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The wealth of the 1% just hit a record $44 trillion
  • We have to take back that wealth. Right this is the reason why we have not the lifes we deserve. That are the funds that were siphoned off from our society. The people created this worth. Not some guys at the top.

  • Climate change is altering Earth’s rotation enough to mess with our clocks
  • Abstract

    The historical association of time with the rotation of Earth has meant that Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) closely follows this rotation1. Because the rotation rate is not constant, UTC contains discontinuities (leap seconds), which complicates its use in computer networks2. Since 1972, all UTC discontinuities have required that a leap second be added3. Here we show that increased melting of ice in Greenland and Antarctica, measured by satellite gravity4,5, has decreased the angular velocity of Earth more rapidly than before. Removing this effect from the observed angular velocity shows that since 1972, the angular velocity of the liquid core of Earth has been decreasing at a constant rate that has steadily increased the angular velocity of the rest of the Earth. Extrapolating the trends for the core and other relevant phenomena to predict future Earth orientation shows that UTC as now defined will require a negative discontinuity by 2029. This will pose an unprecedented problem for computer network timing and may require changes in UTC to be made earlier than is planned. If polar ice melting had not recently accelerated, this problem would occur 3 years earlier: global warming is already affecting global timekeeping.

  • TIL that a short film named "100 Years" starring John Malkovich was shot in 2015, destined to be released in the year 2115

    100 Years is apparently a short film. Rodriguez stated in a 2019 interview:

    > I was making several short films for them, and I finished that one first, we shot that one first, I thought that was gonna be a commercial or something. And then I showed them the movie and they said "Yeah, that's great, that's great. That's the one we lock away." And I said, "What? That's the one you lock away? What about the other one with the future..." "No, that's the commercial."


    I found out while watching an Interview with Claudio Miranda and after that checking his Filmography section on Wikipedia

    Compact view without […] on long titles

    After the recent update the compact view is unusable for reading news boards, where nearly every post has more than two lines of text and the new memmy app cuts them off with a […] in the end. Can we please get the option to allow multi line titles in the compact view again? I am now only able to read the full headlines with deactivated coompact view which is annoying as I want to read the headlines not have a small preview image for every news.

    Thank you.

    Deutschlandfunk Nova Podcast: Wehrhafte Demokratie - Wie gut ist unser Rechtssystem gegen Angriffe geschützt? Wie gut ist unser Rechtssystem gegen Angriffe geschützt?

    Medien, Wahlrecht, Rechtssystem: Wie gut unsere Demokratie gegen Eingriffe von rechts gewappnet ist, dazu Rechtswissenschaftlerin Michaela Hailbronner.

    Wie gut ist unser Rechtssystem gegen Angriffe geschützt?

    Medien, Wahlrecht, Rechtssystem: Wie gut unsere Demokratie gegen Eingriffe von rechts gewappnet ist, beschreibt die Rechtswissenschaftlerin Michaela Hailbronner.

    Any chance to block localized ads in Podcast?

    Since a couple of month the amount, duration and volume of localized ads in my Podcast App has become a really annoying factor. You listen to a serious or even sad topic of a very personal story about death, just to get all the sudden interrupted by a squeeky fast food voice talking about some food or insurance with the most distracting and off putting voice. Its so loud and mostly ends the podcast experience for me in that moment. Some of them do not even have a pay-per-listen model that I could in theory avoid them. A ad in the beginning and end, okay, but they are every 15 Minutes in some productions. Its getting Crazy! Enshittification reached Podcasting.

    I guess these localized ads are based on the IP I requested the download from, so I am wondering if there is a fix like a VPN downloading them from a really remote area, where no localized ad is available. Or if there is a player detecting those ads and skip them. I wish I could keep the habit of listening to podcast, but it has reached a point where it is nearly unbearable.

    Did anyone had any success circumventing those blasting audio ads while falling asleep?

    me_irl SamsonSeinfelder

    Magnifying Glass, Friction, ...

    "Unknown Error" on App start

    Since of yesterday evening, the Memmy App gives me an Error on startup (see image).

    I can see the app had an Update, so I guess it is related to that. On Init, I can see the background-image (dark orange with planet) and after a second the error pops up. When saying ok. There is a second error message with the same message. The longer I wait before I click it away, the more error messages there are to be clicked away. So I guess there is repeated request that is failing in the background.

    As soon as I clicked the error away, I can only see the default the App UI, with an empty center panel saying "Error loading content :( Retry". When waiting the error message will reappear after 2-4 seconds. When waiting, there are several (2-n) error messages stacked that has to be clicked away to get back to the empty panel.

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