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This is not stonks
  • Not sure I know how to make a joke here without offending the trans community somehow. So all I'll say is that G-Scsle js better than Ho-Scale!!!

    So instead I offend the trains community!


  • Would the opposite of a "furry" be a "smoothy"?
  • I thought the definition of a furry was a human fucking another human, while both are dressed like animals.

    So the opposite would be two animals fucking each other dressed like humans.

    So just imagine two gorillas fucking, while wearing business casual.

  • Would the opposite of a "furry" be a "smoothy"?
  • And in ECW, they were...... DA BALDIES!!!!

    Until Francine tried to join, with a full head of hair. But then she clarified that she was a baldie somewhere ELSE!!!!

    (look, ECW in the 90s was written specifically for teenage's very cringe remembering it now.....)

  • This is not stonks
  • Please tell me you did some face paint on your 4 month old, and took pictures!!! Just some brown snd orange stripes on his cheeks!!!!

    I would say do a full face, facepaint, where you paint his whole face brown to look like the dawg pound pound......and then I visualized it in my head. It just looked like very badly done blackface.

    Maybe don't do that.....

    But brown and orange stripes on his little cheeks would be adorable pictures!!!

  • I don't understand Catwoman.
  • Never even watched The Batman. Also never watched that movie called "Joker". Apperently it has a sequal coming out, and I do NOT understand why. Is anyone trying to see that? I genuinely cannot tell if That Joker is worse, or if Jarod Leto is worse. At least Jarod Leto was only around for a cup of coffee. The other one will now have TWO FULL MOVIES dedicated to him.

    God dammit Heath Ledger! Why did you have to die??? I thought you didn't play Joker as Joker, but at least your take was great to watch. Would have made TDKR 1000% better.

    While we're on the subject of portrayals of characters being wildly out of character but still good.......can I just give a shoutout to Bane in the HBO Max Harley Quinn??? I love him. He's NOT Bane in any way, but that's true of that whole show. EVERY character is wildly off, but I do love what they did with Bane.

  • I don't understand Catwoman.
  • No idea what the original concept for Catwoman was.

    In a much shorter sentence you managed to capture the spirit of my issue with the character.

    Batman: His parents were murdered in front of him. He has mental issues from that which force him to represent justice by taking the role of what he fears most....bats.

    Two Face: duality of man represented both physically and mentally.

    Joker: Absolute psychopath clown with no known backstory.

    Mr Freeze: Is forced to use the cold to adapt to the only environment his wife can survive in due to a rare disease she has.

    Riddler: He likes riddles and the color green. Dresses like he wants to give you the governments money in the 90s.

    Catwoman: ???? Something with cats?

  • Just noticed that Lemmy is quieter, probably due to people being on summer holidays, so I hope everyone currently on annual leave enjoys it
  • This reminds me of my Aunt trying to tell me in 2020 "Oh, you should go to NYC right now! It's great because everything is closed because everyone has Covid."

    and I said "But.....then I'd just be in a big city where everything is closed, and everyone has covid."

    This at a time before the vaccine came out, and Covid was still very much a deadly threat. Yeah, my aunt is USUALLLY smart. She didn't think that comment through at all.

  • I don't understand Catwoman.

    I like when characters are clearly defined. You need a clear baseline of a starting point of who these characters are, and where they come from. Their personality can change over time, but not WHO they are. So things like age (unless you plan to age the entire universe equally), facial features, race, gender, eye color, hair color, body size, body shape. These are all things that need to be consistant no matter how many times you reboot the series. Peter Parker has been a high school/early college aged skinny white boy who just happens to be Spiderman. Batman is always an early 40s, maybe mid 30s rich businessman, who happens to be Batman.

    When they wanted to make a black kid as Spiderman, they created a new character. I'm not sure if it's just for the video games (I don't regularly read comics, and I haven't seen him in any movies), they created Miles Morales. A NEW CHARACTER, and the city doesn't know Spidermans identity. They've seen him change his costume before. So he can "be" Spiderman, but he's a different physical person. And that's fine. That's how you SHOULD go about making a change to who the super hero is, without doing a hard reset on the universe.

