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The Earth's projected warming by 2100 has fallen in the last ten years.
  • Well first I hate cars, but that is subjective and explicitly linked to climate change.

    Secondly, this is certainly not a solution. It's an ecology argument for car manufacturers to continue to grow indefinitely, which isn't compatible with a sustainable way of living.

    It's good on paper, but it's not enough. Mentalities need to change too, and I doubt they will kindly accept to lower their productivity for the good of the planet

  • Is anyone having app instances killed whenever they follow an external link then come back ?

    It really annoys me and I can't know if it's the app or my phone OS. Everytime I change activities on my phone, boost seems to reboot itself and just go to the start of the posts feed, and it is really annoying

    Apparently Google Chrome is a necessity for the phone OS too properly work

    RedMi Note 11. Just received it for Christmas and boy was I crying the first time I booted it. 1 Gb of bloatware must most importantly: impossible to uninstall chrome.

    That is ok if any other browser can co-exist beside it... Boy was I wrong again. Some links from apps don't even care about my default browser, they just open chrome cause hell yeah.

    This is sickening me, Google is beginning to really disgust me. Someday I'll root this mf to get rid of ALL the bloatware

    Nouvelle loi française ?

    J'ai vu une pub Renaud et Dacia sur France 2 et chacune dentre elle avait un truc marqué en bas de la pub genre "Prenez les transports en commun #MoinsDeTrajetsMoinsDémissions" à peu près. Il y a eu une nouvelle loi en France ouuu ?

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