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Man who calls women "females" hopes to one day be allowed within 500 meters of one
  • I used to use "guys and gals" in a work setting, but then I hired an employee who identified as non binary (hope I'm using the right word here) and I didnt want them to feel excluded. I started using "all" or "yinz" instead and it stuck. At this point I just don't assume pronouns unless someone tells me what theirs are.

  • 80% of Americans say grocery costs have notably increased since the pandemic started, survey finds
  • Sure thing, I was quoting this article:

    Bear in mind that's individual income. If you're looking at family income it's around 130k (per the latest census data).

    My household makes more than that and the grocery prices are still hitting us hard. Went from spending ~$150/month to spending almost that much per week. We're not eating steaks or anything and we cook from scratch. It's wild.

  • What are the best (or worst) parts of your job?
  • I work in IT. My favorite part is focusing on a difficult problem that no one else can solve, and fixing it. My nickname at work is "the tank" because they can point me at any issue and I'll fix it. I'll also toss in the paycheck. I had a recruiter tell me 2 years ago that my skill set isn't even worth $65k and now I'm making more than double that.

    My least favorite part is the occasional late nights. Worked a 20 hour shift the other day for a particularly difficult major issue. This happens maybe twice a year. I'm at an age where it takes a toll.

  • More than 171,000 people traveled out-of-state for abortions last year
  • My neighbor has a yard sign along the lines of "Roe vs Wade didn't start abortions, it just made them safe." And it's in the shape of a coat hanger.

    I'm not a demographic that has to worry about pregnancy but that hit me hard.

  • Anon reflects on e-sports
  • As someone who still uses a CRT for specific uses, I feel that you're misremembering the switch over from CRT to LCD. At the time, LCD were blurry and less vibrant than CRT. Technical advancements have solved this over time.

    Late model CRTs were even flat to eliminate the distortion you're describing.

  • New to manga. I've finished Death Note, Berserk, Assassination Classroom, and Attack on Titan. What should I read next?
  • I got nearly to the end of The Promised Neverland and it just dragged on and on. I couldn't bring myself to finish it.

    I'm surprised to see Nausicaa have a suddenly boost in popularity. It seems to be everywhere lately. I actually read through it in the late 90s but didn't quite grasp the concepts. I think I'll give it another shot. I still have my first edition paperbacks.

  • New to manga. I've finished Death Note, Berserk, Assassination Classroom, and Attack on Titan. What should I read next?

    I'm new to manga and have read the above. I get hooked on the cat and mouse of "How will our protagonist overcome it this time?". Any manga recommendations like this?

    Of the above, Berserk was my favorite. Beefy men are a plus.

    Thanks ahead of time!

    Start ups when that VC funding kicks in
  • I've run into this a few times. If the culture and benefits are good but we can't level on pay, I let them know that I can't accept the offer but I refer them to a colleague with less experience for whom the pay would be appropriate. After over a decade in leadership I've had many employees, and I'm always looking out for ways they can step up the ladder. We've gotta have each other's back in this job market.

    These jobs are all pushing 6 figures tho. Not sure what kind of job would try to push 36k on a professional position.

  • Distro for Pi with controller and Plex client support for media center?

    I have a raspberry Pi 4B that is connected to a CRT TV via Composite and controlled with a PS4 controller. I'd like to use the Pi for Netflix, Plex client, and playing DVDs from an ext drive. What distro would be best for this?

    I tossed Retro Pi onto it and the controls work great but I can't figure out how to install the media apps.


    App to share real time location with boyfriend?

    I'm taking a long biking trip soon and want to share my live location with my boyfriend in case something happens. Any recommendations for privacy-focused apps that can accomplish this? I'm on Android, he's on iOS.


    I have a 4 year old male cat. What kind of cat should I get as a companion for him?

    I have a 5 year old cat that I adopted 3 years ago, and I'd like to get him a companion but I'm struggling to identify the characteristics I should look for. Can anyone offer advice?

