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Hello Gordon.

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Any Volunteers
  • Don't we all.

  • Anon lives with their parents
  • College. COLLEGE.

  • Siphonophorae are natures little horrors.
  • Oh, but there is. Mainly in that, based on what we know about them, which is very little, that is an infant.

  • Siphonophorae are natures little horrors.
  • Some kind of deep sea jellyfish. I'm scared.

  • PSA: Do not approach the wildlife.
  • But what if the bison wants to take a selfie?

  • Anon can’t have a factual argument
  • The more I see, the more I want to burn the internet.

  • We're all a little crazy
  • I'm pretty sure the reason we even came up with this is because of a treatment to epilepsy, which the treatment is literally cutting the connection between the two segments of the brain.

  • We're all a little crazy
  • I think this has been proven, kinda.

  • In retaliation to the Pit bull haters,
  • Your right. One of them is my friends. I never claimed both were mine.

  • In retaliation to the Pit bull haters,
  • Yes there is. [email protected] is in here and says that a poodle has attacked him.

  • In retaliation to the Pit bull haters,
  • Japanese hornet was an invasive species to the Americans and thus was removed, but it's not being exterminated in mass in Japan and other areas the hornets call home. And for you to say that because an animal isn't human is basically saying it has no soul and doesn't feel emotions, or at least that how you come across.

  • My dog hasn't eaten anything for 2-3 days.
  • Cause the vet said the same thing as my dad, it probably getting close to time, but he said that before he stopped eating.

  • In retaliation to the Pit bull haters,
  • Do you know what a snake is?

  • In retaliation to the Pit bull haters,
  • Your dog as absolutely beautiful.

  • In retaliation to the Pit bull haters,
  • Thank you, and yes, your absolutely right. Any dog is capable of violence, but I think the reason pitbulls have this reputation is because many people want them as an attack/defense dog and don't actually know how to care for them in a way that keeps them calm.

  • In retaliation to the Pit bull haters,
  • Might wanna check the comments again.

  • In retaliation to the Pit bull haters,
  • I did not call everyone a dog rasict, I called the person say it was good that pitbull were being put down in the UK a dog rasict. But by your logic, we should have killed all Germans in WW2 because Germany was the home on the Nazi party and killed millions of people, but that's wrong because not every Germany killed a person. And to say that we should kill something because it's "in there nature" is harmful to all life because it sets an unrealistic expectation of what it is like. I'm not gonna deny that pitbulls attack people, but a dog rarely attacks people for nothing, and often the reason is out of fear or abuse.

  • In retaliation to the Pit bull haters,
  • There are tons of people who own raccoons and squirrels. There was literally a president that had a pet racoon. And to assume a dog is inherently evil for being abused for centuries is wrong. Bull terriers were breed for pit fights but they're rarely associated with that kind if violence. Borzoi's were breed for hunting wolves yet we never hear about them being violent.

  • In retaliation to the Pit bull haters,
  • YES. FINALLY SOMEONE AGREES. Proper care of a dog and understanding its behavior is key to stopping accidents like maulings.

  • My dog hasn't eaten anything for 2-3 days.

    My dog hasn't eaten anything for days and I've tried everything. He stopped eating his chicken and soft food, he won't eat any vegetables that I try to give him, he'll barely lick peanut butter, and refuses to have treats. I'm literally trying to feed him bacon at this point, but I don't think it's gonna do anything. He's 15 and my dad is saying he's probably dying. This has all progress over a week.


    (Troubleshooting) Filament runout detector not working.

    Hey, my printer recently stopped working saying the filament ran out even though it was still in for use. I checked the sensor and sure enough it was worn down, so I replaced it. But now I'm getting the same message even though I just replaced the sensor and all the wires are connected back to the sensor and printer. If it helps any, I use a longer 5 pro.


    "Content not available"?

