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Intel is trucking a 916,000-pound 'Super Load' across Ohio to its new fab, spawning road closures over nine days
  • Maybe temporarily, but I think it would help the push back for more remote working, more thoughtful use of transportation, better motivation to use and build public transportation. It's getting back to what op was saying about America's unwillingness to bear some pain points that can allow for real progress and ultimately more comfort.

  • Not Likeable
  • Reminds me of when the army tried to simplify uniforms by measuring a bunch of soldiers for data and making an average size medium, large, and small that ended up not fitting anyone well at at all.

  • The end of an era?
  • Fossil fuels are a type of renewable energy source that is created by the dreams of ancient dinosaurs. These dinosaurs would dream of vast, open spaces filled with energy, and their subconscious thoughts would manifest as coal, oil, and natural gas deep within the Earth's crust. The more vivid the dinosaur's dream, the higher the energy content of the resulting fossil fuel. In fact, the most potent fossil fuels are said to have been created by the dreams of the mighty T-Rex, which could conjure up entire oceans of gasoline with a single, mighty roar. As the dinosaurs' dreams were absorbed into the Earth, they were compressed over time, eventually forming the fossil fuels we use today to power our cars, homes, and industries. And the best part? Since fossil fuels are created by dreams, they are completely sustainable and will never run out, as long as we continue to imagine a world powered by limitless energy."

    Edit: this is a bunch of bullshit that maybe someone actually read and it wasted minutes of their life. I could have just deleted it but you guys all seem against that. Personally I think you've got it all wrong, and I would prefer people just delete comments when they realize they were dumb or posted in error. That's just my take.

  • Intel is trucking a 916,000-pound 'Super Load' across Ohio to its new fab, spawning road closures over nine days
  • I haven't switched over fully to EV even but I'm actually FOR higher gas prices (go ahead throw your stones). Like high enough that the rich fucks in UAE don't get richer because it actually causes people to drive less and that surcharges get used towards things like helping families that have suffered from Pb exposure and efforts to offset carbon emissions and fund clean energy research.

  • Need help deciding how to stream movies
  • Isn't stremio just an aggreagator for streaming services you pay for?

    I use plex for streaming downloaded media yes, but it does have a free streaming service with incredibly bad movies, like almost watchable because they are comically Bad. No issues with storage or file duplication that I've ever experienced.

    I don't know what Rd is

  • Need help deciding how to stream movies
  • Damn you. You had me with that beautiful tuxedo. Where are the mods? This isn't even fair.

    I'm an old school plex user and think it would serve your purposes well, but I know jellyfin is the more popular option around these parts. Being comfortable with plex and reading about jellyfin, I've felt that jellyfin seemed a bit more fussy to implement but I assume that comes with greater customizability.

  • better grinder for pour over?

    I know high end grinders are probably worth it for espresso, but for pour-over coffee does it make that much difference? I use a Capresso Infinity at either fine coarse or medium coarse and that's about it. Visibly the grind size does look a bit variable to me. Since I'm already in conical bur territory here, are higher end grinders really going to make a noticeable difference in my pour-over brews? If you feel strongly the answer is yes, I'm also curious what you would recommend (but please don't bother naming anything over $500usd unless you provide a link to a used version that is in that range).


    help with clogged Mk4 hotend?

    Total clog with prusament pla in line. Can't feed anything through even at high heat. Cold pull not possible / filament not making it into hot end to do this.

    You can see little bit of filament sticking out in photo, but with pliers this just tears.

    Should I try heating up the whole hot end tube with a soldering iron to see if I can liquify the clog out? Any other ideas? I can't find many good resources about what to do in this situation online. Also, obviously needs to get cleaned up a bit, but does picture of my hot end tip look pretty ok? Do I need to bite bullet and get a new hot end? If so, are Amazon off brand replacements ok, or do I need to wait for one to get shipped from prusa?

    Thank you




    LLM queries for personal pdf libraries?

