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Sniper or Warden
  • I meant for the sniper shot to work, not to damage things, but I was wrong about that. I learned this yesterday. In fact, if the cube hits your primary target, the sniper shot will not hit them. It applies the AOE damage in a certain order, and then the sniper shot targets the last enemy that was damaged.

  • Adobe and I have a symbiotic relationship
  • I'll check it out, but I'm also learning Python scripting in GIMP, and I found a really nice batch plugin called BIMP that can do things like crop, resize, and much more on many files at once.

    Although I hear the python-fu thing is going away in version 3.0, and instead you're just supposed to use a code library in a standalone Python script. The python-fu thing is handy because it adds new menu items for the scripts you make for easy access.

  • Sniper or Warden
  • Telekinesis to get your thrown weapon back, and probably a couple of Shrouding Fog pots, though one is usually sufficient. Use it when the warlocks start spawning, but you can delay it by hiding behind the throne. Also, use whatever thrown weapons you have to trigger more snapshots, even if they're not killer.

  • "Ignore all previous instructions" as a trigger for Twitter bots
  • I think it'll be exciting with a bot that's trained on the game world and knows how to give directions to nearby landmarks and talk about who's who in town. It would need a lot of training, though, to not just break out of its role when prompted.

  • Sniper or Warden
  • Ring of Sharpshooting isn't required and doesn't actually synergize with the Shared Upgrades talent because it doesn't increase the level of the thrown weapon; it only increases the damage and durability.

    To play sniper, all you need to do is dump upgrades into a single thrown weapon. Shuriken is ideal because it doesn't spend a turn to throw when you spot an enemy while moving.

    Here's how it works:

    1. You spot an enemy while on the move.
    2. Throw +8 shuriken at them (instant)
    3. Use Sniper ability with an unaugmented bow (instant)
    4. Use normal bow attack if they are still alive.
    5. Enemy now gets their first attack.

    If they were a ranged enemy, now they get their first attack, but they're dead because they're squishy. Shuriken is the best because you can kill ranged enemies before they even know what's happening.

    If you augment your bow for damage, it's unlikely they survive step 3, but now even your normal attacks are slow. You risk getting jumped on my rippers and such. With good enchantment, a speed augmented bow is amazing. With a high level thrown weapon, your 3 quick arrow hits will deal upwards of 30 damage each.

    A +8 to +10 thrown weapon is usually sufficient, and you can use the rest for armor, wands, and rings. The Troll blacksmith helps a lot with reforging thrown weapons, so don't use the second or third shuriken or whatever.

    Other choices for the thrown weapon:

    1. Boomerang. It comes back! Fun with a damage augmented bow because during the two turns the sniper shot takes, the boomerang comes back.
    2. Tomahawk. Massive bleed damage.
    3. Force Cube is AOE, but it still has to actually hit your primary target.
    4. Literally any other. You just need it to be upgraded to trigger Shared Upgrades. It's fun to experiment with them.

    Make liquid metal from other thrown weapons to then make Telekinesis to get your upgraded thrown weapon unstuck from bosses, or to pick it up in a pinch from across the room.

  • Here's why modern gaming suuuuucks.
  • You're playing the wrong games if you think modern games are all the same. Buy a half decent mini PC, install Steam, and play indie games.

    There are even a ton of retro games on Steam. Not vintage, but retro. New games with old school graphics and appeal, like The Messenger.

  • [DEV] New Adventuring Notes in Shattered
  • That's awesome! Showing icons are great. I have to say, though, I'd really rather have it be less compact. Just show each floor as a separate line and don't bunch them up. I've always had a hard time reading lists that ascend or descend by going left or right before going down. Examples:

    6 5
    4 3
    2 1

    Is harder to scan than

    6 3
    5 2
    4 1

    These simple examples are both really easy to read. I'm only trying to explain what order I mean. It gets harder to parse when the list items are variable width like filenames or these icons.

    I'd really rather just have:


    Especially since it looks like there's going to be a variable number of floors per line based on how many icons each needs. A single column would be much easier to parse visually, and scrolling isn't a bother. It would work much better if all the icons lined up in neat columns.

    I really appreciate all you do for this game! I do hope you reconsider the layout of the list.

  • Modded Pixel Camera App
  • I just lean the camera on a rock or something and use the 10s timer. The stillness it has during those 10s enables astro mode.