    But Catwoman? She's all over the place. Sometimes she's white, sometimes she's black, sometimes she's young, sometimes she's old, sometimes she's a villain, sometimes she's a hero, and then one time for no reason at all they had her play basketball.....the nails I get, because she's CATwoman, but why the whip? Sometimes she has the whip, sometimes not. Pick a lane!!! God damn! Are there multiple catwomen? Am I supposed to believe there's an entire commitee of women who's sole goal in life is to point out how stupid Batman is, that he's not noticing that every time he runs into Catwoman, she's clearly a different person? Sometimes she loves Batman, sometimes she's lesbian. Sometimes she's anti-social. Sometimes she teams up with other villians. Sometimes she teams up with Batman.

    NO! FIGURE IT OUT DC!!! She's Selina Kyle. That's your starting point. If I'm to believe in this character, you need to define who she is. If there are multiple catwomen, that needs to be explained.

    You don't see Harley Quinn changing drastic things about her to the point of being unrecognizable. I remember being in the theater watching The Dark Knight Rises, and thinking "Huh. A woman wearing all black, who's a cat burglar. Why don't they just replace this character with Catwoman???"

    It wasn't until later in the movie when I pieced together that she WAS supposed to be Catwoman.

    THIS was the biggest "WTF ARE YOU DOING???" moment I had about the catwoman character. Scarecrow was clearly defined. Joker was clearly defined. Two face was clearly defined. All these characters there was no mistake who it was. Even Robin at the end of the movie didn't get a clear "IS that Robin, or not???"

    But Catwoman only became apperent about halfway through the movie. She had no connection or imagery OF cats. It's actually WORSE than the 1993 Super Mario Bros movie, when you saw the Goombas. At least there they explained "Hey, these are the goombas." They never explained why some of them had long lizard faces, and some had round heads......but they used the word "Goomba" right in the introduction. With Catwoman, they NEVER said "Catwoman" the entire movie.

    And it doesn't help things that the 2004 Catwoman movie with Halle Berry was just......just so bad. I love Halle Berry, but come on. I think even she'd admit that was a low point in her career creatively.

    The 1992 Batman Returns is THE definitive Catwoman. THAT'S how you do it.

    There's also the campy 1960s tv show version of Catwoman. Considering the rest of the show, Catwoman was fine here. Nothing too remarkable, but then again nothing from that version was. Other than maybe Ceasar Romero not shaving before putting on Joker face paint. I mean really. Did he never see the character? Joker does NOT have facial hair!

    My only theory is that it's multiple women, and they're all Catwoman. Batman, and the audience are treated like they don't see the constant shifting in who that is.

    And yes, I'm also upset by Batman and Robin. All of it. Just.....the whole movie. Mr Freeze is not some hulking power lifter. Poison Ivy was played alright I guess. Robin is not some dude in his 40s. He's supposed to be like 13. And yes, I realize that kind of makes Bruce Wayne/Batman a little suspicious that he's a grown ass man hanging out with this random 8th grader. Even moreso when you realize he's hanging out with him to get help from this boy fighting the most psychotic maniacs in Gotham.

    "Ok, Robin. We've got to stop the Joker. He's going to blow up the bank. He's going to have armed henchmen all over the ground. He's going to have bombs inside the bank. Here's a big stick."

    Ok, I'm losing focus here, and the more I type the more I realize how weird the Batman universe is.


    Now I'm sad.

    So TNA was scheduled today at 7pm to release tickets into the public. One of three cities to have tickets go on sale was going to be Cleveland. My hometown. So at 6:30 I start googling where to buy tickets from. Ticketmaster? Seatgeek? The venue's own website? TNA's website?

    And in googling this, I have trouble getting the answer. So I go on the venue's website, go to their calander, and the event isn't listed for mid-september.


    Go to TNA's website. Couldn't find anything with Cleveland. Do a google search "TNA Cleveland September 2024". First result is a TNA page that says "Events". I click it, scroll through, still don't see Cleveland as a listed date.

    Come to find out that they moved the Cleveland show (Victory road on a Friday, followed by Impact tapings on a saturday) to somewhere in Texas.

    WHAT??? You've been hyping this day as the first mega sale where you release 3 different sets of tickets for months now! Then day of, you switch one of the 3 cities, that was scheduled to have a PPV???