    He's a rugged old soul. He loves playing with my 2 year old dog but otherwise just lounges around nearby but not touching - typical Russian Blue. He does try to clean and cuddle the dog, but the pup doesn't understand and runs away. He was actively cuddling with other cats at the shelter when I adopted him so I think he'll do well with a housemate.

    I've met a few shelter cats this week but I'm stressing about identifying which would be a good fit. Are male and female both a good bet? Would it be best to get a kitten, an older cat, or somewhere in between? Playful or extremely lazy, or a lap cat?

    I know I'll be happy with any choice, so I'm mostly focused on finding a good match for my Russian Blue. Thanks.

    Machine Learning Kit

    What are your thoughts on Microsoft Copilot?

    Copilot sounds amazing on paper. The free (to 365 subs) version on the web is just Chat GPT4, so that's familiar enough. The integration with 365 applications is really what grabs me. Stuff like tossing it 10 spreadsheets and asking it to analyze and compare the data, having a virtual assistant to remind me of upcoming actionables, and summarizing a meeting when I zone out - it all sounds really handy.

    I met with Microsoft last week and they're down for giving me a 90 day trial if I want to take it for a spin. Any thoughts or suggestions? I ideally want to determine if this will improve productivity for my end users enough to be worth the insane cost of $30/user/mo.


    Getting back into wargaming after 20 years. Are there fantasy options?

    I played Warhammer Fantasy in the 2000s and it was a highlight of my adolescence. I'm finally in a stable enough position to rekindle my love of collecting and painting miniatures, and hopefully joining in on a wargame. Are there any good fantasy options these days?

    I see that Warhammer Fantasy is completely gone, and Warhammer: The Old World is just kicking off but has very limited races. 40k and Age of Sigmar aren't appealing to me - I prefer high Fantasy.

    Any tips for where I should look? I'm in a major city so I'm sure I can find a game of anything remotely popular. Should I just wait for The Old World to release more races and pick up in popularity? I'd love to play elves or anything similar. Thanks ahead of time.


    My partner has too many clothes

    Help! My live-in partner of 3 years has too many clothes and it's overrunning our house. We live in a two bedroom condo with only two closets in the entire unit, and there's just not enough space.

    At last count (2 years ago) there was over 300 articles of clothing - shirts, pants, jackets. There is constantly piles of clothes everywhere, clean and dirty, and nowhere to put them. They wear multiple outfits each day and throw them on the floor in the evening.

    2 years ago I bought a few Ikea clothing containers to slide under the bed, and those are packed full of folded shirts that are never worn. And they just keep buying more.

    I've spoken with them about this multiple times and they say that they'll get rid of some of the clothes, but never did.

    On the flip side, I have four pairs of pants, a few shorts, around a dozen shirts and a suit.

    What can I do?


    Endometrial Ablation instead of hysterectomy

    I'm a transman who has been on T since 2011. I've recently begun experiencing bleeding despite good T levels. My doctor suggested hysterectomy, but that is not in line with my transition goals. Have any of you gotten an endometrial ablation instead? I've read studies out of medical colleges reporting good results for transmen. It seems like an easy outpatient procedure on paper.

    Edit: Spoke with my doctor and she doubled my T. If bleeding doesn't stop within 3 months she's recommending me for the surgery.

    Edit 3 months later: Increasing T gel worked

    Pittsburgh, PA Kit

    Verizon Cellular Outage on North Shore

    Verizon towers are struggling on the North Shore. It began this morning and the ETA for the fix is Tuesday or Wednesday. Seems to be impacting the area around the casino and Chateau St.


    Looking for help to complete Ally Banner challenge

    Can anyone hop into Duos with me and help me Craft an Expired Ally Banner? It should only take a few minutes.


    Nude sauna advice

    I'm a transguy who transitioned in the 2000s and have had top surgery. I toured a gym that has a beautiful sauna, steam room, and hot tub that I'd like to join, but clothes are not permitted in any of the above. I'm worried about running into trouble if I go naked.

    The gym is like a Jewish YMCA and is adamantly LGBTQ+ friendly and even has reminders in the locker room that the space welcomes everyone. I asked the girl giving the tour about my concerns and she said to just wear a towel if I'm not comfortable, but I'm still a bit uncertain.

