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Kamala Harris links Trump to Project 2025 in debut rally: ‘Can you believe they put that thing in writing?’
  • God forbid a politician enjoy life and laugh. I like how human she acts. It's nice seeing a politician who knows how to enjoy herself

  • Democrats immediately start calling Trump too old
  • Is that actually a thing lmao

  • Trump Shooter Crooks Wasn’t on Rifle Team or Bullied, According to School
  • I know a person who went to school with him. I was told he was indeed on the rifle team and was kicked out because he was absolutely dog shit at shooting.

  • How do you inform yourself on topics which don't belong to your field of expertise?
  • Wikipedia rabbit holes every time lol.

    I am fascinated by medical stuff, especially conditions I have and similar conditions. Spent like 2 weeks reading about so many kinds of diseases.

  • What is your favorite video online?
  • Lazytown really has great meme potential lol

  • What is your favorite video online?
  • I love his voice omg

  • What is your favorite video online?
  • Omfg I forgot about those! Now I have to go watch all of them again

  • What is your favorite video online?
  • That seemed so educational at first lol

  • What is your favorite video online?
  • Omg there's a sequel to it

  • What is your favorite video online?
  • That was so cool. I loved the vibe. It was so carefree

  • What is your favorite video online?

    Just watched my sick pet duck have a seizure and die while swimming, so I'm really fucked up mentally and want to get my mind off of it.

    Carrier pigeons bro
  • I was joking lol.

  • Carrier pigeons bro
  • I unironically want a pair of these. I'd wear them everywhere.

  • YSK there is a massive Google Doc of U.S. gynecologists that will tie your tubes without asking about your kids, marital status or age.
  • Because she doesn't think it is medically necessary due to the fact my birth control is keeping everything handled. I'm fine with not getting one now, but will want one if birth control becomes illegal.

  • People who pray at night to your God. What do you pray for and has any of it become true?
  • I don't believe in God and I'm honestly against most organized religion, but if someone who genuinely believes in a higher power says they'll pray for me during a tough time, it means a lot.

  • YSK there is a massive Google Doc of U.S. gynecologists that will tie your tubes without asking about your kids, marital status or age.
  • I'm so happy that I already see a doctor on that list. When I told her that I won't function if I get taken off my birth control because of my endometriosis and how heavy my periods are, I was told that a hysterectomy isn't something she'd consider YET and heavily implied she'd actually consider it if birth control becomes illegal. Love her.

  • Biden to push for Supreme Court ethics reform, term limits and amendment to overturn immunity ruling, sources say
  • Fuck procedure. Dems need to act instead of just talking about shit. I'm legit terrified for this next election.

  • Where can someone post original writing works for others to read?
  • That would be awesome, but I don't have the time to moderate an entire community :/

  • Where can someone post original writing works for others to read?
  • Oh shit. Didn't know that. I already post fanfiction there. That's hella convenient

  • Where can someone post original writing works for others to read?

    Want to write a novel-length story and I want to post it somewhere as I write for others to see and enjoy and critique. Idk where to post it though.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    Secret Service ramped up security after receiving intel of Iranian plot to assassinate Trump; no known connection to shooting
  • All my coworkers were saying the kid was a terrible shot, but I'm honestly impressed given the circumstances

  • Steamdeck - computers in game have flickering screens

    Unsure of what settings to adjust to fix it. It's bothering my eyes pretty bad. Also, people on screens in game are moving in slow motion, but that's not an issue for my eyes. Got the Steamdeck 2 days ago, so it's brand new.


    Today's On-Hold Doodle

    Spent so long waiting for end-users to be ready for me to fix their shit lmao


    Radar is the side-eye king

    Asked him very politely to move so I could sit and he gave me this look.


    What is an easy instrument to learn?

    My hand joints are getting better finally and I wanna learn an instrument. The thing is, I'm dumb and have struggled really badly with reading music in the past.


    Radar was looking forward to our weekly post-work nap all day

    Every Friday, I work from home. Immediately after clocking out, my dogs and I take a nap. Radar was looking forward to it the most lol


    Was unenthused at work again. Stuck on hold with a client for 45 mins.

    Like last time, constructive criticism is welcome!


    Treatment 20 Years Too Late.

    No longer told I'm young

    Not told that it's my weight

    Not told that it's my mental health

    She acknowledges my miserable state

    Giving so many vials of blood

    I hope to find a cure

    Or at least some sort of treatment

    For the hell that I endure

    Waiting waiting waiting

    For the next appointment date

    Anxious for a diagnosis

    To learn about my fate

    The doctor could not tell me

    What she thinks is wrong

    She started me on medicine anyway

    My heart sang a joyous song

    More tests need done for a diagnosis

    But that's not the most important part

    Being given something to make me feel better...

    I've waited so long to start.

    My whole life has been pain

    And suffering and woe

    I never thought I'd be taken seriously

    And misery is all I'd know

    But now I have hope

    To be free from this strife

    To take my freedom for myself

    To be able to have a life

    My poetry is hella shitty, but I wanted to post this anyway because I'm really happy that my new rheumatologist is taking me seriously and I need everyone to know lol. I'm finally getting treatment for how shitty I feel after trying to get taken seriously for 20 goddamn years. Hoping the treatment works. :)


    Does anyone here have any tips for making cross stitching easier on hand joints?

    I have very painful joints and expect to get formally diagnosed with arthritis tomorrow. I love cross stitching, but my god does it make my hands hurt. I also work in IT, so my hands are in use all day for my job. I want to be able to craft after work to relax, but my hands just hurt and cramp immediately when I try to work on a project.


    Do you like olives?

    I need to settle an argument I started. My argument: olives are gross.

    I will die on this hill.


    Rosie after the vet gave her a cookie on Thursday

    Then she got an exam and her smile went away. She doesn't like the vet touching her. It makes her nervous.

    She also has allergies and was put on allergy meds. She's thrilled because she gets pill pockets every day now. I'm not thrilled because her medicine is $130/month


    Work has me very unenthused. Decided to doodle about it because I have nothing else to do rn lol

    Constructive criticism welcome. :)


    it's Rosie's first birthday today :)


    Does anyone else crave fruit juice when it's hot?

    I've been drinking so much coconut water (with pulp) this week. I've been craving it like crazy and realized that it's straight up my drink of choice when the temp is 75F and over.


    How do I tell my neighbors that they need to stay off my property and not let their kids trespass. Joke answers only.

    People and their kids like to come over unannounced, and without permission, to look at my ducks like it's the fuckin zoo or some shit.

    Need some humor for this situation to ease my frustration


    What is a command you accidentally taught your pet?

    My goldendoodle puppy doesn't ever want to come back inside. I told my beagle "go get your sister" as I tried rounding up the puppy. Now when I say "go get your sister" the beagle runs to the puppy and baits her into chasing him into the house.


    Do heroforge minis count?

    Rita Booke, my current DnD character. She an order of scribes wizard.


    My dog gets upset when I play Minecraft. How do I make him see that Minecraft is great.

    He's a beagle, if that helps. He gets upset when I play and just yells.


    Got a bucket of babies to give to my broody duck. Their names are Salt and Pepper.

    Mama Duck is interested in them, but not enough to leave her nest. She doesn't attack me on sight anymore though lol