    I've never hit a low light level requirement, but I only use the feature at night. Even when there's a "bright" object in the frame, like a house with it's lights on, it takes a 4 minute exposure and it comes out great.

    OpenCamera has manual controls but can't change lenses on a Pixel 7 Pro. Obviously, it doesn't do intelligent image stacking, but it can do long exposures.

  • Are there any good casual/low-stress mobile games that aren't filled with microtransactions?
  • You need to make a bulleted list because your lists came out as jumbled paragraphs. At a minimum you need to put two spaces at the end of each line to preserve line breaks.

    I'll fix it since you put in all the effort to write that up.

    One time purchase:

    • Peglin ✨
    • Luck be a landlord ✨
    • Forager
    • Dicey dungeons
    • Dead Cells (optional DLC)
    • Bloons Tower Defense 6 (out of the way IAP) ✨
    • Terraria
    • 20 minutes till dawn (has a non premium option with some micro transactions)


    • Antimatter dimensions (long idle-ish game) ✨
    • Legends of Runeterra (just play the story modes) ✨
    • Team fight tactics (cosmetics only)
    • Plague inc (and probably rebel inc, but I haven't played that yet) ✨
    • Super Auto Pets (cosmetics and extra optional sets) ✨

    Star on the ones I'd specifically recommend for casual play

  • It would be awesome if everyone in this sub would also post the "diverge view" of the images in the comments where you look "through" your phone to see the images.

    Diverging my eyes is very easy and painless. Crossing my eyes kinda hurts.

    This is probably because I'm nearsighted and don't use my glasses when using my phone and instead hold my phone 20cm from my face. They're already crossed from doing that and crossing them even more is difficult.

    Diverging your eyes is how magic eye posters work.


    It bugs me when there is an obvious path forward, but a single undiscovered tile (or a trap) causes my character to take a path all the way around the level. Share your ideas for fixes.

    Perhaps let players configure some number such that the game will never plot a path for your character longer than that without first getting your confirmation.

    "The path you've chosen is longer than N steps, are you sure?"

    And then I also feel this needs to be very easily toggleable. Like a persistent UI button. I'd have it on when exploring and off when backtracking, and those two activities are back and forth all game.

    Relevant screenshot below. The entire level is explored, and this damn piece of grass sent my character haywire then I trapped at the X. This kind of thing has happened to me on much later levels and messed me up good.

    In the Depths, I would set this number to something like 2 for safety. I can't count how many times a misstap has gotten me zapped, chased, and then pincer-attacked by some second enemy in the room behind me. But then I'd want to toggle it off to run back to an alchemy pot or whatever.


    Connect A Song CrayonRosary

    Tears for Fears - Working Hour

    Connection: hour.

    One of my all-time favorite songs.


    Sync doesn't properly support Lemmy style markdown.

    This was a comment I made on a "sink" post the mods deleted, and I think it's an issue that needs addressing, so I'm pasting it here. The comment I replied to said something like "Superscript and spoilers have always worked fine in Sync".


    Ironically, that isn't valid Lemmy markdown. Sync should be supporting Lemmy markdown, not Reddit markdown. Here's what your comment looks like on the website:


    This issuperscript and you can also dosubscript.

    Source: This is^superscript^ and you can also do~subscript~. Here's what it should look like:


    Instead, you get this:


    Personally I don't like Lemmy's syntax for spoilers, but Sync should still support it!

    hidden or nsfw stuff

    a bunch of spoilers here



    hidden or nsfw stuff

    a bunch of spoilers here


    I'm surprised that actually even works in Sync. It didn't used to. However, Sync doesn't show my code block accurately, which is funny as fuck! No app should be editing my code block. Sync is replacing my text with reddit markdown in order for it to display properly. And even when I put that markdown in a code block, it still converts it to reddit style! It also strips out the warning text!

    Here is what I actually typed:


    And here's what Sync shows:


    What a lazy ass way of doing it. It removes an important feature: the warning text, and won't even let me show Sync users how to do a proper spoiler!

    Oh, WTF. Sync butchered my comment when editing it! I had to fix it back on desktop.


    Sync is not fine. It's full of bugs that the dev is ignoring.


    Less Than Three

    A two member band that makes cheesy love songs.

    "I <3 Less Than Three!"


    Some of my comments were edited (not by me) and the pictures were broken

    Here's an example. I'll escape the markdown so you see the raw text:


    The URL contains unescaped parentheses which are illegal in a markdown link because the link itself must be wrapped in parentheses.

