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Winklevoss twins say they each donated $1M in bitcoin to Trump
  • No one needs to be educated on Bitcoin. It’s like 15 years-old, raises electricity bills, enables organized crime, and is too volatile to be a currency. Developers know blockchain is too slow to ever be valuable beyond a few very niche use cases. What else is there to learn?

    If anything, Bitcoin fans need to be educated on economic history — maybe start with the free banking era — so they’d know why central banks were created in the first place. But to do that, they’d have to read real textbooks instead of screeds containing dozens of long discredited economic theories. It’s just a modern version of right wing goldbuggism.

  • What games did you have a good time with that you just never finished?
  • Nah, Zelda games don’t typically save once you beat them. You get a little star on your save file, I think, but otherwise, it drops you back to the save right before you fought Ganon so you can do all the side quests if you want. (If you’re a completionist, good luck finding all 1000 Korok seeds.)

    I found the first half of master mode to be really fun too. Eventually, you level up enough that it’s not that much harder but at first, you have to basically play in stealth mode and avoid fights or use trickery. (Eventually, you level up enough that it’s almost easier because the monsters are all stronger and it’s easier to get good weapons/shields.)

  • What games did you have a good time with that you just never finished?
  • Honestly, the point of BoTW isn’t the ending. It’s much more about the adventure and exploration. I turned off all the HUD stuff and just enjoyed exploring the world. By the time I fought Gannon, it was trivial because of how powerful Link had become.

    But it was worth beating it because

    Tap for spoiler

    after Gannon and finishing the main DLC quests, you get a sick dirt bike and get to tear ass around Hyrule like it’s an open world Mario Kart.

  • Second Canadian scientist alleges brain illness investigation was shut down
  • I don’t know anything about New Brunswick but according to Wikipedia, “A powerful corporate concentration of large companies in New Brunswick is owned by the Irving Group of Companies.”

    They own all types of companies, most of them heavy industry with lots of pollution, but also lots of media outlets. And also:

    “In 2016, the National Observer released an eight-part investigation on the family called House of Irving. It looked at many parts of the businesses including the expansion into Maine, its media monopoly, how they intimidate their critics and issues within the family.“

    I’m no Scooby Doo but I think that’s where I’d start my investigation.

  • Trump ally Bannon asks the Supreme Court to delay his 4-month prison sentence on contempt charges
  • Trump (or any other president) can’t issue pardons for state-level crimes, only federal crimes. So, if you’re friends with any presidents, make sure to only do crimes in DC (which isn’t a state for anyone not familiar with America’s absurd system).

  • Israel ready for ‘all-out war’ in Lebanon
  • I think if they do a full-blown invasion, they’ll find out that Hezbollah (and quite possibly the regular Lebanese military) is a much bigger, experienced, and sophisticated enemy than Hamas. Also, an invasion of Lebanon could easily attract third parties (like Syria-based militias or even other countries).

    If it’s a limited, restrained operation to create a buffer zone, it might not lead to escalation. There’s apparently a peace deal on the table that would accomplish just that but Hezbollah wants Israel to agree to the “ceasefire for hostages” deal in Gaza first.

    But let’s not forget that Netanyahu is going to jail on corruption charges as soon as he isn’t prime minister. He’s alienated everyone except the extremist parties on the right so, ultimately, they’ll be able to control policy just by threatening to leave the fragile coalition government. So, I don’t know if I’d bet on a limited, restrained operation.

  • Louisiana orders Ten Commandments poster in every classroom
  • Our new governor — I live in Louisiana — is a complete jackass who said he can’t wait to get sued over this. He knows it’s unconstitutional and just wants attention.

    Also, there’s not one version of the 10 Commandments. Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Jews, etc. all have different versions. The one that the law requires was written by the Fraternal Order of Eagles in 1954 and Cecil DeMille raised funds to have them donate monuments to cities around the country as marketing for the movie Ten Commandments. So, it’s not even historic.

  • A Russian court has sentenced a U.S. soldier to nearly 4 years in prison
  • Black's conviction has presented another challenge for U.S. authorities already working to gain the release of several Americans in Russian jails on what the White House says are spurious charges.

    Does it? He isn’t a political prisoner. It sounds like he’s a horny, apparently violent dumbass who secretly went to Russia against military rules (and common sense) and then did crimes.

  • Trump confidant Roger Stone caught on tape talking about Mar-a-Lago judge and the real reason trial delays matter
  • One of the funniest Twitter moments was when the FBI arrested Roger Stone and [American football player] Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson teeeted, “FBI arrested my neighbor Roger before my morning jog, I've only seen shit like that in movies, crazy to start to my Friday.”

