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Microsoft Surface Event 2024 rumors: Surface Laptop 6, Surface Pro 10, and more expected
  • How sad is it that the company that makes Windows has the most forgettable and disappointing hardware line-up?

    I'm not surprised. It's Microsoft. I'm just sad.

  • Breathtaking colorized video from 1896 of around the world
  • I prefer old videos and photographs looking the way they were.

  • Steve
  • Actually, cows drink cow milk, so they are not vegans. /s

  • So that's what the different versions of emojis are for
  • Facebook and WhatsApp were separate apps until Facebook bought WhatsApp. That's why there's so much difference in the design language, functionality, etc.

  • Steve
  • The vegan burger is made of vegan people.

  • Nothing Phone (2a) is official with Dimensity 7200 Pro, Glyph design
  • I had a Mediatek Redmi phone, Note 8 Pro. Dev support matters if I'm not wrong... And Nothing tends to have little friction...

  • Time Flies
  • Because Monday is no safe day for work.

  • Dobby doing his “feed me” pose.
  • His name makes me imagine the actual elf from Harry Potter doing this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Social distancing
  • QQ: what's the difference between markup and markdown?

  • I need a Fediverse slogan
  • Nah. It's made for a purpose glorious-er than that.

  • Buddha Pear
  • True that. Nature is surprising.

  • TIL that platypuses glow under a UV light
  • Creator of Phineas and Ferb reacting to this news:

  • Just wait until the next invention
  • Listen here you little shit.

  • Hogwarts Legacy - Developer Blooper Reel
  • Interesting


    So, I had a look at it... It feels like a Blooper reel made for the game... The Toy Story one I believe started off with them using bloopers from the VA sessions.

    But nonetheless, to have such content requires the game itself being fully finished before the deadline. This is the basic requirement we lack currently, so such stuff will only add to the stress of the devs.

  • What happened to Winstall?

    The service stopped allowing groups for apps. And the collections of others are also no longer accessible... Why?


    Obtain Winget for already installed applications

    I have seen people use the Chocolatey or Winstall services to bulk install applications.

    Winstall used to allow group creation... But it won't anymore, so I need a way to collect all the installed apps into a list of winget commands so I can just run it or schedule it every now and then to check for updates...


    Any good free, open source UWP Windows apps?

    Looking to replace most of the Microsoft garbage with functional, native, good-looking apps.

    Already using FluentWeather, FluentCast, Screenbox, Wino Mail, Unigram, AniMoe (Anilist client)...

    Wanted Windows to ID Fluetro PDF as a PDF app, but for some reason that isn't happening...

    Any other suggestions are also welcome...


    Any good free, open source UWP Windows apps?

    Looking to replace most of the Microsoft garbage with functional, native, good-looking apps.

    Already using FluentWeather, FluentCast, Screenbox, Wino Mail, Unigram, AniMoe (Anilist client)...

    Wanted Windows to ID Fluetro PDF as a PDF app, but for some reason that isn't happening...

    Any other suggestions are also welcome...


    Yo, where's Alex?

    Haven't seen him in a while. Did I miss any announcement?


    What's up with Epic Games?

    I can't seem to find that one comment explaining the issue with them...

    But for the sake of promoting conversation on Lemmy, what's the issue with Epic, and why should I go for Steam or GoG?

    Note: Piracy is not an answer. I understand why, and do agree to a certain extent... But sometimes, the happiness gained by playing something from a legitimate source is far greater 🥹... coming from someone who could never ever afford to purchase games, nor could my parents... Hence I've always played bootleg, or pirated games.


    What's wrong?

    • Their launcher has a terrible UI AND UX.
    • They make exclusive deals with studios to prevent other platforms from getting games. (Someone mentioned that Steam did the same thing in their infancy. Also, I have another question; why is it ok for Sony and Microsoft to make exclusive games for their consoles but not ok for these PC platforms to do so?)
    • They have been invested in by a Chinese company, Tencent. (Someone mentioned that it isn't that big of a deal, but idk.)
    • They are actively anti-linux for some reason.

    I have some questions about the Fediverse

    This post at the top of the community homepage explains and answers all of my issues.

    1. The idea of the Fediverse is that you can fed with and defed from any instances as an instance moderator, OR just block a particular instance on a personal level. Right?

    If yes, then why is Threads fedding up being viewed as such a big issue? I am not saying I like it. I'm just wondering what the actual issue is and what the real threat is that they pose? I read some comments saying that if Threads feds up, then they could pull the numbers and this gain some sort of majority that would lead to a control over the Fediverse... But, isn't the point of the Fediverse that people can just stay away from an instance if they don't like it and still interact with the people?

    1. Also, our posts on any instance are public. So even if we defed from a particular instance, wouldn't our posts still be accessible? I read that Threads can access our information. The publicly available information on the Fediverse is mostly just usernames and the posts we make. That's available regardless of them wanting it, right?

    I'm looking to understand the issue, not spark a fight. Please. Let's talk it over and not start being asses.

