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Evolution of Hokusai's "Great Wave" (1792-1831)
  • note that Japanese read pictures from right to left, while Western readers read left to right. Westerners view the last image as an awesome wave and usually miss the boats, while Japanese viewers relate to the boats first and then feel how doomed they are.

  • Russia lacks 'numbers for strategic breakthrough' in Ukraine: NATO
  • geography. The current borders of Russia dont have enough natural barriers to secure from land invasion with their troop level. if they could expand to reach more natural barriers then they can defend the remaining barriers. this strategy hasnt changed in ages. its becoming more obvious that russia cant achieve this with what they currently have on their own. if say north korea and/or china and others pitch in, the math changes.

  • the video loading icon is covering the video and unnecessary

    when watching an embedded video in avelon, its streaming smoothly while buffering, but the spinning loading icon is in the middle of the screen, blocking the view.

    the yellow progress bar is already indicating the buffering, so couldnt we just remove the loading icon so we can see the content?

    CassetteFuturism Num10ck
    Corner office is an elevator

    Thought you guys would appreciate this

    battery drainer?

    When using voyager app via testflight i'm noticing my battery usage is heavy, the % drains rather quickly. Are you guys noticing this too? i turned off 'allow background usage' on testflight and that didnt help.

    6 Brubaker Box Van

    Inspired by the VW Minibus, the Brubaker Box was conceived by designer Curtis Brubaker as a fiberglass kit that bolted onto a Beetle chassis. Only a handful was made before production ceased, and the design has gone on to become...

    Brubaker Box Van

    The Brubaker Box Van.. would you rock an EV remake like this?

    ignore errors?

    Hey loving Wefwef so far, great work! Whenever I post something or upvote something i get an error message saying it failed, but it seems like it didn't actually fail? Should I just ignore it? Would devs prefer we report bugs somehow?

    and why do i HAVE to include a photo to post??

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