    I think more people learned about it from people sharing that Tweet than from any news organization.

  • The Condiment Wars
  • My favorites are cocktail sauce and creole mustard. Cocktail sauce has ketchup in it and creole mustard is a type of mustard but it’s pretty different from typical yellow mustard.

    Both also have horseradish and I also love “horseradish sauce” (sometimes aka “prime rib sauce”) which is basically mayo, sour cream, and horseradish. So, I might just really like horseradish.

  • Send all the Marines to the Pacific, a top Trump adviser says
  • I love the “spend smarter” bullshit when the Pentagon has failed 6 straight audits — and there have only been 6. The audits aren’t even hard to pass. There’s nothing about no-bid contracts, cost-plus contracts, or any Military-Industrial-Complex-related corruption.

    If we actually “spent smarter,” nearly a trillion dollars a year1 would be fucking plenty. It’s already twice as much as Russia and China combined.

    1 Probably over a trillion if you count the Department of Veterans Affairs, intelligence agencies, and other military-related things that aren’t under DoD.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch
  • I enjoyed the Link’s Awakening remake and Link Between Worlds on 3DS. It looks like it’s got a similar style as those games even if the gameplay might be different.

    It might also be setting up a full-blown BoTW-style game for Switch 2 as well. I could totally see this as a “Let’s work out how Zelda’s combat works because Switch 2 is going to have you play as both Link and Zelda.” Kind of like how GTA games have multiple protagonists now.

  • Columbia University’s student newspaper has an editorial about what transpired.


    Are there any Windows-exclusive programs you use?

    I had to test/fix something at work and I set up a Windows VM because it was a bug specific to Windows users. Once I was done, I thought, “Maybe I should keep this VM for something.” but I couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t a game (which probably wouldn’t work well in a VM anyway) or some super specific enterprise software I don’t really use.

    I also am more familiar with the Apple ecosystem than the Microsoft one so maybe I’m just oblivious to what’s out there. Does anyone out there dual boot or use a VM for a non-game, non-niche industry Windows exclusive program?


    Lingonberry Pancakes

    Waitress: You folks ready?

    Dieter: I have lingonberry pancakes.

    Kieffer: Lingonberry pancakes.

    Franz: Three pigs in blanket.

    Woman: [asks for blueberry pancakes in German]

    Dieter: [translating] Lingonberry pancakes.


    Who are your favorite overlooked historical figures?

    Lots of people were way more important than history books give them credit for. Do you have a favorite?

    Mine are Ibn al-Haytham and Mansa Musa. For very different reasons. Ibn al-Haytham basically invented the scientific method. And Mansa Musa was such a baller that he caused inflation when he visited places.


    How much power do older mainframes need (if they're actually even run)?

    I’ve never worked with major enterprise or government systems where there’s aging mainframes — the type that get parodied for running COBOL. So, I’m completely ignorant, although fascinated. Are they power hogs? Are they wildly cheap to run? Are they even run as they were back in the day?


    Stalin the Tankie Engine

    I had Midjourney make Stalin the Tankie Engine.


    The Aristocrats!

    I found the least efficient way to get to the Linux CLI.


    Does Pi-Hole disrupt anything important?

    I ordered a Raspberry Pi 5 so I have a Pi 3 that’s about to be redundant. I haven’t used Pi-Hole so I was thinking it’d be good for that but I’m curious if there’s any downsides for users. Are sites blocked if you dont whitelist them? That sort of thing.

    Basically, I’m not worried about me having issues but I’m worried about a maintenance headache if friends and family can’t access things.


    Can Far Cry 5 be played stealthily?

    This weekend, I watched a 13 year-old play Far Cry 5 and the game just seemed like wave after wave of enemies to shoot or blow up (or hit with a shovel). But he also has the patience of a 13 year-old and has no concept of beating a stealth mission by throwing a rock or waiting for a guard to turn around.

    It made me curious: does Far Cry 5 have a hidden “GTA police level” system where violence begets violence? Or is the gameplay always basically a shoot ‘em up like Asteroids?


    Does Elon Musk (or CEO Linda) know about FedNow? The Fed this summer will take another step in developing a digital currency

    The Federal Reserve will release a research paper this summer that explores a move to a central bank digital currency.

    The Fed this summer will take another step in developing a digital currency

    The Federal Reserve has already launched a small test of near-instantaneous financial transactions. Every time they talk about payments as a future feature of X/Twitter, I wonder if they know that’s getting Sherlocked.