    The venue still lists those days as free. Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse lists those days as free (this is the venue that AEW and WWE come to when they come through town). Wolstein Center lists no upcoming events (This is the venue that AEW usually uses when it comes to town).

    I can't think of any reason it would have changed. The venue is great for production purposes. It takes a reletively small space, and makes it seem like a huge cavern of fans. It would be perfect for TNAs purposes.

    I don't see any competing shows in September. We have Summerslam/Smackdown in early August, but this would have been 6 weeks later, and was well known long before they made their announcement that TNA would be coming to Cleveland.

    I can't figure out any reason this got moved.

    I heard a rumor that AEW was coming to Cleveland that week, but I just checked their website, and the only week that's possible would be the 4th week of September, which they haven't announced where Dynamite/Collision will take place yet. Actually, with how bad AEW ticket sales are, this venue that TNA would have used would be kind of decent for AEW. Only problem is, it's not an arena shape. It's a theatre shape. So you wouldn't have those wrap around digital banners. You wouldn't have a 360 surrounding of fans. Unless you want to make seating on the stage, like ECW did in the 90s in a different theater building.

    I'm out of ideas, and just frustrated that I was going to get to go to a wrestling show....and a PPV at that, plus another day of TV tapings.....and now it's not happening. No explaination.

    Edit: Now I'm extra sad! Just found out Garganos pizza burned down. For those that don't know, Garganos pizza is a real pizza place thats been around for 50 years it's Johney Garganos dads pizza place. You may remember it as having been featured on an episode of NXT when Adam Cole visited Johney Garganos dad.

    It was right across the street from Metro Hospital, which is where I get my cancer treatments. I'd get done, and grab a slice of pizza. Not the best ever pizza, but it was good. And it was cool to be eating pizza in a place that had wrestling memorbilia all over the walls.

    Today is a sad day for Cleveland wrestling fans...


    The gammes I like most

    I like the games that aren't serious hardcore games, but more casual.

    I liked when they played that 51 games from Nintendo, where it was all card and board games. I forget the name of that.

    I like Monopoly, and Mario Party, and Wheel Of Fortune, and Ice Hockey, and almost any golf game.

    I know Ice Hockey doesn't fit this mold, but I guess I see the patern of liking games where they take turns.

    Although one of my favorite moments was Danny playing Legend of Zelda, Link to the Past, and finding out that if you attack the cucos, they attack you en masse.

    Something about Danny feeling terrible about attacking an innocent DIGITAL chicken, and hating himself for listening to Arin, just made the moment great.

    I also really like Mario Maker. Something about that series just makes them tell great stories.

    I liked when Weird Al just showed up......for no real reason.

    OH! I also like when they create their own characters in WWE games. I don't even need to see the matches. Just seeing them creating the character.


    Milk ruins cereal.

    I eat my cereal straight from the box. Dry. Adding milk just makes cereal soggy and flavorless. Everybody wants crunchy cereal, but nobody wants to STOP ADDING THE THING THAT MAKES IT SOGGY!!!

    I've never understood why people add milk. It's awful, and it ruins the cereal. Somehow I'M the asshole for adding milk??? Yeah, ok....


    AEW commentary is the best in the biz.

    I wish they'd move Nigel to dynamite, and Taz to Collision. But otherwise I have no complaints.

    It's too bad Danialson is retiring, because I kind of love the Nigel jealousy on commentary. Such a long term reference.

    Watching Danialson vs Page right now, and LOVING Schivone/Excaliber/Nigel combo.

    I'd love Ricaboni/Taz/JR on collision.

    Cleveland Lost_My_Mind

    So what do you guys think about the superman filming?

    Has it affected you? Are you excited to see the movie?

    Fediverse Lost_My_Mind

    Someone explain if I'm reading this right.

    So I look in the modlog from time to time. There's been some actions I've seen that I don't agree with, but there is no way to see the context, so I've never spoke up. But today I saw something that concerned me. I'm just going to copy/paste the modlog so you see what I see.

