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Would you support a mandatory retirement age of 75 for US House, US Senate & US Supreme Court Justices and if not why?
  • Which still leaves genetic degradation and a few more to solve. Aside from living standards, since most don't reach even 100. But maybe those cases who reach 120 without doing anything special are similiar cases to the super-healers of lung tissue, which never get cancer even with 2 packs cigare / day?

  • A Transport Protocol’s View of Starlink
  • Small detail:

    what is called the “Van Allen Belt”, thus deflecting solar radiation. Not only does this allow the earth to retain its atmosphere,

    Scientists figured out that upper layers of the atmosphere would create their own magnetic field, which is important for the impending pole reversal every few 100k years.

  • Steamworkshop dl function

    Thought i share it, since it came in handy lots as a GoG enjoyer.

    steamworkshop_dl() { steamcmd +login anonymous +workshop_download_item "$1" "$2" validate +quit mv -v "<path to your temp Steam folder>/steamapps/workshop/content/"$1"/"$2" "$PWD"/"$3" }

    Purpose: downloading Steam Workshop mod to $PWD with minimal work.

    Usage: steamworkshop_dl [game-id] [mod-id] [name]

    game-id is in the URL of the main workshop page, mod-id is in the URL of the mod

    To make usage simpler, create an alias with the game-id:

    alias stdl='steamworkshop_dl <game-id>' stdl <mod-id> 'that mod'

    Needs steamcmd. If download fails, try username and password instead of 'anonymous'.

    About MGRLU of oomkiller

    I have this in my /etc/sysctl.d/99-oomkiller.conf


    "Iron Reserve" that can not be consumed by rogue tasks

    vm.admin_reserve_kbytes = 1024000

    0 = extensive heuristic scan of joblist (system doesn't have the power for that, when oomkiller is needed). Can shoot the wrong task

    1 or more = kills the first task with condition "out of memory"

    vm.oom_kill_allocating_task = 1 ```

    Yet somehow i still got in a livelock. So i remembered nohang and found in it's readme about mgrlu. I found some documentation to it but it only provides runtime examples (already enabled but set to 0 on Artix, /sys/kernel/mm/lru_gen/min_ttl_ms should be 1000).

    How should i set this permanently, sysctl doesn't accept min_ttl_ms. Via kernel, via local.d script (non-systemd, dinit)?

    Why doesn't my config above work?

    Any recommendation to runtime-services? (earlyoom for my server i guess)

    0 The real reason men grow beards

    You might think all the facial hair you’re seeing on the street is a way of attracting a mate. It might not be so simple.

    The real reason men grow beards
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