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How's your week been?
  • Srs recovery. My back aches from laying on it all the time. Mouth tastes bad. Gas churning in my guts but not coming out. It adds to the ache. Breathing hurts. Both too warm and too cold at the same time thanks to the ice pack in my crotch. Time is passing very slowly

    Painkiller burns my veins

  • Monitor High Pitch Noise
  • It wasn't set but it showed up as available when setting a frequency from the os. I just assumed it was an overclock since it uniquely made a noticeable noise and iirc the monitor was listed as 144hz when it was first listed pre launch

  • Monitor High Pitch Noise
  • Yes. Turning down the refresh rate from 165 to 144 greatly reduced it.

    I thought it was because the display was factory overclocked and was meant to run at 144 in the first place

  • Truth
  • Android isn't and fairly confident ios isn't neither. Apps are made to behave this way because it's generally more convenient. They can ignore it or not trigger it for other apps just fine, like in the case of WhatsApp conversation tones or shutter tones

  • Dark Souls Remastered Pegi Review

    I've been playing dark souls lately and wanted to see what pegi wrote about it. It's mildly amusing


    Usb keyboard unavailable during boot until all usb devices are initialised (solutions?)

    Without other usb devices the keyboard works immediately. With them it takes 5 ish seconds for it to start responding. This is regardless of which device is discovered first (which I can manipulate), it seems to just wait for all of them. Is there a way to make it not do that?

    Edit: This is specifically about linux boot. It otherwise works fine in bios / bootloader



    2 Warner Bros. returning ownership of some soon-to-be-delisted Adult Swim titles

    It’s been about two months since developers behind several Adult Swim published titles began sharing that their games were going to be delisted with seemingly no recourse. Now on the cusp of …

    Warner Bros. returning ownership of some soon-to-be-delisted Adult Swim titles

    I hope more follows


    Does wb get any money from sales of adult swim published games on steam?

    I have an urge to buy some of them on steam before they get delisted but don't want to give any money to wb in the process. The way that apparently devs could just leave or sell/give away the game on other platforms made me think maybe wb doesn't get a cut of every sale. Does anyone know that for certain?


    Steam - Hyper Light Drifter (-60%) Save 60% on Hyper Light Drifter on Steam

    Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with dangers and lost technologies.

    Save 60% on Hyper Light Drifter on Steam

    Been waiting for this to go on a discount for a while. Amazing 2d action adventure game


    0.62 disabled blurring of NSFW images

    I know it can be changed back from settings but honestly this just shouldn't happen at all.

    I thought 0.62 was supposed to fix the settings scrambling


    Asus putting solder but not a chip on this spot on its motherboard so you can have a heart attack when you notice it


    Linux desktop appreciation post

    I recently had to use windows for stuff and after a year of using Linux, it made me realise how janky windows is in comparison. Even on a top spec pc unminimized (or resized) windows flash white before their contents appear. Super-d to minimize/maximize doesn't bring all windows back up or in the same order. And these are greatly amplified when the computer isn't that powerful, so much so that you can see individual regions of some programs render one by one. In addition, moving the kde connect window sometimes made the screen stutter and flicker (???) and at some point my mouse stopped working (touchpad was fine), I tried reinstalling drivers and stuff but ultimately I had to reboot for it to work again.

    Brings back memories of my laptop loudly booting up in the middle of the night for no apparent cause or reason and mouse cursor going invisible upon random boots that made me save a file in the middle of the desktop about how to fix it.

    It's incredible how Linux is both free and a more stable experience, even as a nvidia+wayland user.


    How do I hide gyro from a game using steam input?

    Trying to play shadow warrior with a dualsense. It's interpreting the gyro input as the secondary attack trigger (no matter which trigger that is) and in turn the trigger does nothing. In steam input settings the gyro is set to 'none' but that doesn't prevent this behavior. Any way to hide the gyro from the game completely?

    Edit: linux


    How are security updates applied?

    They seem too small and consistent in size to just be bundles of system apps that got security fixes the past month. Are they like differential patches or something? How are they applied? And what happens while the 'finishing system update' notification is shown? (as far as I can tell the phone remains unlocked while updating, so why do they need it to be booted to finish the update? Is it just to turn on the phone faster?)

    Web search returns 'what is an update' articles so I'm asking here.


    13 days before the first eIDAS vote, still no public text Last Chance for eIDAS

    13 days before the first eIDAS vote, still no public text

    Just saw this update. I'll quote from the previous article for a complete picture.

