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Beethoven's 9th Symphony
  • You know, I was thinking T = (0P) + 40, but that implies that 0 people would still be able to play the song in 40 minutes and that doesn't feel right.

    Yours also implies that any number of negative people could play the song in the same amount of time, and that also feels correct.

  • Things the guys who stole my phone have texted me to try to get me to unlock it - Gothamist
  • Funny thing, even if you do that you can be prevented from initializing the device. You get a "this phone was reset in an unusual way, sign in to the original account used for setup" message the may or not hint at an email address. I've got a stack of them on my desk from former employees that I'm trying to get back into. Pain in the ass for business, good for consumers.

  • Game recognize game
  • Toph can hear the rubble in your gut, see the change in how your intestines hang, and knows how close you are to your next poop. She never mentions this, but does use it to make well-timed "you're full of shit" jokes.

  • Any LinkedIn alternatives?
  • I had this same thing happen when I tried to sign up years ago. There is no way around it, there is no alternative. The only option is to send them pictures of your ID, which is in the "hell no" category on my to do list.

  • Self-driving cars will never be popular as you can't speed in them.

    Given how many people treat speed limits as suggestions, at best, having your vehicle obey the limit would turn some people off of them.

    I am literally not going to be in the state
  • Oh, no worries, they'll just call you constantly while you are on vacation because creating the proper structures to cover an absence costs too much and harassing you in your off-hours costs nothing!

  • Reasonable response rule
  • I did it years ago. I never noticed any retaliation, but the lack of garage in my mailbox is noticeable. I swear some of those credit cards would send daily letters!

    Sure, vendors who already have my information still send me things, but I just call them and get them to remove me from the list. Now the only thing that remains is the political junk mail you can do nothing about.

  • Instead Of Banning Books, Idaho Library Decides To Ban Kids In Response To New Law On ‘Inappropriate Books’
  • So, because there would be no minors present, libraries could reasonably start stocking pornography and serving liquor? I'm not saying I want that, kids should be allowed to learn, but it would be a very, very interesting establishment.

  • [update] help me figure out a way help my players get out of the mess they're in without ruining their fun.
  • Raise the stakes. The cult could attempt a bigger ritual that could target the party from anywhere, but can only be performed under certain circumstances. Perhaps a moon phase, star alignment, purification ritual, etc.

    Now, the party must race to find the requirements and interrupt the ritual or they could all die.

  • me_irl
  • It does if you twirl your fork to collect the spaghetti. The longer stands form a ball of sauce and noodles with only a few stands. If the noodles are half as long, they may not stay twirled, can flop around more, and require more stands to reach the same size. More mess, more work.

    Also, I would challenge you to tell which end of the pasta went in first. Actually, it would be a challenge to even find a way to test that...

  • TP-Link Integrates Kasa Smart Home Devices into Tapo App with Version 3.0

    With the release of Tapo version 3.0, TP-Link integrates their two lines of smart home devices into a single application, reducing the number of apps needed to control their devices.

    Additionally, the update claims improvements to the user interface, optimized camera features, a sleeker status page, and faster responses and startups.

    The blow post also suggest that improvements to lighting effects, smart actions, geofencing, and a dark mode will be coming in the future.

    I think the best takeaway is that I can have one less app on my phone!

    TP-Link Blog - Brand-New Tapo Version 3.0


    A Loon in the Lake

    A picture of a Loon sitting on its nest in a lake. Taken July 2023 on a Pixel 6 Pro at full zoom and through a waterproof phone bag.