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Drake's Security Guard Seriously Injured After Shooting at Rapper's Toronto Home
  • I still think that Drake knows he lost the diss track battle, so he's gonna really try and do some damage by shooting up his own house and vandalizing the OVHO shop to try and blame Kendrick and cause him legal trouble. You know he doesn't care about his people, he'll toss his own guys under the bus in a heartbeat.

    It's a bitch move tbh

  • Anyone else?
  • Not necessarily, since we'd already thought he died once before, so it might've even been confusing and some people would've been saying he might still be alive and might come back again. The gore of it drives it home in the most unmistakeable way, which is what really makes all the risks realistic from then on.

    Remember, the whole point is the real monsters are the people, not the zombies.

  • Anyone else?
  • I think the connection to the cast that the viewers had at that point was exactly what made the scene so impactful. Many other deaths that seemed just as brutal didn't hit as hard, and aren't even mentioned whenever the topic comes up. The implied death before then with the "Never mind, he's still alive!" was really where I felt insulted, and might've been another reason for his death to feel more real when it actually happened so vulgarly.

    Taking it out on the whole team seems a bit much, though.