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Human attributes for alien contact
  • Run alien Run!

  • To bad we never did give electoral reform a try before The Fall
  • The fact that the US elected (through a crazy system but anyway) a creepy tv "personality" is already bad but after all that you guys are going to do the same again?! And this time I would say you had a chance! You could yake biden out and choose a younger more popular person but he refuses to go. I would say it would take Michelle Obama going in the run for trump to lose, but i'm not even american idk

  • Phishing
  • Maybe not finacilly or legally but image wise it can. Depending on the company and the people involved a company can 100% loose a lot image wise and in consequence, money wise

  • Free him!
  • I'll find you and I'll kill you

  • If everyone is fired by AI, who's going to buy the products and services made by the companies if no one has money anymore?
  • The thing is, for AI to work we still need hardware, houses, food etc. Yes a lot of jobs will change but other new type of jobs will come.

    Remember at the end of the day AI can't do CPR

  • I have become all things to all men
  • crazy people vote 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Maybe it was someone from the future.
  • After seen the photo.of his bloody face I have to say, as a non american, i'm sorry for you guys and for ukrane (and the rest of the world of course, since this time things will be MUCH worst). I hope you can recover but idk if you have mich time. I don't think this wako can loose anymore

  • I just found out the popular coworker kicked me out of my workplace. Our of spite I'm thinking about rage applying and quitting or moving departments ASAP. Is this the right way to go?
  • Agreed. Also if you don't like her and was not fired than good for you! You were not happy anyway. You possibly may not get a transfer to other department but now you have more motivation to leave asap.

  • Do not approach! Clawed and dangerous'
  • Jango "Doc" Orange

  • Civilization's been nice, but I think it's high time we admit we're long past its peak.
  • "Are you happy? Is your family living in peace and harmony?! Shake things up a bit!"

  • Nihilist would give him one star
  • Imagine seen the light, feeling the peace and the BAM... an asshole saved your life. And he thinks he deserves 5 stars. The audacity

  • Maximum Prescription
  • How dare you?! That's my therapist

  • The sheer arrogance
  • lovely

  • The sheer arrogance
  • omg no!!!! I did scream and jumped, and slaped the roach far away. Then my cat killed it and left a mess for me to clean

  • The sheer arrogance
  • True story. I woke.up wirh touching my face, like intentionally trying to wake me up, when I opened my eyes she droped a LIVE cockroach In my face. I guess she was trying to warn me or give me.a gift but that was traumatic

  • i think I'd lose the running part
  • I would bet on you since sharks have very short legs

  • TIL Shrek is based on a very weird book What happened to Shrek’s laser-eyes?

    The original Shrek is weird, random — and typical for its author

    What happened to Shrek’s laser-eyes?

    Didn't even knew there was a shrek book, much less that he had laser-eyes. wtf the book looks better than the movie

    "Original Shrek smells so bad that trees lean away from him as he goes by, and he’s so ugly that he can cook food just by glaring at it, with an eye-laser effect that looks exactly like a colored-pencil version of Superman’s heat vision. Shrek also breathes fire and blows smoke out of his ears for fun."


    Perks of home office


    A spoiled princess pretending she is homeless

    She has 3 different huge cat trees, a cat donut, 2 comfy beds and can sleep anywhere she wants, from couches to our own beds....and I found her sleeping in the dirtiest place in the whole property on top of a cardboard box.


    Lego is the dad of games


    One year in and I still can't print things that don't break, but sometimes it does saves me some momey! Making the kids happy!

    The legs broke as always but now I just glue the pieces in and it's fine!


    30 UV led circuit

    Hello! I bought 30 simple UV leds (those with a big and a small leg, not a single strip). I'm trying to build a UV station to dry my resin but idk how to proceed. I tryed watching some videos but there is a lot of math to build that and I can't do it. I have 30 led lights, 5 resistors of 100 and 5 of 300. I wanted to use AA batteries. Do I need 8 of them?? Its not going to be turned on for long, just some 30 seconds at a time.

    Can someone help me?