    This results in my comments showing no pictures and users only seeing this nonsensical text:

    > :quality(80):no_upscale()/2018585659_8_1_230614_022120-w1920-h1280

    If I try to escape the parentheses, I get this:


    Oh, hey, it's the picture!

    Whatever admin or bot is editing people's comments when moving pictures to some other host needs to escape special characters in the URLs.


    [Fixed maybe?] YouTube hasn't worked in Firefox for me for weeks

    EDIT: It's something to do with my VPN and/or EasyTether, but it only happens in Firefox, so I didn't think that could be it. I commented about my findings below:


    I start a video and it either doesn't load at all of stalls within 5 seconds, never to recover.

    I've tried everything:

    • Deleting every Mozilla folder in AppData to completely refresh Firefox. (after backing up my profile)
    • Flushing DNS cache
    • Uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox. (Which made me remember I had a policies.json file in the program folder to permanently lockdown the settings I want. So that wasn't the problem either.)

    Even when using no extensions like an ad blockers it still won't play videos. Besides, I'm a Premium subscriber. Once in a while a video will work, but it's so, so rare. And often it'll even stop after a minute.

    Meanwhile, it'll work in the DuckDuckGo Browser all the time, which is Chromium based.

    What do you think the deal is? It broke rather suddenly a few weeks ago. Do you think it's Mozilla's fault, or Google's?


    Clown Core - Van (Visual Album): Jazzcore death metal clown music!

    I fucking love it! These guys rock!


    Chip The Black Boy - The Divide

    Chip goes hard on this track!

    David Liebe Hart has been a professional puppeteer for decades. Now he produces rap music with his puppet he named "Chip the Black Boy". The songs are written and performed by Jonah “Th' Mole” Mociun, with supervision from Hart.


    Missing inbox repies and comments

    I was just trying to go thank some people for recommending a mobile game, and I can't find my original comment where I asked for suggestions nor the inbox replies from the two people who recommended the game.

    Does that mean that post was deleted? And all the comments and inbox replies go with it? That's kinda sad.

    I suppose this isn't really a issue, and more like a Lemmy issue in general, but I didn't know where else to ask.

    Tinned Seafood CrayonRosary

    Sheldon Simeon’s Sardine Pupu


    [Bug] "You have hidden all the posts on page N". I get this a lot when scrolling, but it's definitely not true.

    It would be good to display whatever the real error is instead of this erroneous message.

    I don't even use filters except for a very short list of user filters from before the block API was implemented in Sync. I do, however have a very large list of blocked communities on the server, but I don't see why the Lemmy API would generate an empty page of posts due to my server-side blocks. Is it not smart enough to generate a page of posts after excluding my blocked communities? I've written a lot of paged database queries with filters, and implementing blocks after performing the query would be pretty dumb.


    [Request] When peeking the thumbnail from a non-image post, allow the user to hover and release their finger on a button to temporarily pin the image as if they had tapped an image post.

    UPDATE: I just found this option:

    Settings shortcut: Media > Shown options when peeking

    That's where a "keep open" option could go, as well as a save button.


    A lot of thumbanils have high resolution, and I want to see some detail on them without loading the article just to see it. Especially since mobile web pages most often don't allow zooming anyway.

    Another option would be to have a save button you could release your finger over to save the thumbnail.

    Even if it is an image post, these buttons could be available since I often don't pay attention to whether a post is an image post or not, and peek the image either way.


    [Bug] There is no option to edit posts which are a month old, but the website still lets me edit them.


    Someone said you can't edit any post containing an image, and my oldest post has an image. Might not have to do with age at all.

    I would edit my title to reflect this but.... ¯\\\(ツ)\

    Just playing, Lj, keep up the good work!


    I can still edit newer posts with Sync, but not my oldest one. I've only made three posts, so I don't have much data. For all I know, the bug is you can't edit your single oldest post. But I do know that Reddit would archive posts after a while, and maybe this behavior is a throwback from the Reddit version.


    Pixel 7 Pro - Can you recommend a wireless charging car mount that uses a sticky suction cup to mount to a dashboard?

    I can't seem to upload an image of my current mount, but it mounts flat on the top of my dashboard on a little plastic sheet that's permanently affixed to the dashboard.

    The mount has a suction cup made of that sticky rubbery stuff. Any new mount needs to mount the same way. I'm hoping some of you have similar mounts and have some experience with what holds such a large phone well. (I have a slim case).