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Linux Inventor Says He Doesn’t Believe in Crypto
  • I don't believe in crypto either because it's current value is solely derived on how much you can exchange it for real money. Outside of a few edge cases, nobody buys anything with crypto outside of the black market.

    I'm sure crypto is a great solution to some finance problems related to centralized banking that I'm too lazy or dumb to care about, but I look at the energy consumption to calculate these massive chains for little tangible benefit, and the scammers and hypemen who are profiting off of other people's hopes and desires to get rich quick on the next big boom, and I can't help but feel like it's an actively harmful element of society. At the very least, whatever regulations are currently in place that are attempting to reign in crypto are insufficient at reducing harm.

  • NYPD officer caught on video punching pro-Gaza protester during Brooklyn rally
  • If it makes you feel any vindication, the fact that this was reported by news outlets here means nothing. This cop will never see punishment beyond a slap on the wrist or some paid administrative leave at best. Police violence has already been institutionalized in America too.

  • Patch 3.23 - What Do You Think?
  • I haven't been really able to get into playing it. All the servers seem overloaded right now. I get on and fly around in MM for a bit and then when i try to take a mission from the contracts app it doesn't show up in my log. I was lucky to finally get my F7A reward after several days of logging in to see "no missions completed" for the Overdrive Initiative check.

    I'm really enjoying the new UI, especially the minimap. That was one thing I honestly never expected to ever come to SC, but having it makes a huge difference especially to players who may not be familiar with where to go to find specific stuff in cities.

    The FPS is so smooth right now. I'm getting less choppiness and more smooth gameplay. Dunno if that's a server thing or a game optimization thing but hopefully they keep it up and keep it in this zone for as long as possible.

  • Judge blocks Biden administration rule capping credit card late fees at $8
  • Also a good example of how executive orders are not the end-all-be-all solution for problems that could in theory be solved by the executive alone. We shouldn't be blaming Biden for not doing things that ultimately are the responsibility of legislative inaction.

    It's still bullshit that this was blocked, and definitely raises suspicion that the judge in question is bought and paid for by the banking industry, or at the very least, a Trump appointee who doesn't think twice about looking the other way if it helps Don the Con.

  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sues Meta, citing chatbot’s reply as evidence of shadowban
  • Okay sure, but there's nothing on the books that says that meta has to allow people to use their platform. You are not entitled to unlimited access to a private service.

    Ever single person from RFK and Donald Trump to you and me all sign the exact same fucking EULA and TOS when you register for an account. Stop holding these people above the law by pretending that the rules shouldn't apply to them.

  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sues Meta, citing chatbot’s reply as evidence of shadowban
  • Which law are you referencing?

    You agree to their EULA and TOS when you make your account. In that, there exists a clause that states that you can be banned for any reason or no reason at all at the site administrators discretion.

    So explain to me again how meta is in the wrong here?

  • Long distance relationship red flags?
  • Typically in LDRs you take every opportunity (within reason) to see each other. If he's saying he doesn't want to see you when you are able to, I'd consider that a red flag for sure. At the very least, it demands some explanation beyond just that there would be nothing to do.

    I think if you press him on this, he'll come clean and admit that he wants to break things off for whatever reason. Maybe he's lost interest, or maybe he is ashamed of being gay, I don't really know, but there definitely seems to be more to it than what you've already been told.

  • Don't you hate it?
  • Now I kinda want to see a "This meeting could have been a..." alignment chart.

    This meeting could have been an email - Lawful Good

    This meeting could have been rescheduled - Chaotic Good

    This meeting could have been a potluck - Neutral Good

    This meeting could have been a series of consecutive meetings - Lawful Evil

  • Indiana judge rules tacos, burritos are sandwiches
  • We already have the Cube Rule of Food Identification Unifying Theory. Tacos are Tacos. Burritos are Wraps. These guys need to get with the program. We base our food taxonomy on the specific arrangement of carbohydrates like civilized people.

  • asksciencefiction Furbag
    asksciencefiction is looking for moderators!

    Hello everyone,

    There has been a lot of new traffic to Lemmy in the past few weeks due to the turmoil at Reddit. A lot of you may be Reddit refugees, like I am, and are missing their old favorite subs right about now.

    I think it's more important than ever for regular users to step up and take an active role in rebuilding their communities, and I wasn't sure that things would ever get going unless somebody stepped up to the plate and made the effort, and I didn't want to wait around for someone else to take the initiative when I already had a strong desire to see this sort of content brought over to Lemmy.

    Now that the first step has been taken, I'm inviting others who might be interested in building or managing this community to join me in making this the best version of asksciencefiction possible.

    I have never been affiliated with /r/asksciencefiction or even been a moderator at reddit before. Preferably, I would like to hand off ownership of this community to somebody who has a strong desire to build and grow the community and enforce the rules. If that sounds like something you are interested in, please don't hesitate to send me a private message.

    Thank you!

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