    > After years of legislative process, the near-final text of the eIDAS regulation has been agreed by trialogue negotiators1 representing EU’s key bodies and will be presented to the public and parliament for a rubber stamp before the end of the year. New legislative articles, introduced in recent closed-door meetings and not yet public, envision that all web browsers distributed in Europe will be required to trust the certificate authorities and cryptographic keys selected by EU governments.

    This means governments could impersonate websites, effectively breaking https. Over 500 researchers and experts had signed a letter against the problematic article 45. In the update they got a response:

    > In a media Q&A given by the European Commission on Thursday (9th November), the Commission characterized the risks raised in the open letter from cyber security experts and civil society as a ‘misunderstanding’. The Commission went on to state that the open letter had been discussed with their experts, who concluded ‘there is no risk of government spying, nor breaching the confidentiality of internet connections’.

    So they asked 'experts' who said breaking https doesn't lead to government spying.

    > We call on the European Commission, Council and Parliament to: > > * Publish the final legal text of the eIDAS regulation as soon as possible. > > * Ensure that civil society and cyber security experts have adequate time to scrutinize this regulation ahead of any legislative action. > > * Be transparent about the advice the Commission has received regarding this regulation and who was consulted.

    I'm so done with this. The fact that they can just:

    1. Introduce an article that breaks https into a regulation a short time before it's voted on

    2. Don't disclose the text of the articles for independent experts to look at

    3. Blatantly deny what it does after it gets discovered

    Without any repercussions is depressing. They'll just keep trying this until it sneaks past.

    > This text is subject to approval in the final closed-door trialogue meeting in Brussels on November 8th, after which it will be published and presented for formal ratification in the European Parliament. This is expected to be in the first few months of 2024, but this vote is seen as a formality with the text of trialogue negotiations typically being adopted into law without alteration.

    > Last week, representatives of the European Parliament, Council and Commission announced they had signed off on the eIDAS Regulation and that a vote in Parliament’s ITRE committee will be held on November 28th. We understand that although no changes have been made to Article 45, there were last-minute changes to the accompanying Recital 32. However, the EU has still not published the agreed legal text. There are now less than 13 days until the vote and the cyber security community, civil society and the public are still unable to read the proposed regulation, let alone scrutinize its impacts.


    > If you’re a European citizen, you can write to the member of the European Parliament responsible for the eIDAS file - Romana JERKOVIĆ - and register your concern.

    Edit: formatting


    Does steam ui restart in the background while playing games for anybody else?

    First off I'm on wayland with Nvidia and I know that's a cardinal sin but I still wanted to see if anyone else is having the same problem. Simply, steam ui seems to crash or go unresponsive or something in the background while I'm playing games and then it relaunches itself and takes focus from the running game without pausing it. Also when playing with a controller sometimes the steam ui and overlay becomes unresponsive to controller input (and rarely mouse input too) so I need to use keyboard to navigate. Also today the game suddenly turned black and when I alt tabbed steam ui wasn't there so I launched it myself and then another one popped up on its own.

    Is this a known issue? I found a resolved github issue saying steam crashes if you don't click on notifications, but for me it happens regardless of notifications. Should I create an new issue on github?

    Edit for clarity and accuracy


    Improvement - Zooming images is difficult

    Pinching the screen (especially with single hand) doesn't reliably zoom images and I have to try multiple times to get it to work


    Bug(?) - Feed randomly jumps to the top

    Sometimes when scrolling it just abruptly starts scrolling up with massive speed. I don't know how to reproduce this issue.


    KCRASH is putting weirdly named crash reports in my home directory

    I don't know what exactly the file names are, ls shows one of them as ''$'\320''"m'$'\254\032''V' and fish shows it as \Xd0\"m\Xac\czV. Inside the file is

    [KCrash] exe=P π¬V platform=xcb display=:0 appname= Π¬V apppath=ίλ&ΝV signal=11 pid=23560

    I think this is something about xorg, but can't figure out what it is. Does anyone know what it might be and how to fix the issue? Also I don't know how to decode the file name or the strings in the file, so please tell me if they might reveal personal information.


    AOC AG325QZN lists 80M:1 dynamic contrast ratio?

    I was looking at monitors and found that AOC AG325QZN specs list a 4000:1 static contrast ratio and a 80M:1 'dynamic' contrast ratio. It has a va panel, no local dimming and low max brightness. Does anyone know what they might be doing to produce this bizarre number?

    Lemmy Support Lojcs

    Full addresses of communities are using display names instead of real names

    Noticed that [email protected] (display name 195) shows up as [email protected] when searching communities and viewing posts in the community. I think this behaviour is prone to cause confusion. There should be a clear distinction between display names and addresses and display names should not be used in addresses.