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Fuck spez
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How did gravity worked on the Death Star?
  • Or like the picture on the right but with the people standing on the inner surfaces instead of the outer ones? Centrifugal force from rotation is the only way we know how to make "artificial" gravity, although you can imagine the comical scene if it had to stop rotating in order to fire.

  • Touché
  • It's both. There's a whole school of thought about ADHD as an adaptation to hypersensitivity/trauma. See: Gabor Maté.

    Edit: there's also the fact that an ADHD diagnosis increases the likelihood of an anxiety disorder diagnosis, statistically. They tend to go together. I can't remember where I read it now but some clinician or researcher recently estimated that up to 75% of adults with anxiety disorders may also have ADHD.

  • How often do you consume the stuff you pirate? How do you avoid "hoarding"?
  • I have two servers, a >100TB rack-mounted Supermicro archive that doesn't get fired up often, and an Intel NUC that runs 24/7 but only draws 5W at idle. The NUC with its mere 4TB SSD is only for content I'm actively watching which gets deleted immediately afterwards. Running just the Supermicro made more sense when I had a terrible internet connection and had to wait for everything but I moved to an area with 1Gb+ connectivity a few years ago and subsequently needed to save on energy costs.

    I feel like the real question you want to ask yourself is, "how likely is it that this particular content will still be available on Usenet/torrents in a few years?" Some stuff is much more niche and rare while other movies/shows each have over a dozen redundant releases, at least a few of which will more or less always be available somewhere. To put things in perspective, it also helps to do an analysis of how much you're spending each month in order to avoid what you would be paying in streaming and licensing costs, including hardware, power, and connectivity. If that ratio gets too high then it's time to scale back.

  • My D18 after over 6 months of continuous illumination on a single charge in low power mode

    80's Music Fuck spez

    Dire Straits - Money For Nothing (1985)

    *radio edit

    Edit: Official lyric video here

    80's Music Fuck spez

    Rush - Tom Sawyer (1981)


    Are we tired of Firefly Petunias yet? I'm not.


    What is the best sandwich?


    What new obsession should I start next?


    At some point it's got to be easier to get it over with and just do the damn dishes.


    Surume-Ika, grilled squid with ginger sauce

    I knew all these pictures of food would come in handy one day.

    90's Music Fuck spez

    Faith No More - Epic (1990) Faith No More - Epic (Official Music Video)

    Faith No More - "Epic" (Official Music Video) from the album 'The Real Thing' (1989)🔔 Subscribe to UPROXX Indie Mixtape and ring the bell to turn on notific...

    Faith No More - Epic (Official Music Video)

    While the single was released in 1990, I do realize that the original album was in 1989. Feel free to ban me for this unforgivable transgression, but please consider that me suddenly feeling older than dirt after posting this fact may actually be punishment enough.


    She had a ruff day and fell asleep like this for a minute


    This may take a while...

    483749 minutes by my math, or just under a year.

    (the gory part is that the source drive is only 256GB with 10% used)


    She doesn't exactly love baths


    Can't submit a form on a website with the enter key


    What did the writer say when he glued himself to his book?

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


    I’m writing a musical about puns.

    It’s a play on words.


    I’m finally writing a dad joke about spices.

    It’s about thyme.


    Getting .net runtime 404 errors trying to install Jellyfin Server

    Linux noob still learning the basics with a simple question. Got Plex and *arr suite up and running great but Jellyfin Server refuses to install. Looks like a broken link. How do I use an alternate repo or other install source? Screenshot is the end of the output from running yay -S jellyfin-server and yes I'm on my phone because I'm too high to get up right now.


    Me enjoying stock photo memes from the bathroom while making productive use of company resources

    Image: man using two rolls of toilet paper as binoculars

    90's Music Fuck spez

    Pink Floyd - Marooned (1994) Pink Floyd - Marooned (Official Music Video HD)

    The video for Marooned was released to mark the 20th anniversary of Pink Floyd's The Division Bell. Much of the thought-provoking video was shot by the Floyd...

    Pink Floyd - Marooned (Official Music Video HD)
    90's Music Fuck spez

    Tonic - Open Up Your Eyes (1996) Tonic - Open Up Your Eyes (Closed-Captioned)

    Music video by Tonic performing Open Up Your Eyes. (C) 1996 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

    Tonic - Open Up Your Eyes (Closed-Captioned)