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Hi, there!


I was born in 1989, so I am an ancient grandpa and demand respect for my lawn. (/s ya right like I own a house)

(P.s. I am not a sexy hairy ripped daddy bear, but I do own a cat named Tammy πŸˆβ€β¬›)

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Texting 911 via RCS is coming to Google Messages
  • Is anyone else upset this is affiliated with GOOGLE and not being rolled out some other way? Cuz i am

  • How right-wing media turned racism into a machine that generates billions a year
  • I think they're just a littl confused on how to express their thought. It's not that hating is more enjoyable, it's that hate and fear are biologically more reactive. If you're being threatened by an attacker with a knife while being offered a hug from your spouse, you're going to want to run or fight wayyyyy before having a nice embrace.

  • My experience with Walmart+
  • All of the suggested solutions here would have made me not get my refund. Farm those worthless upvotes you cringy internet moral knights.

  • My experience with Walmart+
  • How do you charge back something you bought with ebt??

  • My experience with Walmart+
  • I was instructed to bring it to the store and would not receive my refund.

  • My experience with Walmart+
  • Not sure what lemmy did, but i added a full res link too

  • My experience with Walmart+
  • I really have no idea why, I upload the original image to Lemmy and that's what came out 🀷

    Edit: and i just tried to post an uploaded version from imgbb and the link seems have been auto edited and immediately broke.

    Edit2: this one?

  • My experience with Walmart+

    What do you guys think about Walmart+? Service has good value, or just another way a company can suck more money out of consumers while providing the bare minimum of service and quality?

    Edit: lemmy squashed my image into a potato, so here's a hosted one:

    [Serious] Why do so many people seem to hate veganism?
  • Many people don't even live by a store with anything other than over ripe bananas and Apples. People don't all live in cities with Uber eats delivering organics from target. For MANY people, increasing their plant intake would mean literally starting a farm at home (quite the chore!), hour commutes, or relying on canned goods.

    I eat a lot of fruits and veggies, because I'm fortunate enough to have moved out of one of these produce black holes. But baby carrots, canned corn, and frozen broccoli really gets old when that's all that's there. Forever.

    Meat is good for quite a long time if frozen.

  • Chuck Todd: The race to build a better internet β€” before it's too late
  • Easy answer: kick companies the fuck off the Internet, make internet service a public utility, and provide tax supported services for the most important functions (payments, medical records, SEARCH, etc)

    Where will the tax money come from? Well nowhere, the Pentagon is too busy blowing it on wars and hiding aliens. This won't happen because we don't get things like this because companies are too busy innovating civilians into shitty lives.

  • What animals do you dislike for unusual reasons and why?
  • Geese.

    Just get the fuck out of here. PLEASE come at me so i can side swipe kick your stupid head.

  • Why do people still eat beef when we know it's terrible for Earth?
  • I smoked for 7 years

    Get over yourself lmfao

    edit: P.s. food is absolutely addictive, btw

  • Why do people still eat beef when we know it's terrible for Earth?
  • Cigarette smokers must really baffle you too

  • A surprising factor can predict dementia up to 12 years in advance, study finds
  • Tldr: It's quicktime events.

    Keep up on your Bayonetta, everyone!

  • What do you think about this?
  • This whole thread is a hoot

    Thank you

  • Macklemore Attacks Joe Biden On Pro-Palestine Song "Hind's Hall"
  • Voting biden doesn't guarantee avoiding those things either, trump may still win. What it does guarantee if biden wins though is more financial aid for Israel. Just because someone refuses to pull the train lever and switch tracks to run over the person tied on the other tracks does not mean they don't care about either persons lives. It's an unfair request. I understand that you are personally closer to what's happening in America, but I hope you can open your mind enough to see that there are other lives on the line as well and that yours isn't any more important than theirs.

  • AI? We have a legit virtual worm brain already
  • it..... alive???

  • The PlayStation 2
  • The ps2 had THE BEST library of any console, even to this day. I am still learning about random hiddem gems ive never heard of on it, and I've been gaming for 25 years

  • The cultured wars: Why lab-grown meat is inspiring bipartisan hate
  • Instead of useless hostile replies, people should have just informed you that you're likely confusing plant-based meat alternatives like impossible Burger with lab grown meat. Lab grown meat is still meat and it's not processed from a bunch of ingredients it's grown, just not on an animal. I'm sorry lemmy is so toxic. People should be allowed to not know everything, I think.

  • Why can't I reply to comments from

    This is happening to me a number of times now and I can't figure out why. I'll be trying to have a conversation through comments and I'll run into a commenter I want to reply to from kbin, And I'll type up my comment and get ready to hit post but then it just fails over and over. I've only noticed it on that server


    Replaying original with the 2.0 update

    I've been playing the original again and it's the first time since the big backwards update from Below Zero, and for the most part I'm appreciating the improvements. But I'm wondering if anyone has noticed any weirdness with progression now? It's hard for me to tell since playing it after you know everything is so much different, but it really feels like they piled on too many blueprints right around when you get the all purpose circular room. Suddenly I have all these rooms and glass options on top of the normal game progression, and it sort of feels...dirty? Like I got end game content too soon? It's like there's barely anything to unlock anymore and I haven't even made it to the lost river. I think I wish they put a little more thought into the timing of dropping.tvose blueprints, or maybe even hiding them in the game world.

    Is there anything you've noticed different in the game that you like playing after the update? That you didn't like? It does run smoother in general so that's nice, way less popping!

    Thanks for reading ✌️