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Report: Literacy Rates in the United States Have Declined Significantly in the Last 30 Years
  • Obligatory I didn't read the article.

    It's obviously T9 Word's fault. All these kids out here texting with T9 word, can't expect anyone to be spelling when they can T9 their way through life.

  • non vegan pizza time
  • Happy Juneteenth everyone!
  • My only gripe is I can never remember the number, and there are several teenths. I'm bad with dates. July 4th is idiot proof.

  • Happy Juneteenth everyone!
  • My kids finished today. A couple towns over finished last week. I don't know how they decide this shit.

  • Happy Juneteenth everyone!
  • Just got around to watching this movie for the first time, real happy ending.

  • I can't disagree.
  • I've 100% turned on my blinker for a curve in the road, and I feel like a fucking idiot when I do it. So fortunately I've seen other people do it and I know there's at least a couple of us out there. The worst part is it's been the same curve multiple times. There's nowhere else to go either, the road just bends right, but sometimes I just hit the old blinkety-blink.

  • I can't disagree.
  • What if their arms are just really weak, you do have to turn the wheel slightly more than normal.

  • I can't disagree.
  • You do, it's called property taxes.

  • Boeing CEO admits company has retaliated against whistleblowers during Senate hearing
  • What are people going to say, "Yeah, I knew he was gonna do it, but I had other shit going on so I ignored it." Meaningless quote you hear all too often after people commit suicide unfortunately. And I don't mean to admonish anyone, but who comes out afterwards and says "Yeah, his life was shit and he was a miserable fuck it was only a matter of time."

  • More parents are taking on debt to pay for Disney vacations as prices soar
  • So between February and November, got it.

  • More parents are taking on debt to pay for Disney vacations as prices soar
  • What time of year was this? I'm gonna take the kids eventually, but I'm pulling them out of school and we are going to find the least peak time possible. I refuse to go anywhere on spring break or over the summer.

  • With the recent issues of transgender people in sports, why don’t we move some sports over to a weight-class system?
  • I've talked for years with friends of mine about MLB+Steroids+Aluminum Bats. I want to see someone hit two 700ft homers in a night.

  • Protect your PC
  • That's a term I haven't heard in a very, very long time. I keep one in a drawer with my Sound Blaster PCMCIA card.

  • And people who don't read make fun of you for it.
  • Portuguese, to me, sounds like this: msh msh oowow msh msh. I love it.

  • And people who don't read make fun of you for it.
  • I don't speak Spanish, but do Spanish authors pull the same shit English ones do, where they give characters absolutely nonsense names with ambiguous pronunciations? Is it even possible? I will read a name of a character or place and spend the next 20 chapters reading the word twice or three times in different ways.

  • And people who don't read make fun of you for it.
  • I pronounced epitome epi-tome for the longest time. Now as I read, I pop onto Google when I encounter something I'm unfamiliar with. And I'm 36, my job has me fairly familiar with the English language, but I swear some writers discover a word and they're like "can't wait to use this two or three times in the next couple chapters."

    It's that and character/place names, but character names are dangerous lookups, spoiled a plot in WoT looking up how to pronounce Moraine. And the worst part is her name's pretty obvious, but I fucking looked it up anyway. I thought Hermione was obvious as a kid, but that's probably because I transposed the I and O, now that I think about it.

  • And here I am just wanting to spray paint "bitch" on my sub's car :'(
  • I've noticed, on ones I've seen in person and online, the paint job makes a huge, huge difference. Black ones look pretty good. Someone has a dark red one by me that's just less bad.

  • The end of an era?
  • Pretty brave to admit that.

  • Leaky bags
  • My bag of flour is in a Ziploc bag as we speak. As was the previous bag. The choice between environmentalism and a pantry without flour everywhere is unfortunately an easy one to make for me.

  • A flawless strategy
  • It's funny, two things that made it infinitely easier to pick up women were my wedding ring and my kids. Of course it's probably the complete lack of pressure, knowing I'm not actually picking up anyone. Always been a confidence issue.

  • My experience so far on Lemmy.

    A technical disaster, but sure, I'll keep coming back. Can't wait to reminisce about the days when it was a technical disaster, though.

    Also, posted from my PC, because doing anything on Jerboa has proven impossible.

    New Jersey Dozzi92

    Sparta couple charged with stealing COVID-19 money.

    Love to see it, and I want to see more of it. Anyone who did this absolutely deserves what they have coming to them.