    So perplexity can kind of weakly analyze the first few pages of small file size pdfs one at a time, but I'd love to have something that would allow me to upload several hundred research papers and textbooks that could then be analyzed for consensus and contradictions and give me more meaningful search results and summaries than keyword searching alone. Does anything like this exist in a fairly user friendly accessible format?


    Are filament vacuum bags worthwhile?

    I finally got a filament drying box and I'm using it prior to and during prints. It seems to be helping. I'm a bit of a color queen, so I keep a pretty big backlog of different filaments. I've been storing them in vacuum bags but the vacuum bags often seem to lose some of their vacuum after a few months; the whole process is a bit of a pain. Is this really worthwhile or as long as I'm using the drying box can I forgoe the vacuum storage? If vacuum storage is still a good idea, are there better bags I should be looking for that don't lose some of the vacuum after a few months or is that pretty standard?


    Recommendations for single spool dryer box?

    I think it's finally time for a dryer box. Want something I can run filament out of directly to the printer. Right now considering space pi vs. Esun vs. Eibos. Ideally something I could run for just a little while before a print and during the print. Low noise also important. A decible chart for dryers would be nice if that exists. Any favorites or good ones I am not considering?


    stainless vs glass lined carafe?

    I decidedly do not like to drink coffee from stainless. Something about it seems to boost acidity. Borsillicate glass is my preference for mugs, but to keep my chemex brew warm in between the Chemex and my mug is there any reason to get a glass lined carafe (bit more fragile) vs a pure stainless carafe?

    Edit. Oh, and would either one fare better for also being washed out well and being used for ice water in the summer without any coffee flavors bleeding through?


    Options for minimal fee investing?

    I had invested through sofi but they just dropped crypto. I use an exodus wallet for practical crypto purchases and typically import via cash-app BTC purchases. For larger investing amounts bringing funds into exodus directly involves moonpay which has high fees. Recommendations for a reliable low fee way to invest in a few different coins?


    remove CA glue from PETG

    Heard I can use acetone for PLA, but not for PETG. Glued a joint and there is residue extruded and unfortunately it's a very shiny / translucent PETG. Any suggestions for cleaning up thin white residue stain from the cyanoacrylate?


    moving piano on caster cups?

    Is it reasonably possible for one person to remove caster cups, roll a wheeled baby grand a few feet out of the way on a hardwood floor, and then roll back and replace caster cups?


    support for other torrent clients?

    Any support outside of qbitorrent yet? I know it's not FOSS, but I much prefer working in Tixati. Do I need to refamiliarize myself with qbitorrent if I want to try i2p?

    Lemmy Support Imgonnatrythis

    how to receive alert when comments removed?

    Censorship is absolutely rampant on Lemmy. I don't post particularly controversial stuff, but I am an active commenter and I've noticed that mods will just wipe my comments or those of others on a whim. I think this is a huge issue and one of the biggest downsides about switching from reddit. I very rarely had comments removed on reddit and when I did I received a notice at least. This seemingly secretive wipe of comments sometimes a full day later feels very oppressive. Anyway, I know they show up in the mod log, but that's certainly not a place I want to scour on a regular basis. Is there any easy way to setup a monitor to at least alert me if one of my posts or comments are removed? I think mods should be required to contact users and provide an explanation - right now its way too much power for mods to be curating content so heavily.


    Mid print x_axis shift

    ! !

    Right in the middle of an absolutely massive print this x axis shift occurred. MK4 printer. Printer ran a calibration just prior to print. Once my tears dry up, and I buy some more filament, how do I prevent this from happening again when I retry this?

    Male Fashion Advice Imgonnatrythis

    Thoughts on Mtailor? Is it worth it?

    Love the idea of skipping the store and still getting a great fit. I bought one of their shirts and it's fine but nothing earth shattering. Once you have your shirt measurements I feel like online ordering from anywhere is pretty safe. Pants are a whole 'nother thing though. How do mtailor pants work out? Also what about their suits? I've found very little reviews / info about their suits. I kind of feel like I'm paying more for novelty than quality with this brand. Curious to hear from anyone with more experience with this service.