    >Banned >AwkwardLookMonkeyPuppet > from the community >[email protected] >reason: Lib >expires: in 1 year >mod

    >Banned >AwkwardLookMonkeyPuppet > from the community >[email protected] >reason: Lib >expires: in 1 year mod Banned

    >AwkwardLookMonkeyPuppet >from the community >[email protected] >reason: Lib >expires: in 1 year >mod

    >Banned >AwkwardLookMonkeyPuppet >from the community Socialist Rifle >[email protected] >reason: Lib >expires: in 1 year >mod

    >Banned >AwkwardLookMonkeyPuppet >from the community >[email protected] >reason: Lib >expires: in 1 year >mod

    >Banned >AwkwardLookMonkeyPuppet > from the community >[email protected] >reason: Lib >expires: in 1 year >mod

    >Banned >AwkwardLookMonkeyPuppet >from the community Lord of the >[email protected] >reason: Lib >expires: in 1 year >mod

    >Banned >AwkwardLookMonkeyPuppet >from the community [email protected] >reason: Lib >expires: in 1 year >mod

    >Banned >AwkwardLookMonkeyPuppet >from the community United States | >News & [email protected] >reason: Lib >expires: in 1 year >mod

    >Banned >AwkwardLookMonkeyPuppet >from the community The >[email protected] >reason: Lib >expires: in 1 year >mod

    >Banned >AwkwardLookMonkeyPuppet > from the community Religious >[email protected] >reason: Lib >expires: in 1 year >mod

    >Banned >AwkwardLookMonkeyPuppet > from the community >[email protected] >reason: Lib >expires: in 1 year >mod

    >Banned >AwkwardLookMonkeyPuppet > from the community >[email protected] >reason: Lib >expires: in 1 year >mod

    >Banned >AwkwardLookMonkeyPuppet > from the community >[email protected] >reason: Lib >expires: in 1 year >mod

    >Banned >AwkwardLookMonkeyPuppet >from the community Food Crimes - >Offenses against >[email protected] >reason: Lib >expires: in 1 year

    I don't know who this guy is, or who the mod is, but essentially this guy is getting banned for being liberal.

    Or am I misreading the situation???

    Boomers Being Fools Lost_My_Mind

    Just a personal story of a boomer being a fool.

    So, I push people in wheelchairs at the airport for a living. And boomers are at the age where they're our most in need of wheelchairs due to being elderly.

    So inside the jetbridge I have 9 wheelchairs lined up. First lady comes out. She gets into a chair, and one of the runners start pushing her down to the baggage area.

    Second lady comes out, gets in a chair, second runner pushes her to the gate. For some reason the 3rd runner decides to leave the jetbridge. Not sure why, but this leaves me in charge of pushing 7 chairs.

    I usually make family assists when we're overloaded, but Ohio law states that at the very least I need to get them out of the jetbridge.

    So a lady sits down, I turn her around to start pushing her out of the jet bridge, and the lady behind her says "Well I WAS going to have a wheelchair, but I guess not!"

    So I say "Yeah, just have a seat, I'll be right back."

    And she screams "BUT THERE'S NO PUSHER!!!"

    I begin to repeat that I'd be right back before she grabs the sleeve of my shirt and starts shaking my arm saying "THERE'S NO PUSHER!!!"

    Ok, you're done. I push the lady in my wheelchair to the top, and she's marching right behind me.

    I set my passenger to the side, and as I begin to tell her "M'am, I'll be right back, I need to assist other passengers", I hear the lady from behind me now yelling at the united agent, who has nothing to do with anything, "THERE'S NO WHEELCHAIR PUSHER!!!"

    To which the united agent says "There's a whole row of wheelchairs back in the jet bridge." And as the woman is trying to yell at the united agent that there are no pushers, she see's me pushing another person out of the jet bridge to the area up top. Where I handed her off to her son, and made a family assist.

    The problem is, the woman with an attitude wanted to go right that second, without any regard for other wheelchair bound passengers. She wanted me to just say "fuck them, lets go without them". Not only is that illegal, it's also morally wrong.

    So she ends up getting on the cart. Which is like a golf cart type thing that seats 6 people. It drives you about 3/5ths the way there.

    After I've taken care of the jet bridge, and cleared the passengers, we're ready to go down to the baggage area. After I've dropped my passengers off, I see the same lady from before trying to get a luggage cart out of the dispenser. In some airports (most) those are free. In our airport they cost $8, which is a pure ripoff for something you're going to use for 30 seconds.

