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rescued this lil' guy
  • Aww what you got in your little mouth huh? A helpless girl?🥰 Cuuuuute! I love you little guy ❤️

  • I call it a Looky Lou. Can you guess what children's book inspired me?

    Sorry for the glare making it hard for you to play along. I’ll have to take better pics. I came up with the idea last year, but I live on a dead end street. Then my cousin said I could put it at his house. He was helping me glue in the pieces when the concept of it finally clicked for him and he got so excited about what clues you could give to search for and things to put inside. It’s so fun. I went to the Goodwill “bins” and just filled up a box with every little object I could find. The pieces are hot glued in place just in case the box rattles. Maybe in a few months we can change the sign so you have to find new things. I can also remove entire shelves or maybe just pop off the toys. Hot glue comes off easy enough.

    I live in Portland and would love to make another and find someone around willing to host it in their yard. So if you’re interested let me know.

    Pickling cucumbers growing so well this year
  • Neat! I’ll give it a go then. I think I’ll have plenty of cukes this year

  • Pickling cucumbers growing so well this year
  • I don’t understand what’s happening here. Help.

  • Pickling cucumbers growing so well this year
  • Yum! Hook us up with a recipe please!

  • Pickling cucumbers growing so well this year
  • No I don’t have one. In the past I have used the one in the Ball jar book and it’s been good. Fermented or vinegar? I’m not sure I guess what the difference is. I think I make a brine of salt and vinegar and then can them and leave them for a few months before they are ready. Is that fermented?

  • Pickling cucumbers growing so well this year

    This variety is called homemade pickles. I waiting until the first hot day of summer, which was June 8. I poured 1/2 cup of complete organic fertilizer into three spots each, then mixed it up with the soil. Then I billed those three spots up into low mounds 2 inches high and 18 inches wide. Then I watered the soil. After watering I pushed my fist deep into the middle of the hill and laid 5 seeds on top and sprinkled dry soil over. I DID NOT WATER until they sprouted, then I watered. As the days got hotter I laid down straw and watered wider and wider around avoiding the stem and the leaves. They just made the first male flower today. I’ll side dress fertilizer tomorrow. Hoping to can a years worth of pickles

    The plants in front of them are called huazontle, a Mexican vegetable related to lambs ears.

    If you suddenly found yourself teleported into a Minecraft world, how scared of dying would you be compared to before?
  • I’m digging a tiny hole and staying inside forever with occasional peeks outside to see if it day or night. Tell my wife I miss her

  • Rule
  • You read my mind!

  • Rule
  • Maybe! Is this like his third time getting it? I think?

    I’ve had it three times too

  • Rule
  • “… I’d still rather not”

  • What life hack is so simple yet so effective, you're shocked more people don't know about it?
  • I cut in half, and lay the half down flat. Then I cut off just the very end from each side which makes it easier to lift the peel off. Then slice. Usually works, but occasionally there’s difficulty. Isn’t that life?

  • Working with intimidating tools
  • I’ve been through this so I know how you feel. Here’s what I did with an old router table I inherited. I knew nothing about router tables at all when I got it. I didn’t even know how to set it up or use it. First I watched a safety video about it, and then a longer one about setting it up for use. I got my hands on it and became familiar with the parts while watching the videos. Then once I was aware of how the parts worked together I did a very careful test cut. It worked! And now I had just enough understanding to know which parts I needed, which parts were for safety, and I could now see potential problems like if something is too rusty or not spinning smooth.

    Just take it one step at a time is all I’m trying to impress on you. It’s not rocket science- you will figure it out. I’m sure you can still find replacement parts for anything broken or sharpen things or lubricate them.

  • Awnings: a simple cooling tech we apparently forgot about
  • Same here. But make it with like jute and bamboo with a thin gold trim and she would buy 2

  • What would you like for everyone to know about the type of job you have?
  • You can bring your phone into the X-ray room. Unless you’re getting a hip X-ray you can even keep it in your pocket. Keys and wallet too!

    All my patients are convinced that a phone can’t be in the pocket and I cannot even convince them otherwise. They don’t believe me!

  • Fake owl not working

    Humpback 'n Cheese
  • Why does this look so delicious to me? Chomp!

  • Toddler, 2, dies after shooting himself while left alone in a Walmart parking lot as his parents shopped for fireworks
  • Every word of that sentence made it worse. Flip those patents straight to heck

  • If you could create your own country, what would you name it?
  • Good names! They sound original and they could all pass as a country

  • 2024 France election live updates: Prime Minister Attal plans to resign as projections show leftists lead
  • Okay that clears up a lot. So if the President manages military and foreign relations, does the PM manage bureaus? Who creates the budget?

