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Experts Explain: Is Processed Food Healthier if It’s Vegan?
  • That's great for you, and it's also fine to want to eat fake meats, I just think that people are fooling them selves thinking that because it's "healthier" it means that they are actually inproving their diet in a meaningful way.

  • Self hosting is hard. How do you overcome?
  • Don't over think it, start small, a home server. Then add stuff, you will see that it's not that crazy.

    I personally have just one home server that locally creates encrypted backups and uploads them to backblaze.

    This gives me the privacy I need as everything is on my server that I own while also having the backups on a big reliable company.

    It's not perfect but it fits my threat model

  • Experts Explain: Is Processed Food Healthier if It’s Vegan?
  • Kind of a stupid question IMO.

    People should stop asking these questions, the answer should always be that if you care about health you shouldn't compare hamburgers, you should eat actually healthy things like a salad or whole wheat, tofu, etc.

    And yes, vegan burgers are "healthier" in the same way as getting shot in the leg is healthier then getting shot in the chest.

    And I am a vegan and agree that there should be awareness around the health benefits of it, just stop thinking that by eating vegan burgers you made some sort of step towards a healthy diet.

  • We Should Grow This Community
  • You can say that about anything...

    Sharing information, having a community to ask questions, share information and help each other decide if it's for them and help them with the process.

  • Vasectomy MTK

    We Should Grow This Community

    I just did a vasectomy, it went great, I was fully knocked out for the surgery, no pain at all.

    I just wish there were more active communities about this, I read that in the US alone there are about 500,000 vasectomies a year!

    And I wish there were more detailed stories about PVPD (Post Vasectomy Pain Disorder) since most of what I found were medical research and it does seem well researched with a current statistical estimate of 1-2% of cases, I would like to know how many were long lasting, how bad, were there signs and also just personal stories.

    Anyway, smell ya later!

    What open-source software would you like more people to know about?
  • I am surprised that no one mentions this.

    Firefly III this is an amazing financial tracking and budgeting tool that literally saves me so much time and money, I even donate monthly since it's so good and essential to me that I think it's only fair that the developer gets something back.

  • Imperial units people, Do you sometimes get confused about time units as well?

    Hi, I think in metric units, so almost everything is some form of a power of 10, like a kilogram is a 1000 grams, etc.

    Sometimes I will think of an hour and half as 150 minutes before remembering that it is 90 minutes.

    Does something similar happen to imperial units users? Because as far as I understand you don't have obvious patterns that would cause you to make these mistakes, right?


    Should I get diagnosed?

    I strongly suspect that I have ADHD, but I can't see the benifit of getting diagnosed.

    I know that if I get diagnosed and offically have ADHD I can get some medicine but I don't think I want that in any case.

    Can you share your experience and what benifit you got from getting offically diagnosed?



    Template in the comments


    Should I bother with HTTPS over Tailscale?

    I have a home server and I have some HTTP services running on it. I'm thinking if I should even bother with HTTPS, as I'm already using tail scale which should be peer-to-peer and encrypted. So I shouldn't worry about any men in the middle.

    Am I missing something?

    It just feels wrong to work with non-S HTTP :(


    Best DE for touch screens but also normal use


    I have an HP 360 which has a touch screen and I never found a DE that is great for both regular input and touch input.

    Kde is great for regular stuff but meh with touch, gnome is the other way around.

    I was thinking of trying out hyperland but didn't look into it's touch compitability.

    Any suggestions?

    I use arch btw.


    Is it wrong for 25M to date 19F?

    So I met this girl by chance and we really hit it off, once I learned of her age I decided to just be friends as I think that 19 to 25 is an age were we mature a lot and I remember myself as a 19yo and I was not mature enough to be a good partner and to be good to myself.

    I talked to a female friend of mine and she said that I'm over thinking it and that I should ask her out and be open minded, and so I did and we are going on a date soon.

    The thing is, she seems really mature but I can't put aside the age gap.

    Am I over thinking it? Should I really just take it slow and just be vigilant about the situation and notice if this isn't healthy for me or her?

    Or should I let her down easy and continue as friends?

    Update: We went on a date and it was great, I read all of the comments and there were some really good advices that I took to heart. I will take things slow and try to be as aware of the situation as possible. I hope it will go well :)

    Thank you everyone!