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The Problem has Been Solved Problem Resolved

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Problem Resolved

Follow up to my last post , the problem has been resolved using a killbox. Admittedly, I had to reload several times before I got it right. So in about 5 out of 6 universes, the colony died.

YouTube is experimenting with server-side ads
  • A funny thing. I used the "Ad Nauseam" adblocker for a time. This adblocker's gimmick is that it clicks the ad while hiding it from the user to cause monetary damage to the advertiser. It also collects the ads and displays them in an "add vault". I did browse the add vault from time to time.

  • It would be a living nightmare
  • Eh, Levels bring a linear increase in strength and durability, while an effective attack doubles your damage output. So you'd need twice your opponents level to make up for type disadvantage. Of course, that's assuming you're fighting against a pokemon controlled by a human player. However, wild pokemon can't take full advantage of their type advantage.

  • The ongoing toxic fallout means that the sunblocker the mechanoids brought along won't cause any damage for the time being.

    Big Bad Wolf Thought
  • When interpreting the comic, I find it interesting to keep in mind that a wolf pack is a family unit, consisting of parents of children. So the wolf is taking the property for his family. The comic is advocating banditry, basically.

  • Big Bad Wolf Thought
  • What they're saying is that all rights are derived from force. The state that enforces your rights uses force to do so. This comic is mostly dunking on anarcho capitalists, in that they seemingly believe that property rights are magic.

  • FBI Arrests Man For Generating AI Child Sexual Abuse Imagery
  • Umm … That AI generated hentai on the page of the same article, though … Do the editors have any self-awareness? Reminds me of the time an admin decided the best course of action to call out CSAM was to directly link to the source.

    The image depicts mature women, not children.

  • Nope. No.
  • I see AI art as mostly a toy. As in, you can easily create nice looking pictures, but it falls flat when you want something specific. The thing with intellectual property is that currently, its necessary so that artists can be paid for their work, but it last way too long. I'd be in favor of limiting to twenty years since publication. This would allow artists to monetize their work, even handsomely, if they produce something outstanding, but it would stop cultural landlords like Disney from arising.

  • bUt BoTh SiDeS dA sAmE
  • Technically the “both sides are the same” thing should refer to the fact that both sides are focusing on getting power in order to further their agenda (usually policy)

    You can't do anything without power.

  • Twitter/ is now forcing you to disable Firefox's Enhance Tracking Protection.
  • I think it is called the network effect. People are still using Twitter because the messages they want to see are being posted there, and those messages are being posted there because that's where the audience is. So, basically, people are locked in.

    This also means that any loss in user count has a double effect, as not only users are lost, but the utility of the service for the remaining users decreases. So, what I'm saying is, if Elon continues this way, at some point there will be a large exodus of users from Twitter, as each loss of users reduces the utility of Twitter further, triggering a chain reaction.

    Of course, we can't know when that happens, and since we're both on Lemmy, we've already self-selected as people with little tolerance for enshittification.

  • Single Issue Voters will save the world!
  • If Trump wins, funding for Israel will increase, and even more Palestinians will die. So basically, you're valuing your purity over human lives. Which is quite fascist, if you think about it.

  • When sacrificing the child, use a dagger made from obsidian. Cut upward from below the sternum, then force the rib cage apart. Push the lungs aside with your hands, then cut out the heart with your ritual dagger. Hold the heart up to the cheering crowd, and then place it in an earthen vessel in honor of the gods. Kick the body down the steps of the temple pyramid.

  • Small farm house with forge

    Game is "Vintage Story". It's similar to Minecraft, but slower paced.


    Using the Create mod as part of the 'All the Mods 8' Modpack, I build a bread factory. The contraption on the right automatically harvests the wheat. The wheat is separarated from the wheat seeds using a brass tunnel. At this point, half the wheat is stored in a chest to be used as animal feed. The wheat is fed into a millstone, which turns it into flour. Flour is a feature unique to the create mod, and it allows for more efficient bread baking. By mixing the flour with water in a mixer, dough is created, which is then baked in the automatic oven, which utilizes the feauture bulk blasting to turn dough into bread. This allows creating one bread from one unit of wheat. The entire machine is powered using a large water wheel. One way to improve the machine would be to make the farming area larger, currently, 60 plants are growing at the same time, making the area 11 * 11 instead of 9 * 9 would increase the number of crops being fed into the machine. Also, I should probably decorate the bakery as well.


    Small workshop (Create Mod)

    A small workshop with 2 machines, build using the Create Mod as part of the 'AllTheMods8' modpack. I like how the energy logistic looks naturally more interesting compared to other tech mods.