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What opinions do you have that you consider (shallow && pedantic)?
  • Likely the first one. But honestly, this should be the new spelling.

  • The word "slyly" looks very aesthetically pleasing. What are other handsome words (any language)?
  • Of course I won't. I don't even pee in the streets anyways.

    I will respect Zzyzx.

  • The word "slyly" looks very aesthetically pleasing. What are other handsome words (any language)?
  • That's actually hilarious. I never knew about this until now.

  • Bella Hadid's Adidas advert dropped after Israeli criticism
  • Of course they do. And I say it's stupid.

  • Opinions on Snapchat
  • Everyone I know that uses Snapchat only uses it to take pictures with filters, and save them to the gallery.

    I really don't care about it, and I don't think I ever will.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Whoever that person is, they definitely exist. We just haven't seen them (and we probably never will since they're drown in downvotes immediately).

    But they'll probably stop liking Google once they learn about the whole "collecting data and selling it to advertisers" thing.

  • Bella Hadid's Adidas advert dropped after Israeli criticism
  • It's a model. She wasn't even involved in the 11 Israeli deaths at the 1972 Olympics. So why chase after her?

    Is simply being born and raised in Palestine/by Palestinian parents a bad thing now? This is just the Eric Saade situation all over again.

  • CrowdStrike IT outage affected 8.5 million Windows devices, Microsoft says
  • Y2K, delayed 24 years, 7 months, and 19 days.

    What worries me even more is that something pretty similar could happen to 32-bit devices in 2038.

  • Staffers Were Told Biden Was Leaving Race In Email Telling Them to Check X
  • Telling Them to Check X

    I didn't know Biden hid treasure somewhere in the world, and now he basically wants his staffers to be pirates looking for the X? Now this is getting a lot more exciting.

    Oh wait, politicians can't have fun.

  • Why is Google takeout so bitchy?
  • It's bad because they don't want you to use it, but they made it exist so that they don't get sued by the European Union.

  • Trump calls Project 2025 ‘seriously extreme,’ claims he knows nothing about plan
  • Knowing that Project 2025 is extreme is knowing SOMETHING about it, which is also not nothing.

    Checkmate, Trump.

  • Bas Schouten: "If you are 'completely anti-ads' (i.e. even if their implementation is private), you probably use an ad blocker. So are unaffected by this." - Mastodon
  • I just hope ad blockers don't simply stop working (and by extension, existing) simply because multiple websites have started blocking the blockers (looking at you, YouTube).

    I guess for small independent websites that run ads, I sorr of understand why I need to disable ad blockers, but for a website like YouTube, owned by an advertising giga-company, that's just stupid.

  • How many seconds in eternity?
  • 1 eternity = all the seconds

  • Trump donations to Kamala Harris in 2014
  • Little did he know she was coming to bite him. Now is she gonna beat him, we don't know yet.

  • Breaking News!
  • Most professional open letter of all time. /s

  • "How old am i" and "where are my pants"
  • When I woke up, I thought it was Monday.

    It is 1:18am by the time I'm writing this in my timezone, so it is indeed Monday right now (at least where I am).

  • Kids and their computers these days.
  • I wonder why my computer still has yet to contract Covid.

    Wait, isn't that a good thing?

  • James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher


    This random scene from an Extra in Exile video about dead countries.

    The scene shows up at about the 4:52 mark. I just thought it was funny.



    Is the Windows Subsystem for Linux worth it?

    I've had a pretty poor experience with it myself, so I wanna see what the Linux community thinks about this.


    YouTube does this "suggested video" thing now

    Just... why??



    Why are videos in 576p resolution not supported by YouTube?

    Screen resolution settings go from 480p straight to 720p, with no 576p. I kept wondering why for years.


    If I have already signed up to a specific server, and want to change which server I'm signed up to, how can I do that without deleting my account?

    The title says it all.


    One hundred trillion Zimbabwean dollars.

    Screenshot is from a video by Global Things on YouTube. I kinda have to say this, because f*** plagiarism.



    Why does the Android version of Jerboa not send me notifications whenever I get a reply?

    This is just a concern I had with the client. Back during the good ol' Reddit days, I get notified about a post/comment reply immediately when it happens. I have since left that website, and for some reason I don't know why this isn't a feature yet.

    And yes I have tried Connect for Lemmy, I had major problems with that app.


    One VERY cursed face

    This guy has always scared me as a kid



    How difficult was it for you to abandon a social media website for a fediverse alternative?