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BYD leads EV sales surge in Brazil with affordable electric cars
  • I know. But the incumbents have been putting off the transition to EVs for decades in the name of short term profits and now they're caught with their pants down. If they had seriously invested ten years ago, they'd be much further along.

  • fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves...
  • Let's do a thought experiment: imagine I heartily kicked you in the balls. How would you feel about that? So yeah, that's not a moral absolute but at least I have an empirical basis for saying it's wrong to harm.

  • Headless VNC on Mint

    I installed x11vnc on Mint and it works fine as long as I have a monitor plugged into the server. I want to run the server without a monitor though. That apparently doesn't work with Cinnamon. I already bought a dummy plug to simulate a monitor but that seems clunky. Is there a better way? I'm also open to using a different VNC server or even a different distro (as long as it's not Ubuntu or Arch).


    Dell 5070 won't boot into Linux Mint

    Update: it worked without any issues after i tried a different USB stick with a different ISO. Which is weird, because I had installed LMDE on several machines with exactly this stick. I guess the ways of our Lord and Saviour are mysterious.

    I swapped out the SATA drive on the Dell 5070. There is no NVME drive. Before I had a 256 GB drive. I put in a 1 TB drive and installed Mint on it. The previous drive also had Mint. But I must have somehow messed up the BIOS settings because now the blasted thing won't boot.

    The drive shows up on the System Info page of the BIOS:


    It also shows up in the Drives page:


    But I can't choose it as a boot option:


    Clicking on Add Boot Option only brings an error that it can't find any file system. I tried restoring the settings but that didn't help. What can I do?


    My EDC as a regular office droid

    Ridge Wallet with cards and some cash

    Ridge key case with keys and small pocket knife

    Pixel Watch

    Not pictured: Pixel 7, used to take the pic

    10 Some states are now trying to ban lab-grown meat

    Spurious "war on ranching" cited as reason for legislation.

    Some states are now trying to ban lab-grown meat

    The "conservative" war on reality finds new depths to sink to

    Political Memes Diplomjodler

    No caption required

    Carnival float from yesterday's parade in Cologne

    Edit: Düsseldorf, apparently. But Kölsch is still better than Alt


    Hardware recommendations wanted for Jellyfin server

    Right now I'm running Jellyfin on an old mini-PC with a Celeron J4105. That seems a bit underpowered. I'm using Linux Mint and the installation is with Docker. I'm looking to replace it with something better, so what would you recommend? My criteria are:

    • Easily available (second hand is fine)
    • Budget friendly (under € 500 would be nice)
    • Repairable
    • Upgradable (at least SSD and RAM)
    • Low power consumption at idle
    • Handles all the transcoding stuff without breaking a sweat
    • Plays nice with Linux

    I guess my best bet would be some sort of second hand mini PC like they're being offloaded on eBay by the truckload. But I have no idea which particular models would be a good fit for me. I'm also fine with buying something new, of course.

    9 Bundesregierung legt Bahnausbau nahezu auf Eis

    Die Mobilitätswende ist eines der großen Anliegen der Ampelkoalition. Dafür muss aber viel Geld in Infrastruktur fließen. Das KTF-Debakel macht Einsparungen nötig. Aktuellen Zahlen belegen, dass die sogar noch größer ausfallen, als gedacht. An Ausbau ist kaum zu denken. Und das hat Folgen.

    Bundesregierung legt Bahnausbau nahezu auf Eis

    Danke Lindner und Merz. Da purzeln doch bestimmt noch ein paar Steuergeschenke für Reiche raus.

    5 Stricken Japanese Moon mission landed on its nose

    The first image of the Slim spacecraft shows it to be in an awkward position on the lunar surface.

    Stricken Japanese Moon mission landed on its nose

    Dang! So close.


    Jellyfin installation: flatpak, repo or docker?

    I want to check out jellyfin. Now I'm wondering which installation method I should choose. I'm on Linux Mint 21.2. It's in the Mint Software Mager as a flatpak, then of course there's docker and I found a reasonably clear guide to install it from the repo. I just want to dip in my toes and get up and running with a little hassle as possible. I mainly want to be able to play media on my Chromecast, so I'm wondering if DNLA will work on flatpak? Otherwise that would be my preference. Are there any other considerations or pitfalls?

    Update: somehow the flatpak didn't work for me. I'm sure the issues would have been fixable, but the documentation is pretty much nonexistent. In the end I went with docker and now have my server up and running.


    Synology DS215j NAS - time for an upgrade?

    I've had this box for almost ten years now, so I've been thinking about getting something new. Looking at the market, the new systems don't seem to be all that much more advanced, though. So my question is, should I get a new one or just keep the old box and swap out the drives? What can a new NAS do that my old one can't? And what kind of drives should I get? I have 2 TB WD Red something, is that still a good choice? I'd move up to 4 TB, of course. This box is only used as backup for my home stuff and a small business, I'm primarily concerned with reliability.

    11 Elon’s Edsel? The Tesla Cybertruck went on sale today

    Tesla handed over the first 10 trucks to customers, with more deliveries in 2024.

    Elon’s Edsel? The Tesla Cybertruck went on sale today
    52 Shane MacGowan: Pogues singer dies aged 65

    The Irish singer-songwriter, whose hits include Fairytale of New York, was unwell for some time.

    Shane MacGowan: Pogues singer dies aged 65

    R.I.P. Shane. I hope they have Guinness wherever you are now.


    /etc/fstab entry for Synology NAS

    I'm trying to mount my Synology NAS on a Raspberry Pi 4 with Raspian. I works when I do it the following command:

    sudo mount -t nfs 192.168.178.**:/volume1/my_data / /home/pi/mount/NAS

    but it doesn't work with this entry in /etc/fstab:

    192.186.178.**:/volume1/my_data /home/pi/mount/NAS nfs defaults 0 0

    What am I doing wrong?

    Edit: pro tip: make sure you get the IP addresses right so you won't spend days chasing after a trivial error like some idiot. Don't ask me how I know. Thanks to @Arlos for pointing that out.