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I went back to Reddit…
  • Lemmy lacks on users and content that's a fact. But you get no engagement at all from Reddit.

    I can post a comment there and see another 800 people posting comments. You rarely get replies from anyone. I don't care about likes and awards. But it's nice to see someone agreeing or disagreeing with you.

  • Unofficial Reddit API
  • It's a good initiative, but is it really worth at this time?

    I am not entirely sure to be honest. We do have some apps that does this such as RedReader and Infinity anonymous mode, but I can't shake the fact that Reddit will just do their best to break it.

    Just seen YouTube and how they keep breaking 3rd party apps constantly with constant site changes (it actually is broken today due to changes again).

    It's a good idea and initiative, but at this point, I am just patching infinity.

  • How the hell should I even switch mail providers?
  • I would look at my list of accounts stored on my keepass folders, and start migrating the accounts, one by one, to a new email account. Some of them might allow changing the email, some might require creating a new account.

  • Feature Request: Preferred dark theme

    I use the follow system when setting a theme. However, Thunder defaults to gray theme rather than amoled.

    Would love to have the option to set a preferred dark theme so that it defaults to the amoled option instead.


    Feature Request: Export settings option

    Apologies, not sure if the option is available. Can we have the option of exporting voyager settings to a local file and restore it when needed?

    Voyager updates have been failing lately and the only way to update it is to remove the app, download the APK, reinstall it, then amend settings again.


    Feature request: Double tap, hold, then swipe to zoom

    Voyager is an amazing app but to me it lacks one feature. A client like Thunder has this feature where you can control the zoom level by double tapping, holding, then swiping up or down an image. It's great for single handed use.

    Would it be possible to implement something like that in voyager?


    Accounts capitalised while everything else isn't.

    The ACCOUNTS title has been capitalised while every other title on other screen has the first letter in uppercase only. This only happens when choosing the android theme. Choosing the apple theme seems to be fine.

    The android theme has been improved but having this capitalised makes it look jarring.

    Voyager v1.45


    Does Voyager have the option of previewing a submission (post or comment) before posting it to Lemmy?


    How can a normal lemmy user contribute in reducing the amount of spam posted without being a mod?


    Reddit started doing what they always wanted to do, sell user content to AI.


    Bug: Usernames shown as blocks sometimes

    Usernames are shown as coloured blocks instead of letters.

    Works fine on other apps.

    Link to post:


    Samsung Galaxy S24,S24+ to be cheaper in EU Samsung Galaxy S24,S24+ to be cheaper in EU; North America really coming with SD8 Gen 3

    A leaked specs sheet suggests the US and Canada are getting the Qualcomm chipset. Samsung is expected to introduce the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy...

    Samsung Galaxy S24,S24+ to be cheaper in EU; North America really coming with SD8 Gen 3

    Bloody Samsung think a base S24 for €900 is cheap. Not to mention the shitty Exynos it comes with in Europe.


    Bug: haptic feedback still happen with the option turned off

    Even when the haptic feedback turned off, it still ocurrs.

    I am using voyager 1.31.3 native on android.

    To reproduce the issue, just choose any post and click the three dots option. A menu should slide up with options such as upvote, downvote, or save.

    Simple place your finger and hold on one of these options. If you swipe your finger up or down through the option a haptic feedback occurs.


    Feature request: clicking on the inbox button again takes you to the Inbox (All) screen.


    Feature request: Image swipe zoom

    When viewing images, can the option of double tapping then holding, and then swiping to zoom in and out be implemented?


    Unable to post an image post

    When trying to upload an image, I receive the below error message. Any idea why?


    Why would eternity show negative comments?


    Lemmy apps market share

    Hello everyone.

    I apologise in advance if this is the wrong place to post this question. I am not sure if this exists, but, is there a website or a graph somewhere that shows the market share/downloads/installs or all Lemmy apps available?

    Thank you.


    Has Eternity been abandoned?

    It's been some time since we received any updates. Will an upgrade to Lemmy 0.19 break the app?


    Bug: The Home title at the top is not centered when choosing the Android theme.


    Feature Requests: FH Card View & Full Screen Mode

    I have been using WefWef (I still adore that name WefWef :) ) for some time and loving it. However, I have the below two feature requests if possible:

    1. The card view is great, but would love to have to the option of adding a fixed height to those cards.

    2. The top bar and the bottom bar remain viewable while scrolling. Would love to have the option of introducing an auto hide for those two elements to get full screen view of contents.

    Apologies if this is the wrong place to request features, hope that is ok with you @[email protected]


    Not a big issue but the word inside is typed twice.