    Remember, a different opinion isn't the end of the world.


    What DID Apple innovate?

    Genuine question.

    I know they were the scrappy startup doing different cool things. But, what are the most major innovative things that they introduced, improved or just implemented that either revolutionized, improved or spurred change?

    I am aware of the possibility of both fanboys and haters just duking it out below. But there's always that one guy who has a fkn well-formatted paragraph of gold. I await that guy.


    Tomb Raider 2018 was a cool film

    Finally finished the first two games from the recent trilogy and boy howdy is it an experience.

    Thought that a movie was impossible, then remembered that there was a movie starring Alicia Vikander...

    Went back to check and HOLY FUCK did the movie parallel the games so well.

    It's obviously not a great way to do it... But TR is just not as grounded as we'd like to think.

    The Last of Us worked since it has more grounded aspects... But when the climax of your game is Lara battling fucking undead Samurai, you have yourself a pickle.

    However, a higher budget and a franchise guarantee would've made this an AWESOME experience... Imagine the bow and arrow scene from the movie, but with an older and more experienced Lara... Stealth shooting like in the games 😭❤️.


    Is there such a thing as too much privacy?

    This isn't meant to start a war in the comments.

    I have been thinking... Platforms that advertise encryption and unmatched privacy have almost always been used by bad actors that ruin it for everyone else. This leads to some sort of middle ground being set up that ends up being further from privacy than we'd like it to be.

    I see the benefits of both situations, and am left wondering if we can even survive as a society if we were to have absolute privacy.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.


    I'm asking how we can navigate this conundrum in order to reach a common ground where we do NOT have to give up our precious privacy in exchange for security.

    Nothing else. I'm sorry if my post didn't reflect that.


    Can someone help me identify this movie?

    I remember having CDs of those old Spiders and Octopus and Shark Attack movies. But there was one movie in particular I remember...

    It was about this dude who had the ability to plug electric cables into himself. He literally plugs them into his neck or wherever...

    I can't really remember much more... It was probably a sequel...

    Edit: I found it BTW... Thanks to user slepthenbite... It's called Plughead Rewired: Circuitry Man 2 lol.


    Will USI products ever become as responsive and/or as feature packed as the S-Pen?

    I always wonder... Samsung has been in this for a long, long, LOOOOONG time and they're essentially the Gods of smartphone styluses (stylii?).

    So, would we ever see such a level of integration?


    Thank You devs.

    We are currently in an age where a large portion of open source apps are actively maintained, users understand more about open source than ever before and open source software is almost as good, if not better, than their proprietary counterparts.

    This is just a huge thank you to anyone and everyone involved in the making and maintaining of open source software.

    As a regular tester, I do my best to provide any feedback I can to make your vision come to fruition.


    So, will the next update be a separate installation or will it replace the old app itself?



    Just finished Succession. Wow.

    You can't make Tomlette without breaking some Greggs.


    Have movies and TV shows become overreliant on comedy?

    I saw a post on Reddit, didn't know if it was posted here yet (I'm using Thunder, and idk if any other client has the ability to search in communities), so decided to do so...

    I have now come to hate Marvel movies. The only recent movie that actually made me feel like, "Yeah... There's a consistency here." was Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Sure it's got humour, but so did the other 2. That's it's shtick. Old music, fancy visuals, over-the-top comedy mixed in with some serious tones.

    The Flash would've been good, if only they stuck to the fucking tone.

    Imagine... You lost your mother in a murder, and your dad is wrongfully convicted of the crime. You gain superpowers and one day, get a chance to maybe right that wrong. BUT... By doing so, you will tear the fabric of reality. And after an attempt at righting the wrong, you realise the consequences of your actions. And have to put things back the way they were, even if that means going back to the world you were in before.

    Bro that is SOOOOOO fucking heavy. And not to mention the fact that there's some scenes in the movie where they definitely delivered on that pain... Barry Prime lashing out at Neo Barry for a Mom joke, because he's never had one and Neo Barry seems to take her and his entire life for granted. And instead of acting out like a child, Neo Barry actually behaves like an adult and apologizes... Knowing that even if he doesn't understand why, Barry Prime probably has a reason.

    BRO how fucking cool would a movie that maintained this, have been? HUH??!!

    But no. They smash all that into the ground because Spider-Man No Way Home brought back old actors, so shall we (for no reason).

    Plus the incessant dumb jokes! And the fact that they forgot that he has the calories limitation at the beginning of the movie.


    (I'm sorry this turned into a The Flash rant.)


    New Alpha just dropped🤌🏼




    what even is 196?!

    I don't even know what this community is about. And yet, since y'all decided to stroll onto my homepage, I now have to post here... Knowing nothing.



    Notification counter or badge for the navigation pane

    A badge to indicate that notifications have arrived would be appreciated.

    Also, I'm not receiving any notifications from the app at all.


    I can see deleted comments' content.


    When I reply to this message, I can see the content. Definitely a bug...