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‘Embarrassingly simple’ probe finds AI in medical image diagnosis ‘worse than random’
  • Not defending this article, but companies & big tech are generalizing the crap out of AI right now, and forcing it into everything.

    They could have (and definitely should've) promoted the strengths and weaknesses of their models, specifically regarding what it can and can't do. But they don't. They get more money when their shareholders & customers think it's the next best thing for everything.

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, everyone is using IPv6, why aren't you?
  • IPv4 isn't depreciated, it's exhausted. It's still a key cornerstone of our current internet today.

    We still have "modern" hardware being deployed with piss-poor IPv6 support (if any at all). Until that gets fixed, adoption rates will continue to be low. Adding warnings will only result in annoying people, not driving for improvement.

  • Horizon IT scandal: BBC challenges former Post Office lawyer
  • I'm assuming now that the Post Office is under criminal investigation for fraud, the mutual assistance act between UK and Australia might be used to compel her instead? Especially considering Vennels pointed the blame at her.

    Assuming, of course, that the investigators deem her an important cog in the scandal too.

  • Junior Doctors announce five day strike before election – Channel 4 News
  • It's targeted to bring the issue to the forefront of people's minds before they vote.

    They're not trying to negotiate with the current government, they're trying to gain support from the people voting the next government in, hoping they'd vote for a party sympathetic to their cause.

  • Sony cancelled the PSN account linking requirement for Helldivers 2
  • Using a password manager would avoid this. Everyone should ideally use unique passwords per service, that way a single account can't compromise the others.

    The loss of personal data however is fricking annoying. If a company has no legitimate reason, I avoid signing up to them.

    Looking at you Nvidia, Razar, etc...

  • UK Petition: Require videogame publishers to keep games they have sold in a working state
  • Whilst I agree in the spirit of the petition, the wording isn't great.

    Server infrastructure has significant opex costs to run & maintain - it's impractical to demand publishers to keep them alive, especially if the running cost far exceeds the player demand & potential revenues. What happens if that publisher goes bust? What happens if a significant security vulnerability is found?

    Might be better to have legislation for software publishers (not just games) to both plan & implement a sunsetting strategies when they intend to retire software.

    Eg. If the online component was just performing license checks, make software publishers remove the DRM. If it's to host a DLC store, release all DLC items for free & remove the store. If its for multi-player mechanics, release both the client & server software as limited open-source license so the community can maintain those assets going forward.

  • Who designs a easter egg box like this?
  • The box was clearly designed for a larger egg. The fact they made the image the same size doesn't neglect the fact that shrinkflation has occurred.

    The only reason the box size hasn't changed is to fool buyers on the potential size of the egg. If it was box was correctly sized, most people would have selected a different egg.