    Merci! This is well written. Good luck to you!

  • 2024 France election live updates: Prime Minister Attal plans to resign as projections show leftists lead
  • Thank you for the reply. Can you explain the bit about ‘dissolve the Parliament’? What does that entail?

  • I'm American and I think New Zealand has so many funny people and Australia has so few.

    Get it together, Aussies. EDIT: Australias population is 5x higher too? Explain yourselves!


    How to germinate and grow opium poppies

    I am making this post because after years of frustration, I have finally learned how to do it consistently. Most sources say that Papaver Somniferum needs to be cold stratified and have light to germinate and this is basically false. Forget about the cold part, that's completely unnecessary. Get a wet paper towel and squeeze out all the water. Lay it out and put the seeds on top. You can lightly mist the seeds but I don't think you have to. Put the paper towel with seeds on top into a ziploc and seal it. Put the bag on the counter in a bright room in your house. Not in direct sunlight, and keep it at room temp. The seeds will begin to open in 2-3 days.

    Then drop those seeds onto the soil in a large pot. Lightly sprinkle some soil over them. Put the pot outside and keep it moist by misting it gently. If it's too hot outside to keep the soil moist, you can put the pot in a shady spot. They will sprout in another 2 days. Then move into the sun.

    Poppies thrive on neglect. Don't overwater them, don't fertilize, and make sure that the soil drains very well. You don't want fertile soil for this. They would grow like dandelions out of a crack in the sidewalk and be happy. Just when they first begin to make buds, give them Calmag or something similar. I use lime and bonemeal.

    The poppies are the most potent 10-14 days after the petals drop off. Look for a brown line to appear just under the round part of the pod. Look at the photo I posted. Do you see that brown line under the pod? That's NOT the one you're looking for. This brown line will appear ABOVE that line, right where the round pod tapers to it's 'neck'.

    For years I tried leaving them out all winter, or putting them in the fridge, and nothing worked nearly as well as this method. Now that you're growing them on your schedule you can grow them in 3 seasons. The seeds are easy to purchase online. Look for one called Lauren's Grape. It's beautiful. In the US it's legal to grow them, but illegal to harvest opium from them- so don't do that.


    Question about hybrid vegetables

    If hybrids produce seeds that aren’t ‘true-to-type’, then how do they keep making the same ones every year?


    My Hairy Manzanita is going through some things.

    What the heck? Is this normal?


    Let's have another friendly woodworking contest! Make your best planter box by August 1

    Thank you technomad and dubyakay for inspiring our third woodworking contest here. This contest will be to build a planter box or I guess a plant pot would work too.

    Submit your work as a post in this community by August 1 at the latest, and the post with the most votes will win. The image will be our new thumbnail picture and the user will be credited on our sidebar.

    I’ve noticed that posts often collect votes for up to like 3 days so I will wait until August 4 or something to announce the winner just to make sure everyone has had a chance to vote.

    Good luck everyone!


    TIL The candlefish is so rich in oils that when supplied with a wick it can be burned like a candle"


    The state of my garden right now

    Getting ready to change out the greens and garlic for cabbages and beets.


    I'm harvesting even more strawbs than last year I can't believe it


    "Select a size" when it's just standard paper towel roll. Literally the same way it's always been.

    Wow! New feature! Now you can CHOOSE how many paper towels you grab from the roll!


    June gardening tips from Portland Nursery June Gardening | Portland Nursery

    June Gardening at Portland Nursery and Garden Center in Portland, Vancouver, Lake Oswego.

    Web Comics NataliePortland

    Cheeky Bot


    Look at the fur on Basil's legs! I love it.


    TIL in the Carboniferous Period, no fungus existed to decompose trees. They just grew on top of each other up and up.

    The weight of the trees was so great that the ones on the bottom got squished and became coal. That’s where coal is from. Bonus fact: the whole time this was happening, sharks were hunting in the oceans. Sharks are older than trees and fungus!


    19 strawberry plants produced 2.5 gallons last year, looking great so far this year


    Bigleaf lupine


    My favorite little Oregon native corner 🥰 with wood sorrel, pacific bleeding heart, and sword fern


    visited the Alvord Desert where they broke the land speed world record with rocket cars

    This is in Oregon and there is a hot springs nearby. It’s worth seeing but for a better time check out the French Glen Hotel and Malhuer wildlife refuge.

    Also RIP Jessi Combs who died breaking the record.