearly in modern workplace meetings.

    Do "anonymous" callers need to start using voice modulation software for these kinds of calls in the modern world?

    If Reddit had a soul/conscience, I think it was us, and we're all on Lemmy now...

    As a little background, I didn't actively use Reddit for months following the blackout. I still barely stop in over there and if I do I'm never logged in our contributing to the communities there (where I was previously a daily poster/commenter).

    Just bringing up a point that I'm not sure I'd seen anyone discussing directly over here; the general sentiment and quality of posted information on Reddit has become tangibly worse in multiple ways (I think coinciding with this group, us, leaving).

    Now don't get me wrong, Reddit sucked in many ways and for long before the migrations to Lemmy, but there is a noticeable difference in a few key areas:

    1. Less skepticism in replies

    2. Less sourcing of information in posts and replies

    3. Less counter positions expressed generally

    4. If there is a decent reply, you have to scroll much further down to find it

    5. Less plain labeling of obvious bullshit

    Many of us used to introduce counter viewpoints or clarifying information into posts, with sources. That functionally worked as a roadblock to stall the quickly building momentum of disinformation/misinformation. Those roadblocks often feel absent over there now, IMO.

    Not saying we hold a responsibility to go back there or that we were saving lives before, but the difference is very apparent to me - Have you seen it? Any examples?

    Youtube Snapz
    Have you noticed, in "Watch Later" playlist YouTube no longer remembers position in playlist when you complete or exit a video?

    This was on the roku app on a TV, haven't explored other platforms yet.

    I'm assuming this is to disable the ability for users to quickly start, back/exit and restart a video until an ad doesn't play. Eternally user hostile, enshitification bullshit.

    Is it known that some of the streaming services with advertising artificially reduce their ad length after the holidays?

    Assuming to artificially secure people with new memberships through their first 4-6 weeks to establish a habit through the first billing cycle. Is this a known thing?

    Who got notably rich from each major, historical tragedy?

    Through the great depression...

    When 9/11 happened...

    The 2008 housing crash...


    On a smaller scale, when the Titanic sank, I'm assuming someone inevitably got rich from the aftermath somehow?

    Who are the people/groups that make up history's must successful parasites? Who "came out on top" in each instance of historical human suffering?

    Are any of the DNA testing companies trustworthy?

    So obviously we're all on Lemmy for a complicated combination of reasons, but we all likely share some common ground, namely...

    • need for privacy
    • need to own/control/access the data we produce
    • healthy skepticism about the trustworthiness of for-profit corporations, in general

    So if we don't want meta to know even innocuous things; like how many times/when we message our grandma, and we don't google to know when we're searching for remedies to a rash, and we don't want reddit to... Well we just don't want reddit - we don't want them to profit from or weaponize that data against us in a myriad ways.

    We also don't want them artificially removing features and creating tiered layers of service/value hidden behind a paywall (I understand this is very present in the some of the commercially available DNA services).

    So that brings me to DNA testing services. Since they started to emerge in the mainstream they were immediately an interesting, exciting novelty and I also knew it was data I wouldn't feel safe trusting with a for-profit org - with broken systems like law enforcement and health insurers on speed dial and just salivating for the goodies they collect.

    So all that considered, any groups that provide this type of service that you do trust/use, and why?

    Can't remember name of an old Android app... help!

    Hey all, I used to use a to do app and can't remember name, it was very distinct though, please help!

    • visual aesthetic was of an IRL open paper journal (distinct touch: out had a coffee stain on upper corner of the paper)
    • extremely simple, text input on lines and a checkbox to complete (animation of pen crossing by hand would play IIRC)
    • only option besides complete/delete was to move to "tomorrow". Then when you flipped the page (animation) you'd see the next day's tasks.
    • only looked at today and tomorrow in favor of simplicity
    • For some reason, I want to think it was just called "today" or "tomorrow".

    Any ideas?

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