    Usually I would help those people find a free one that hasn't been returned to the dispenser yet. They're generally easy to find. In fact, I saw 3 of them without even looking while walking away from her. She was NOT understanding the concept of they need money. First she tried ripping it out from the front. Then she tried ripping the back one out. These carts are locked by steel bolt. You're NOT going to just pull one out without paying......but there's free ones all over if someone helps you.

    As I walked away I saw her struggling to push 3 rolling luggages with her foot. It was entirely caused by her own actions. As the ONLY reason I didn't point out how to get a free cart, was due to her treatment of other people. In this case me.

    In general I enjoy helping others, but my enjoyment of providing assistance INSTANTLY dies when you show a lack of respect for others.

    So yeah, not my job to help with her luggage, or the luggage dispenser, so I took pleasure in watching her body trash violently trying to rip a steel cart out of a steel bolt.....and failing miserably.

    snoopdogg Lost_My_Mind

    Gin and Juice

    Crazy Ideas Lost_My_Mind

    How to grow the fediverse

    Here's what we do. We schedule a Lemmy meet-up. In BOSTON. And then we take a picture with all the half naked and drunk people all spilling their beer!!! Then, we wait until there's a domestic terrorist situation happening in real time, and we direct the police to arrest a completely innocent man based on absolutely no facts.....but we FEEL like it's him.

    Yeah! That's the ticket!


    Dorritos uses entirely TOO MUCH flavor seasoning.

    They should use maybe 3/4ths of the amount of flavor they do. It's overwhelming, and burns my tongue if I eat large amounts of them in one sitting.

    That being said, I don't eat junk food much anymore anyways. Prices are sky high, portions are pathetic, and it's not like I wouldn't be he healthier without it.


    One way to grow the small niche communities.

    So one thing I miss about reddit is the idea that I can just find any random topic, and there's an active sub for that.

    Reddits biggest problem is knowing these subreddits exist. I was there over 10 years, and still finding new subs until the end.

    Lemmys biggest problem is that these communities DON'T exist, and even if they did, theres no audience to support them. No point in making a niche community if theres 0 posts, and 1 subscribber.

    But, I found one small fix. This won't be the thing that boosts Lemmy to the top. This will be more like the small spark that could lead to a bigger fire. Without more steps, this won't be the answer. But think of this as one step of many.

    So over at [email protected] they have a content bot. I assume it's just reposting the posts on reddit from a predesignated source.

    But, what if we did that all over Lemmy? Start up /c/Archer and repost everything from ArcherFX. I don't see a place to post Archer stuff to.

    Now do this for thousands of different subreddits over here.

    Yes, at first the content bot would have 0 posts. But thats where WE come in. We all start posting on these threads, to give them the sense of activity. Activity breeds activity. And soon enough you'll have enough organic activity that you slowly start reducing these bots roles. But thats years from now.


    If global warming is a biproduct of humans, wouldn't the logical answer be to kill 2/3rds of the humans?

    Maybe we should just start nuking the most densely packed cities/countries. Sorry NYC, Tokyo, and basically all of India.

    But would this not solve the problem?

    snes Lost_My_Mind

    There's a nickle in my SNES.

    So I didn't come from a rich family. I never got video games as a kid the day they came out, or even the year they came out. The SNES was released in 1990. I got my SNES in 1995. It came from a garage sale, and had a crack in the side of it.

    The woman who sold it to my mom said there's a nickle stuck inside, but it still works. My mom put some tape over the hole in the side, and it did still run.

    And that's how it still is to this day. Not that I use it often. In fact, I can't remember the last time I turned on my actual SNES. The carts are more of memories for me.

    Crazy Ideas Lost_My_Mind

    Where's Waldo for adults.

    So maybe Waldo shows up at an orgy, or a strip club, or a rave. Maybe he's doing his taxes. Maybe he's at the Jan 6th riots.

    The possibilities are endless!


    Here's why modern gaming suuuuucks.

    So when I was a kid in the 80s, I would always get SUPER excited for getting a new game.

    We'd get in the car, drive to Toys R Us, and in the video game section was basically an homage to Nintendo. So much so that the descriptors at the end of the isles didn't say "video games", it said "Nintendo". Sure, they sold Sega and Atari too.....but it was the Nintendo isle.

