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Typical japanese isekai plot

  • get some weird powers
  • get a wife or a few (but not too lovey-dovey)
  • get a dog or replacement pet
  • get a child replacement
  • choose 2:
    • travel the world
    • getting chased around by the wifes/a king, despite being literally a god
    • cook for a random noble
    • organize some game or event

Are there inverse filter lists for uBlock Origin?

uBO has documentation to so called Blocking modes. I myself go even a step further and disable Domain and Inline scripts by default, basically whitelist mode instead of blacklist (about 1/3 of pages work better that way, if you only want to read the fucking text).

Are there matching filter lists who enable scripts/content for respective domains, at least for medium and hard mode? some Webapps like microsofts are a pain to deal with manually, with all their redirects.


Why is there no USB-C (female) to mini-B (male) adapter?

I converted my cable park to a USB-C cable (male to male) and lots of adapers (the short sort you can keep in a box) years ago. Yet i have still some devices with a mini-B female port.

Only thing i found online are cables and everything else. Heck, there's even mini-DP > C and ethernet > C in that form factor.

To clarify, i look for something like this but mini-B instead of micro.

edit: Region is Swiss, Europe.

editedit: thanks guys, found one.


ulauncher extension dependencies

Like 'calculate-anything', needs simpleeval library:

``` ~$ pipx install simpleeval No apps associated with package simpleeval or its dependencies. If you are attempting to install a library, pipx should not be used. Consider using pip or a similar tool instead.

~$ pip install simpleeval error: externally-managed-environment × This environment is externally managed ╰─> To install Python packages system-wide, try pacman

~$ yay -Ss simpleeval aur/python-simpleeval 0.9... A simple, safe single expression evaluator library. ```

What to do, install from AUR?