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WHY is 5G connectivity so (Trash) unreliable on the T-Mobile network including their MVNO’s?!
  • Because you pay for service, not stability.

    They don't like you

    They don't care

    It's your phone, it's too old

    You must have installed something that affected service

    You need to signup for a new promotion

    You need 5G+ Ultra for stability. Sign up now.

  • SoftBank’s new AI makes angry customers sound calm on phone
  • Be angry when accepting ANY terms with this company so they change your voice signature rendering your acceptance invalid.

    'No judge, that's not MY voice that agreed to the terms..they modified it to sound like that. '

  • Just another day for the Coast Guard
  • Ahem....literally they don't get told and people free dive all the time. Stop pushing your crap on others and forcing them to do what society deems is proper.

    I think it's unfair to force someone in the ocean to come back to land when he continues to go out. T The fuk you gonna do to stop them. Leave them

  • Just another day for the Coast Guard

    Why do people have this weird ass obsession with forcing their views on people, then demanding THEY be charged because YOU think they should be doing something different?

    His life, his choice. This is his SECOND time doing this so CLEARLY he knows because those that 'saved him' would have already told him the dangers he would have obviously already known to begin with.

  • Removal of Google's AI in web search &udm=14 | the disenshittification Konami code

    A quick way to get an AI-free search without any extra work.

    I hope this helps someone not be frustrated with Google's changes to their searches by forcing AI to help you click links.

    udm14 direct link

    Or, add to the end of your normal Google search.

    Reference article


    to anyone who wonders where the comment reply/vote buttons went too

    Go to settings and check off 'show actions bar by default for comments'

    For some reason the default is to NOT show the reply button to individual comments resulting in you needing to long press the comment to unhide the reply button.


    disable swipe to reply

    Is there any way to do this? I keep opening the reply thing while attempting to scroll, not sure if it's my phone being too sensitive or the way I swipe but it's driving me up the wall.

    Is this something I can disable? Going to poke in settings to look as well

    Edit: omg one of the first few options. Feels dumb. This is a non-issue and resolved.


    this week's challenge mode was a pita

    Anyone else find it difficult? Ran it like 20 times and felt like I was just guessing. Ended up completing it because I got 3x revenants. Only evidence I ever got was UV foot prints, so no wraith and well uv ghosties.

    I just don't like the big maps. Really hope the new horror 2.0 brings more small/medium maps


    Recently came back after 4 years off.

    Is it normal that I just went from 40 to 54 in an afternoon? This seems VERY fast from what I'm used too. Also, where's the gear?

    This doesn't feel like wow, I enjoy it but it's not at all what I remember. I haven't seen gear drop, what do disenchanters do? Is that still a thing?

    I have zero clue what I'm doing lol I have a billion questions and don't even know what to ask, it's confusing but not at the same time.

    I haven't even looked at my old professions. Almost scared too.

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    DUI detainee farts on officer ✂️ DUI detainee farts on cop

    19 seconds · Clipped by Five Macs · Original video "Very Drunk Driver Arrested for DUI Before Officer-Assisted Field Sobriety Test" by The DUI Channel

    ✂️ DUI detainee farts on cop

    I keep noticing those who sit at dog parks tend to have the most misbehaved dogs

    Sounds bad to be so judgemental, but day after day at the park, the most misbehaved dogs tend to be owned by those who sit at dog parks and chat, smoke, bring random lawn chairs etc..

    The breeds of dog also tend to be the same, 'pitbullish' style or cane Corso, or those dogs so small and yappy.

    It's somewhat frustrating. If I see more then 1 or 2 people sitting, I know there is most likely going to be some altercation between dogs and there usually is..

    Is it the same in your area?

    10's Main Community FiveMacs

    how to unblock accidently blocked community?

    I clicked block on a community I didn't want to block. I can't seem to locate the block list to unblock them.

    How do?


    -UwU- GitHub - virejdasani/pythOwO: an UwU programming language

    an UwU programming language. Contribute to virejdasani/pythOwO development by creating an account on GitHub.

    GitHub - virejdasani/pythOwO: an UwU programming language