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Are there any good Blu-ray ripping software for Linux?

I'm well aware that I can rip most Blu-rays with MakeMKV and then convert to mp4 with Handbrake; however, the former just rips everything raw from the disk so the file size is humongous and the conversion via Handbrake for just a single file is terribly long and puts a lot of strain on my computer.

I've heard that EaseFab LosslessCopy is decent, but they only have a Windows and a Mac version, and I'm unsure how well it'd run under Wine.

I am willing to pay for it, but only as long as it's not a subscription thing. Has to be a one-time payment.

Does anyone know any decent Blu-ray ripping software that fits these conditions and run well on Linux? Specifically, it would be either Pop!_OS or Linux Mint. (I'm still using Windows because I want to figure out some software alternatives before I do so I'm not caught with my pants down, so to speak.)