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Plasma 6.1 is here!
  • now if they could finaly fix the KDE 5 / QT 5 dependency of kwayland-integration and i could get rid of that huge kf5 group i would be quite happy. thats the last package that prevents me from uninstalling a lot of otherwise unnecessary packages.

  • Many such cases
  • Depends on what you mean with not working. Get any errors? e.g. i like to test with vkcube (vulkan-tools need to be installed. don't know the package name on Nobara / Fedora). if gamescope vkcube runs, then its likely not a gamescope problem but one with the e.g. game you try to run or wine / proton.

    But the latest versions seem to be indeed a bit problematic. The last that works (mostly) flawless on my Arch is 3.14.2. So maybe worth a shot to downgrade to that if your current one fails with vkcube.

    Otherwise, it is probably a good idea to get in contact with the Nobara community or the developer. I hate to recommend Discord, but as far i know that is unfortunately the only place where they are active.

    And there is of course always the excellent Arch Wiki which is usuable for other distros as well:

  • A PR disaster: Microsoft has lost trust with its users, and Windows Recall is the straw that broke the camel's back
  • I don't think a casual user would in many cases even be able to tell the difference. I mean you have a desktop with some icons which most of people only use to start the browser which is absolutely identical in both systems.

    You have a start menu with other programs and you have a task bar which shows the open programs and some status icons and a clock.

    It is really not that different. Most people just start a browser and go on Facebook or eBay or whatever, use a simple word processor for the daily needs. I don't think they would be able to tell the difference.

  • HDR support for KDE Plasma 6 seems to be shaping up nicely

    While it's far from finished, and still needs some manual effort to get properly working, HDR support for KDE Plasma 6 has made great progress.

    HDR support for KDE Plasma 6 seems to be shaping up nicely

    Melissa Etheridge - "Yes I Am" 30th Album Anniversary Special

    She still got it :)


    Richard Stallman Reveals He has Cancer at GNU 40 year anniversary conference

    I wish Richard Stallmann all the best and many many more years to come.

    His reveal starts at timestamp 02:00.

    I wanted to link the original video from, but the server seems overloaded. I try to download it and host it on Peertube when i get the chance. For now i have to link a random source on Youtube unfortunately. (did not link to piped because that breaks the thumbnail..)


    ROCm Is AMD’s No. 1 Priority, Exec Says ROCm Is AMD’s No. 1 Priority, Exec Says - EE Times

    AMD’s Vamsi Boppana admits software is a journey, but the open-source community can "help bridge the gap."