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Just a reminder
  • Ok enjoy trump HAPPILY supporting genocide ENTHUSIASTICALLY both in Palestine and in Ukraine.

    You are in a limited outcome situation. You get one choice in January: trump or Biden. One of them will be president.

    Edit I share the opinion bidens choices are very very bad, I just acknowledge trump will make them worse

  • Just a reminder
  • You asked about Israel having their back against the wall (Hamas).

    I clarified the bigger challenge Israel would hypothetically be against the wall with would be Iran. That's it.

    Edit then you randomly brought protests up into a tightly scoped comment chain.

  • Just a reminder
  • If you want to play that game, a vote for Biden is a vote for genocide-lite and any other action that leads to better trump chances is a vote (implicit or explicit vote) for genocide-max.

  • Just a reminder
  • It does in the case of election/voting choices.

    To your point, criticizing Biden / the government now, in June is totally fine. And necessary. What's happening in the world, with a USA stamp on it is unacceptable.

    Unfortunately republican actors are also doing that now and following up by saying "so that's why I'm not voting for Biden"

  • Just a reminder
  • The delusion is ignoring the election and then complaining (edit about what gets elected). I'm SURE you won't do that.

    The goal is to do harm reduction now, and start building a better candidate for next time.

  • Just a reminder
  • I acknowledge the Democrats are handling Israel terribly.

    But I also acknowledge the Republicans will do it with a smile. And in Ukraine too. (And a million other things)

  • Life just isn't fair
  • That's not the case. You replied to a comment regarding running and napping with the pithy "tell me you're X..." Line.

    Thus making the link between jogging, napping, and age.

    I refuted that age does not mean you(read: anyone) can't do those things, and other factors play a more direct role.

    This link is very clear

  • Life just isn't fair
  • Clearly I mean disabled.auch that they can't run.

    No one needs to "run like me"

    The qualifier in the comment I replied to was that age was the determinate factor on the ability to jog a half mile. I refuted that and suggested that disability (which impacts the ability to run/jog) or health would be the actual determinate factors leading to someone not being able to run

    As is obvious by looking around, lots of old folks can jog. As anecdote, there are several comments in this very thread describing older folks running.

    You jumped to a conclusion looking to for a fight, and didn't think critically.

    Edit to be hyper clear: If you CANNOT jog a half mile, you either do not have the ability to do so via a disability, or you do not possess the health to do so.

    Your age has nothing to do with it.

  • Study finds 1/4 of bosses hoped Return to Office would make staff quit
  • Why's that? Lots of people DID quit due to this. They knew it was a free way to get reduced headcount without needing to do layoffs, thus avoiding the negative publicity.

    Then they can rehire people for cheaper, with explicit in office / hybrid contract terms

  • I wish there were more articles about tech not tech biz

    Just seems like everything is "this company did this to their employees" and less about "this novel messaging protocol offers these measured pros and cons." Or similar

    And yes, I could post things, but I'm referring to what hits the top, 12h.

    Can anyone rec communities with less of a biz and politics and wfh vs in-office vibe?