    Do any of you guys go to nude men-only areas? Any tips?

    I'm sure I won't get assaulted because I'm a tough looking guy that most folks wouldn't fuck with, but I don't want to invite trouble.


    Is failing to set boundaries cheating?

    A month ago I found out that my (30's ftm) live-in boyfriend of 3 years (30's m) was sexting with various guys and making plans to meet up. We fought, made up, and got into therapy. Things are slowly healing.

    Today I found out that an old friend of his that he used to sext with before our relationship still sends him nudes regularly on snapchat. I found out because my bf had saved a bunch of them. My bf says that he never responds to them and so he didn't think it was an issue. I disagree - If anyone I knew irl ever sent me nudes I would immediately delete it, ask them not to send more, and tell my bf about it.

    My question is, was his lack of action yet another instance of cheating?


    Getting nipples pierced after top surgery

    TW: Chest and surgery

    Tl;Dr Has anyone had their nipples pierced after top surgery and can offer insight on issues?

    I had top surgery 10 years ago. During the surgery my nipples were completely removed and relocated. My nipples are not very pronounced with only a little bump.

    I tried to get nipple piercings at a very reputable piercing shop this week but the piercer advised that the piercing would basically be a surface piercing, and would slowly migrate out over years resulting eventually in my nipples tearing and leaving "gnarly scars".

    Have any of you had nipple piercings for multiple years after top surgery? Any issues like he worried about? I'm also debating if it would be worthwhile to get them pierced but set a time limit to remove them after a few years.

    Thanks ahead of time.


    Should I get a 2nd cat?

    I own a condo and have one dog and one cat. They get along and play all the time, but I feel like the cat is often lonely and missing a cuddling companion. He's a rescue who was a street cat for years before I adopted him. I've been considering fostering or adopting another cat to give him company. Thoughts?


    Advice for a PC build for podcasting and light gaming?

    My boyfriend asked for a computer build for podcasting and light gaming for Christmas. He specifically wants a custom build desktop and I wasn't able to talk him out of going this route. We're starting from zero so I'd need to get a tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse, mic, webcam, etc. Trying to keep it under $1300ish for the package.

    What kind of specs should I target to future proof the system for podcasting in case this becomes a serious hobby for him? I've built hundreds of PCs in my lifetime but never had to consider audio/video production. Also curious if anyone has advice for the podcasting equipment.

    Thanks ahead of time.

    homelab Kit

    My 32 TB Plex server running on a ministack. It ain't fancy but it gets the job done.

    I've been running a full tower Windows server with a dozen drives for a decade and decided to downsize. This ministack does everything I need at a fraction of the power, noise, and heat.

    I use it primarily for Plex but also host a few games servers for buddies. It fits perfectly in my entertainment center.

    Spent around $200 on the Mac Mini plus $600 on the drives and enclosures. I'm using SoftRAID for RAID1.


    How are you identifying least privileged access in 365?

    I’ve started at a medium-sized org (~1500 users) that has over a dozen global admins in 365, plus another 80 users with various 365 admin access. Does anyone have any tips for how to identify what access the users actually need?

    I tried punching up a questionnaire with all of the available options, but my test group reported that it was too convoluted. I’m not sure how I can better identify their needs without interviewing them one-on-one, or just ripping away access and seeing who screams.


    Recommendations for smart deadbolts?

    I use Google Assistant for most of my home automation. Does anyone have any particular models they recommend for deadbolts? I'd like to be able to automatically lock my front door when I go to sleep.

    Life Pro Tips Kit

    LPT: When starting a remote or hybrid job, ensure your employment contract is specific about your WFH schedule so you can't be forced back into the office later

    Many businesses are returning to the office, which is resulting in workers who prefer fully remote or hybrid work to resign from their positions. If they had asked their job to include specifics about the remote/hybrid policies in their work contract, they would be locked into those policies and could not be forced back into the office.

    Never take for granted that the terms of your employment will stay the same unless there is a signed contract ensuring it.