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Trump's Project 2025 is now being searched in Google more than Taylor Swift and the NFL
  • They are referring to the recent scotus backflip on the Chevron Deference, which in a really basic summary allows any old judges to make rulings on issues of regulation rather than the relevent government agencies and EXPERTS in the specific field.
    If i understand correctly things such as dumping chemicals into environment/drinking water/atmosphere can be determined by some judge in some random county for giant companies operating in their state.

  • Bidet users, how do you dry your ass afterward?
  • I tried the fancy japanese robot toilets when i went there. I thoroughly enjoyed them.

    Heated seats ✅
    Music to cover up sounds ✅
    Deoderiser fan ✅
    Adjustable bidet squirt level from 1-7 ✅
    'front bum' bodet for the ladies ✅
    Heated seat ✅

  • What industry secret are you aware of that most people aren't?
  • Ironically in this case doing the job properly reduces costs significantly.
    Everything in the chain from the outlets, ductwork, damper, valves, condensers, pipes, tray, fans, component ratings & switchboards can be reduced to a reasonable size.
    Which then has peripheral benefits like reduced transport costs, crane lifts, space in service zones between floors/risers, materials & running costs of the completed building

  • We are a failed species
  • To be fair that comes in a bottle. It definitely tastes like a certain type of old fashioned, but there are so many ways to make an old fashioned that not everybody's going to like it.
    Personally the bullet rye makes a good old fashioned in my book