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Dutch woman, 29, granted euthanasia approval on grounds of mental suffering
  • Are therapists not allowed to work with students?

    Read the comment again and try to figure out why I said they aren't a therapist. Hint: It's in the very first sentence.

    IMO anyone with truly intolerable suffering (mental or otherwise) would have found a way out long before this decision.

    How would you know?

  • Dutch woman, 29, granted euthanasia approval on grounds of mental suffering
  • I'm currently midway through a program to become a therapist. I've been in the mental health space for quite some time, and worked with students of many ages.

    So you are not a therapist.

    Bodily autonomy includes the right to die, if one choses to do so. Are you against bodily autonomy?

    And what do you think would happen if she had been denied? Instead of a dignified death in a safe environment she might have resorted to options available to her, possibly endangering other people as well.

  • [Solved] Looking for a privacy oriented fitness tracker

    Hi other privacy people :)

    I am currently looking for a fitness tracker that at least doesn't need a proprietary app to get the data out of it. Haven't really found any recent articles that look into that aspect of fitness trackers, any advice?

    I know about the bangle.js but wanted to know if there is more. Also, if you have this device and use it to track your running, I would be happy to read your review!

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit: Solution for me was to adjust the settings of opentracks. Before it recorded only every 10 metres. Additionally I ordered a chest strap for my heart rate. Brand is Polar, they seem to be good about not needing their own app to get your data.


    Idee gestohlen vong 1 anderem Nutzy hier

    Disgaea 4 Complete+ stuck on "Now Loading"

    Hey community

    I got Disgaea 4 on steam last nigjt, unfortunately I get stuck on the initial "Now loading" screen, after the intro video. However this happens around 4 out of 5 times and sometimes it works.

    Does anyone else have this problem? I haven't found a solution for this on protonDB either, sadly.

    Running up to date EndeavourOS.


    Hier noch der Link zum (recht dünnen) "Artikel"

    Woher bekomme ich Socken und Rock?

    Hallo meine lieben sockentragenden Programmierer:innen :)

    Ich würde ja auch gern dazugehören und brauche noch die entsprechenden Socken uuuuund eigentlich auch gerne einen Rock. Gibt es Online Shops, die ihr mir empfehlen könnt? Ich glaube ich bin noch nicht bereit, in einen Laden zu gehen und mir femme Klamotten zu kaufen 🙈

    Danke schonmal!

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