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Replaying original with the 2.0 update

I've been playing the original again and it's the first time since the big backwards update from Below Zero, and for the most part I'm appreciating the improvements. But I'm wondering if anyone has noticed any weirdness with progression now? It's hard for me to tell since playing it after you know everything is so much different, but it really feels like they piled on too many blueprints right around when you get the all purpose circular room. Suddenly I have all these rooms and glass options on top of the normal game progression, and it sort of feels...dirty? Like I got end game content too soon? It's like there's barely anything to unlock anymore and I haven't even made it to the lost river. I think I wish they put a little more thought into the timing of dropping.tvose blueprints, or maybe even hiding them in the game world.

Is there anything you've noticed different in the game that you like playing after the update? That you didn't like? It does run smoother in general so that's nice, way less popping!

Thanks for reading ✌️