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Nem fellebbezett senki, jogerőssé vált Karácsony Gergely újraválasztása
  • You either die as a hero... fene tudja, amit a várossal csinál, az szerintem nettó pozitív átlagra jön ki, de lehet, hogy még 5-10 év politikai fortyolódás teljesen átalakítja azzá a tipikus, sztereotipikus politikussá. Esetleg mindig is az volt, és most kezd belefáradni a látszat fenttartásába, bár az már nagyon alufóliasisakos elméletnek hangzik.

  • No common rube
  • I remember some old movie that was on TV ~30 years ago. A terrorist group broke into some computer room to destroy the data. They shot the monitors to smithereens and ran away.

    (AFAIR they weren't Macs)

  • goddamnit
  • Not the end of the world, but out of the few apps that don't fit in the 'pretty much everything' group, messenger is one of them and I can't share a good bunch of memes on Lemmy with my friends because of that. I usually end up screenshotting my own screen because of that.

  • History repeats itself.
  • Completely baseless assumption, but I think it's just a continuation of the phenomenon when toddlers get hyped for trucks/tractors/combine harvesters/anything that is big and loud, maybe because it's associated with power, I don't know. Some people just stay at this toddler's mentality and they see everything that's big and/or loud as something you can boast about. See also: loud exhausts, 6400 deciBel motorcycle sounds, etc.

  • Trump VP Hopeful Declares, ‘Under Joe Biden, We’re Actually Living Under a Dictatorship’
  • Oh, that's perfectly fine: as Trump stated before, once elected he would start a dictatorship from day one. So if Biden is doing the same (obv. not) then he (Trump) wouldn't bring anything new to the table, he would just copy ideas and now republicans can't even say it's a bad thing.

    But I guess I expect too much from the average Trump voter, remembering whatever that senile felon said months/years ago.

  • Gaming Dicska

    Skyrim: Prison Break


    A typical deathmatch scenario

    • You spawn. Not in the best spot, but you have just enough time to pick your weapon before you get slapped from a random corner.

    • You spawn. After taking 2 steps you run into a Brimstone, crouching in a corner, spamming his Odin. Easy kill. This will be a great DM.

    • You Face Jett. Both of you start shooting, but you die to a 3rd party before your 2nd bullet.

    • You spawn. Right between two agents fighting. You get destroyed before you can turn.

    • You spawn. You run into Brim, still crouching in another corner. You delete him. Right after that, 3 people appear from 3 different angles at the same time. You stand no chance.

    • You spawn. You take two steps, then a Reyna swings from the corner, instantly killing you. She's been there for the last 6 seconds, waiting for someone to make noise.

    • You spawn. You see from afar the same Brim crouching behind a box. You aim at him but you get 3rd partied.

    • You spawn. As you run, you hear someone desperately trying to get after you to get a backshoot kill. You decide to teach them a lesson. At the 3rd corner you turn around to greet them. As soon as you turn around, Reyna kills you from behind.

    • You spawn. Reyna spawn kills you.

    • You spawn. Sova runs out of a corner. You take him down quickly. You hear noise from the left, so you turn. Grave mistake, Gecko spawned in the same corner, right after Sova died.

    • You spawn. Right behind Gecko, because spawn algorithm. You start spamming, the first shot misses, you get 3rd partied.

    • You spawn. You find Reyna shift walking around a corner. You open fire but Brim spams you down from a nearby corner with an Odin.

    The match is over, Jett has 40 kills and the 2nd best has 22.

    I've played DM several games, but this takes the cake.


    Someone is dumping their rubbish into my recycle bin (I know the address) - how bad is that? What would you do? Details in desc.

    So apparently, I found someone else's rubbish in my recycle bin. Mind you, the shed it's stored in only has ~5 recycle bins, mine is numbered with my flat number, and they were dumb enough to leave a parcel box with their own address on it, which shouldn't even go into any of these ~5 bins.