    So you'd pick your game, and on the drive home you would flip through your new game manual. Remember game manuals??? You'd learn all about this new world. Who was this "Zelda" if the main character was a boy??? What kind of world was this??? It looks HUGE!!!! DO YOU SEE ALL THESE DIFFERENT ENEMIES???

    Finally (after like 10 minutes), you'd get home. You'd race to the door, only for you to realize that you need dad to unlock the door. Now, dad was probably walking at a normal pace, but to a hyper 6 year old excited to play with his new toy, he may as well have been a dried out turtle. Or a sloth.

    FINALLY he opens the front door, and you go rushing to the TV. You put the cartridge in, and you're ready to play. You turn the power on, and you're already at the name screen. After you put in the name "Dork", because you're an edgy 80s kid, you're already in front of a cave. Oh god.....what's in there??? How do I fight monsters??? THE BUTTONS DO NOTHING!!! Oh god, oh god, here we go, we're going in the cave.....

    And you all know how it plays out from there.

    These days, it's a bit different. These days a game gets announced and you wait for release day. Then you turn on your console, and you buy the game. Now you gotta wait for an hour for it to download. Thats assuming your console doesn't need an update. So now you're waiting.....and waiting.....and waiting.......

    Eventually it's all done, and you boot the game up, but theres a day 1 update. So more waiting. FINALLY after an hour and a half it's done.

    So you boot it up, and you don't get that same sense of wonderment. It's because todays games have been done to death. Every game is a post appocolytic shooter where the emphisis is on online play. So now you already know what you're getting, and you gotta wait again for online lobbies to start.

    And when Nintendo released the Super Nintendo it was a radical jump in performance in every sense on a platform that was revolutionary to start with. It was must have technology.

    Now, 50% of PS4 users haven't upgraded to a newer system. And why? Because the PS5 looks like a slight visual upgrade in apperance, and zero upgrade in performance. Games look and feel mostly the same as they would on PS4. And the games are all the same. Microtransactions, unimaginative plots, forgetable characters, sequals reboots prequals. We're seeing the same franchises, with the same characters doing the same things for 30 years. Mario is still saving the princess for Bowser. At this point, Peach is just LETTING herself get kidnapped. Zelda is going to save Link now in the new game.....which would be a new concept, playing as Zelda, except Shiek was Zelda the whole time. Oops, spoilers on a 26 year old game.

    Breath of the Wild had that samr sense of childhood wonder. But only if you actively avoided online discussions, youtube videos, social media. It was a barrage of avoiding spoilers, but I did it, and March 3rd 2017 was GLORIOUS. It's also the last time I felt that need to get a new console.

    I regretted buying a PS4, but for some stupid reason I bought a PS5 this year. I regret it. I see no system seller.

    And thats another thing. Why can't the games give you the option to play from disc, rather than install everything? Most games are like 50-100gb. It eats up storage REAL quick. Now you gotta decide "ok, which games do I want to delete, and which am I going to use soon?

    Theres NO reason for me to justify 45gb on my hard drive for the PS4 version of Madden 19, when all I do is play exhibition. But I also don't want to delete it, and reinstall it every few months on the off chance I want yo play 20 minutes of 1 game.

    Sure, maybe Madden diehards get use out of that 45gb. I do not. I don't play season. I do give a shit about those madden cards. I only play exhibition, 1 game, maybe once every 4 months. Same with NHL. Same with MLB.

    Why must I take up like 200gb for games I play casually and sparingly, and almost ALWAYS have to sit through an update before I throw the ball? I don't even care about roster updates. Unless they're on Cleveland's team, I don't know any of these players. I don't give a shit that Joe Whatshisname used to play for Chicago, but now he plays in New York.

    I just want to pop in the disc, and play. No bullshit.

    I wish Madden 95 worked on the SNES classic. It's the last SNES version that Cleveland had a team.

    But instead now, every single game comes with forced bullshit


    Do you guys think Discovery Media knew what the FTW Championship was before they allowed it on their networks?


    "So, you have some Championships for me?"

    "Yes sir, I do! I was thinking that since we're a small unproven wrestling company, we could name one of our main championships the TNT championship!"

    "Thats the name of the network!"

    "It sure is, sir! And we're going to focus it around one of our founding wrestlers, whom we KNOW will never leave this promotion!"

