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Anon has nerdy hobbies
  • Rules of acquisition number 30: There are no huMON feeeemales on the internet.

  • Just asking for my own curiosity.

    As you all know Valve's two major fps games (CS2 and TF2) suffer from major cheating and botting issues. Would you trust and accept if Valve implemented a kernel level anti-cheat just like Valorant's Vanguard or FaceIT?

    A System Shock meme in 2024?
  • The CEO says afterward that he might have other uses for the Hacker.

  • When I die, turn me into soup
  • I am just looking for an excuse to put on a maid outfit.

  • When I die, turn me into soup
  • Do you want me to put on a maid outfit too, huh? Lazy bastard.

  • Every single person in this post is a fucking lunatic
  • In a British accent: "Do none of you own a fucking kettle!?"

  • "If you go to comic con with a B5 cosplay, you will die." -Ambassador Kosh
  • He is probably jealous of the Starship Troopers guy who got popular again because of Helldivers 2. The Firefly guy is probably playing a shooter arcade with his laser revolver and the Battlestar Galactica guy is piss out drunk.

  • "If you go to comic con with a B5 cosplay, you will die." -Ambassador Kosh
  • G'Kar is one of the greatest sci-fi characters I have ever seen. Andreas Katsulas did an amazing job with the character's amazing writing. G'Kar has so many amazing quotes, and every word he speaks is so very poetic. This one is my personal favorites.

  • We should have taken it more seriously.
  • Basically: Anti-Terrorist agent gets instructed not to talk to terrorist, talks to terrorist and becomes a terrorist.

  • Your Brain Waves Are Up for Sale. A New Law Wants to Change That.
  • Finally, we can be safe from thought criminals.

  • What is your opinion?
  • I want my wife to fuck me.

  • Please... post memes to sourcememes... please...
  • Sorry I have bad England.

  • Aperture employee is more like a skeleton in my eyes tbh.
  • I would donate my earthly existence to science any day!

  • Anon is in love
  • She is real to me.

  • Happy Rule
  • There is one more pie but I am embarrassed to say it.

  • called-out rule
  • Jensen

  • Happy eclipse day everyone.
  • May we all see the mauntain that lies behind the veil.

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