    While it shoudln't be a huge problem, if their shit contains anything that makes the bin men refuse to take the rubbish, I would be alone with the problem, and they also left half a pack of canned beer, and some of them are still oozing beer. Together with my own, the bin is kind of full,

    On the other hand, it feels really petty to complain about some rubbish in my bin. Also, I may look/feel like a weirdo/pervert if they ask how I found them, because that indicates that I went through all of their rubbish to find that parcel box with the address on it. Even though I think they did this to themselves by dumping their waste into someone else's bin.

    What would you do? On a scale from "don't even bother" to "Report them immediately", how serious is this matter? Is it worth doing anything about it?


    The great non-tap metro mystery, or am I the "only one" who pays for something semi-free

    I'm relatively new to this whole Newcastle metro business, and I have only ever used paper tickets and PAYG. I've been considering getting a season ticket (Pop card), and I wasn't sure whether I should tap in and out with a season ticket, since there's no balance to change. I looked it up on the Nexus website, and it looks like you should tap, however...

    Thinking about the last 10 times I used the metro, out of the ~20 people who got off with me, only 3-5 other people tapped their card on the yellow reader. That made me think: there's no way this many people had paper tickets. So you either don't tap in/out with your season ticket (but then how do you check zones), or out of the 20 people, at least ~10 just tried to get away not buying a ticket.

    What's going on? Should I just ditch my PAYG Pop card and go thug life (since apparently, you can almost always get away like the other 10 people), or you just simply don't have to tap your season ticket?


    People who press the button at the pedestrian crossing and then cross anyway right after: how do you think the 1997 Kyoto protocol affected the industrial economics of the late 2010's?

    On a slightly more serious note: I really wonder what's going on in your mind when you press that button and cross anyway. Is it just because "I don't care", or is there more to it? If so: what?

    EDIT: In case it's because you don't care: why do you press the button then?


    Wise experts of League client: HOW the hell do I make that TFT yellow dot go away?

    (No, I don't want to turn off ALL yellow dot notifications; ONLY the TFT one)

    EVERY SINGLE TIME I launch the client, there is a yellow dot on the TFT tab. I check every item I can claim: they have been claimed already. I have clicked through all those childish conversations that you can have with champions. I have even checked my inventory. I am NOT going to buy the pass.

    Still, after I close the client, EVERY SINGLE TIME there is a yellow dot on the TFT tab and it's driving me insane.

    Where can I finally claim that hidden thing? What do I need to do to make it go away?


    2/3 of our champ1 MMR matches have a GC in the opposing team. Not just 1 or 2; consistently. What happened?

    So the 2 guys I usually play with are champ2 and dia3-champ1 level. I'm also champ1. NONE of us were ever in GC, not for a single match. We play 2v2s and 3v3s, depending on who's available.

    This season we got absurd amount of GCs in our matches. Both 2v2 and 3v3, but 3v3 seemed even more infested with GC titles. Interestingly, whenever they actually say something about their rank, they say they are GCs in another game mode, or that they played a long time ago. But most of them still do stuff that we have never been able to, and the rest is just as bad as us, or even worse (which isn't too rare). But this many "GC in another mode" players, suddenly, out of thin air?

    What happened suddenly?

    Before this season, seeing a GC title in our games was definitely a rarity. We saw ~2-3 every season, and that was pretty much it. Whenever we ran into one before, they actually played like a GC and they hard carried their suspiciously clueless teammates. This season GC matches are more abundant than the ones without.

    Is it because the player numbers are falling so hard that Psyonix resorted to widening the matchmaking search, allowing significantly better (or worse) players to match against us, just to keep the waiting times low? Now that I think of it, as many GCs we get against us, we definitely don't see just as many clueless opponents. If it's not the waiting time, then why did matchmaking change so drastically? Is it boosting? Because that didn't just happen overnight between the two seasons.

    What do you think?

    EDIT: People starting ranked at a lower rank than what they had in the previous season also can't be the reason, since we would also be somewhere in low diamond then; it's the middle of the season, so I doubt THIS many people whould start their freshly deranked season now.