    "Great! Whats his name?"


    "Cody.....cody........I don't see him on my list here....what's his last name?"

    "Heeeyshutup. We're also thinking about a TBS Championship for the women, but that wouldn't make sense, as we have no shows on TBS."

    "Well, not unless we bump your year round show for NHL hockey which is only on for 8 months a year."

    "Well, if that does happen, we have the perfect idea for a long term champion. She's a tall woman named Jade Cargill. A long term project that we're going to invest heavily into with an undefeated streak. Like Goldberg!"

    "Well with a push like that, I can't imagine her ever leaving AEW."

    "Me Too."

    "So is that it? Is that all the championships?"

    "Well, there is another one, but I don't think you'd like it...."

    "What is it?"

    "It's called the FTW Championship. It was first introduced in the 90s, and surprisingly, no other company ever had any copyrights over it, so we're free to bring it back!"

    "Oh, bringing back things from the 90s is TIGHT!"

    "I thought you might think so, aaaanyways, I think that just about----"

    "Haaaang on. This FTW Championship, won't it be hard to get past censors?"

    "Actually it'll be super easy barely an inconvenience!"

    "Oh really??"

    "Yeah, I figure we just never mention the full name on air, and eventually we find a troll wrestler to call it For The Win world championship. Since those innitials have been memed anyways."

    "What if we called it For The World championship instead?"

    "Yeah, but we'd need a terrible person to pull something like that off....."


    Did you guys see that play???

    Sure was a beauty! Wish you could talk about it in realtime. With a game thread. But you probably saw this thread days/weeks later....



    A new idea I had that Nintendo could release.

    So, I just remembered what I used to do with Game Boy Camera.

    See this post

    And I had an idea. What if Nintendo made a modern day cheap digital camera, in the same shape as a game boy camera, inside a game boy pocket.

    But the camera is a modern camera. And the screen is in full color. You could shoot various movie scenes, and upload them to your switch. Where you have the "Mario Movie Suite". It's like Mario Paint, but sooooo much more.

    Not a real game boy, btw. The whole unit is all one piece, so don't get excited that you can pull the camera and play games or put the camera in a different game boy. It's just astetics.

    So you upload a movie you shot on your Game Boy Camera. Inside the movie suite on switch you can use a controller, or hook up a mouse and keyboard (non-propriatary, so these don't come with the package, but any mouse and/or keyboard will work. USB or bluetooth) to edit the videos. Then each edited scene can be placed in order.

    While editing, you can put in special effects. You can use the audio editor to upload your own audio (maybe to add a music background, or special audio effects you've created). You can use the midi score to create your own music like in Mario Paint.

    You can use premade animations, or draw your own.

    And when you've finalized everything, the studio will save an MP4 on your memory card inside the switch that you can then transfer to a PC.

    I feel like Nintendo, for all they care about creativity have REALLY been letting obvious ideas slip through the cracks.

    They could even sell a $60 version of this software WITHOUT the peripheral, and you just use your cell phones camera. I think the more expensive version WITH the peripheral will be the real seller though. Even if I do think it'll cost $60 more.

    God I got myself excited for software that isn't even being considered right now!!!

    snes Lost_My_Mind

    Super Game Boy + SNES + Game Boy Camera + VCR + Cassette player = My really weird home movies....

    Anybody else do this? You hook the game boy camera into the super game boy. You hook the super game boy into the SNES. You run the video out composit cable (the yelllow one) into the video in feed of a VCR.

    Then, you get a cassette recorder plus a 3.5mm audio cord on one end, and composit audio on the other end (it's going to be red and black, but you can hook them up just fine to the red and white inputs).

    You record whatever the audio is supposed to be on cassette first. Then you rewind, start recording, on VCR, hit play on the cassette, and act out the scenes. Trying to match up the voice up to the lips.

    .........I made a lot of weird videos as a teenager in the late 90s. One was just a bunch of action figures talking about pasta. As you slowly learn that one of the action figures is racist against Italians.

    Another was me doing pro wrestling moves with my buddy, until one of us hit each other in the gut so hard, that he started spraying poo out of his ass (despite still wearing pants). We used chocolate syrup for the poo, because if it's good enough for hitchcock, it's good enough for me!

    Anyone else do this?