    My youtube revanced has just stop working and everytime I try to play a video, I get a message saying the content isn't available because the version of YouTube is outdated. I've gone down the rabbit hole a little and can't figure out what to do. I have Uninstaller and reinstalled ReVanced with the latest apk and installed the microG support, but nothing has helped. I even went to trying ReVanced extended and get the same problem.


    Do I have Burnout?

    I really just need to talk about this to someone. I'm in college and I've always loved to learn, but now I don't feel motivated do my school work or to study, but at the same time, when a test roles around and I don't know how to answer the questions I get stressed and care about trying to do well. I've also always beaten myself over the head about having good grades, my parents never had to push me to do good in school. I'm just so stressed about it, the semester is ending soon, and I'm scared I'm gonna fail 2 classes which will be then first time I've ever failed a class.


    This is probably a dumb question, but if we eliminate the hydrophobia caused by rabies, would it increase the survival rate of active rabies?

    I've been learning some about rabies and learned about rabies causing hydrophobia. This is just a theory, I'm not saying I know anything about this topic to be knowledgeable, but if we could get someone with rabies to not fear water, could they survive?

    shitposting Dr. Coomer

    You can only repost this once

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    > rule

    Steam Dr. Coomer

    Is it just me or is Valve shooting themselves in the foot?

    The amount of discounts and severity of said discounts turns what is a 20-60 dollar game into a 2-10 dollar game, and valve has been doing this constantly. I'm not complaining, because I get more games for less like you could back in 1970, but it's almost concerning how much Valve is doing this.

    ADHD Dr. Coomer

    Do I need to change my medication?

    Recently, my doctor mentioned that we might want to start thinking about changing my medication (I'm taking Ritalin I think) for my work load as it may not be what I'll need to focus. I've also been having massive mood swings lately, had 2 panic attacks or got overestimated, my mind will completely blank out when I need to think, I'm having trouble talking when I get frustrated, and I've been agitated, and this seems to happen when I take my meds. Am I taking too much or do I need to change the meds?


    The Crash at Crush and intentinal train crashing.

    Intentional train crashing was a big spectical that would literally bring hundreds of thousands of people to watch 2 locomotives drive at high speed towards eachother, and it's one of the coolest things I've ever heard of. However, the Crash at Crush was what really put the spectical in the public mind, hosted by William Crush (yes, the town was named after William Crush), and quite literally at the time had approximately 400,000 people travel from a cross Texan to view this, meaning that for a moment, Crush was the third biggest city in Texas by population, beaten only by Houston and Dallas.


    Who, in your opinion, is the most annoying character in any game?

    Personally, it's Faith from Farcry 5 for me. Uninteresting dialog that can be summed up to "I was bullied once" and that's it. Literally every other character is so much more interesting. Jacob gives you a sequence where you run through a gulag which he then uses against you, John tries to kill you and is openly hateful towards you plus is a character you get to interact with, and Joseph is a lunatic who was right.


    How do I get property buyers to stop harassing me?

    The same company has been harassing for the better part a year now wanting to buy a property I don't own. I have filled a DO NOT CALL registration, I have blocked their numbers multiple times, I have told them to stop calling and to remove my name from their list, and now I'm getting maybe 1 or 2 calls a day and multiple texts.


    Medieval MMA

    A form of MMA where opportunities wear full sets of medieval style armor and weild shields and swords or other weapons. This sport is on the rise and is (obviously) inspired by the combat of the medieval ages, with even the brutality and intensity still being present. And despite the amount of possible injuries, which include but are not limited to: broken bones, concussions, broken/cracked/shattered skulls, and more, this does not deture people from participating, including those who have received lasting injuries.


    Inverse Rig has broke

    I'm trying to rig a human model and it's mostly worked, but when I move the target bone it wants to fly around. Why is this happening?


    Blender won't launch

    I've been trying to fix this problem for about a week now and can't figure out what to do. I got the error "Failed to replace function free in module ucrtbase.dll", went to blender forum for help and was told to open console and change TBB_MALLOC_DISABLE_REPLACEMENT=1, but wasn't given any real explanation on how to open the console.